Chubbies Sends Short Shorts To Tesla Shorter


This silly, simple joke by Tesla CEO Elon Musk is turning into a mini soap opera of sorts.

It all started when billionaire hedge fund manager and president of Greenlight Capital David Einhorn let on that he wasn’t going to renew his Tesla Model S lease. Musk, being the comedian he sometimes is, tweeted that he would send Einhorn some short shorts to comfort him.

Not long thereafter, David actually received the short shorts. He jumped on Twitter to share images of the new wardrobe and also thanked Musk for the presents. Einhorn even went so far as to call Musk a “man of his word.” However, he also made note of the shorts “manufacturing defects.”

Little did Einhorn know, Musk had not actually followed through with his word … at least not directly. When famous online short shorts maker Chubbies received word of the initial Tweets, company founder Kyle Hency devised a plan. Chubbies sent the shorts to Einhorn on behalf of Musk, although not by any official, direct request from the CEO.

Later, Hency published another Tweet just to make sure people were aware that it was Chubbies, not Elon, sending the shorts. In that exchange, he pointed out that the shorts were certainly defective on purpose. The particular shorts are not sold to customers, so why not give them away?

As many of you may already know, Musk is a big fan of the movie Spaceballs and has made references in the past to “merchandising.” This came about with the sale of Boring Company hats and then Not-A-Flamethrowers. Now, Tesla will be adding “S3XY” short shorts to its list of items to buy. They’ll even come with “Unis3x” thigh-high sock boots!

Sadly, Einhorn has yet to try on his new short shorts and post a photo for Elon. We can’t imagine that will ever happen, but it does appear that all of this has been in good, clean fun. Musk and Einhorn have both kept it silly and engaging, so we shall see.

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For those not as old as Methuselah. Short Shorts:

Thanks! (Though I found that gives a more complete experience 😉 )

So this was on the American Graffiti soundtrack? I totally don’t remember that. (And I should, since I like Boogie-woogie…)

A lot of people lost money shorting Tesla and accuse Musk a fraud. But in reality they are misled by the likes of Einhorn anf Chanos into this destructive play with their money. Had they stayed long with TSLA over the last three years they would have made a lot of money and save themselves all the misplaced frustrations and anger.

Possibly not.
There are several stories that actually make me a bit nervous.
First one is from Bloomberg and it said that 16 of the largest banks have said that Tesla/Musk never contacted them.
Then another is from Saudi Arabia, and said that they were not interested in doing it.

So, the question is, where did Musk come up with money? Because if he had not, he is going to be in REAL trouble with SEC.

My first guess is google. Musk and Page are like bros.

Way back, 1st Roadster days, just before MB bought in with $50 Million, Elon was barely minutes away, it seems, from asking Larry for a Boost, But In, or More!

Elon credits that MB Cash Infusion, with being what saved Tesla, even more than Toyota with their $32 Million, and later, the Freemont Factory, although, Getting such a Good Deal on Fremont, most likely helped them a lot, in their move to the Model S!

In Musk’s thin skinned war againt criticism, he may sell Tesla to Big Oil: specifically the Saudi sovereign wealth fund. What do you think they’re going to do with it?

You sure showed them, Elon!