Boring Company Tunnel Launch Party Videos


We were really wowed by The Boring Company event. Let’s take a closer look.

Late last night — that is if you’re in the wrong time zone — The Boring Company hosted its official launch party. We were able to watch it, but sadly, we couldn’t be on hand for the event. Thankfully, many online publications covered it, and some close friends of InsideEVs were live at the soiree.

There’s a whole lot to take in here and our friends will be sharing more details in some upcoming videos, which we’ll publish as they stream in. Our subsequent articles will highlight some of the more significant details more clearly. For now, like us, you can sort of pretend that you were in attendance at the event by checking out these latest videos. In addition, we also have a few tweets to pique your interest:

Video Description via Market Reaction on YouTube (lead video):

The Boring Company’s December 2018 Event in 12 minutes

Elon Musk’s Boring Company presents real Tunnel for common vehicles within Product Launch event on December 18, 2018. Elon explains all technical details and difficulties on the way of creating the Dugout Loop tunnel under LA. This event is amazing!

via Market Reaction

Elon Musk unveils First Tunnel – Subway Reinvented

WITH SOUND! Elon Musk presents the first tunnel by the Boring Company in Hawthorne California USA on December 18, 2018. Finally the US Subway system is being reinvented. The new tunnel is able to work with any cse you want. Elon Musk presents his first tunnel in Hawthorne USA on December 18, 2018. The new tunnel is able to work with any car you would like to use. In order to move in the loop, you have to have special wheels to move as fast as possible in this new system from Elon Musk.

via Sean Mitchell (

Glimpse inside Boring Company event

via Now You Know

Boring Co Tunnel Party

What do you think? While many people continue to discount the newest endeavors of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, such as The Boring Company, this is really amazing. Let’s hope that no matter what shape the plans take, it will find success in the future. Let us know your take in the comment section below.

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Well there is flooding, which is a drawback, so tunnels have a few downsides. If you can dig it, and hopefully get it.
Not trying to undermine the whole concept, nor poking holes, just looking at the whole picture.

This is total BS along with the flamethrower. The government needs to shut this down.

Care to explain yourself?

I think there are substantial safety concerns. Whether it’s people doing crazy stuff in their cars, or simple mechanical failure, accidents will happen. A car will catch fire, and the tunnels will fill with smoke, and the fire crews will not be able to reach people.

Do you know of plans they may have to handle this? In other words you are assuming these are problems.

I think the Boring Company may have more of an impact on reducing the price per mile of tunneling, rather than actually deploying the skates in one of their own tunnels. If large cities could build subway tunnels for half the price they cost now, it would be a huge positive for living in urban areas. And reducing the price per mile by half is very doable. I think The Boring Company is right to concentrate on smaller bores to start. Big Bertha in Seattle was a huge disaster, in part due to the huge bore. Godot is only 14 feet in diameter, which is too small for a car to driven through. But that is still about 3 feet wider and 2 feet taller than the Bakerloo and Picadilly Underground lines in London.

Governments do control this. State and municipal. Try a laxative.

Obviously it’s a great solution for gridlocked cities, the question is can Elon Musk reinvent tunnel digging to the extend it becomes an economically viable solution.

We’ll see.

“…will only cause bottlenecks at the destination.”

Don’t forget about the bottlenecks at the “two-parking-space entrance.” What does Elon think happens around 5 PM? It’s called rush hour for a reason. I can confirm from personal experience that there is a GigaBottleneck at the NYC side entrances of both the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels.

These Boring Company Tunnels are going to work as well as Elon’s envisioned Alien Dreadnaught.

The bigger issue is that Elon has never lived in a city where tunneling is done regularly. There is a reason this is done slowly. Soil settles. Foundations above crack. If you don’t slow down and wait, you can cause sink holes or worse.

At least 5 people who like sink holes?

“Why not just bore a gigantic multi lane tunnel instead”
Because 1 gigantic tunnel with 4 lanes is way more expensive than 10 small tunnels of 1 lane each. Because the gigantic tunnel requires to dig out a lot of unnecessary earth at the top and bottom.

I doubt you actually did the math on this.

Actually, the math is clear. Multiple small tunnels require a great deal less energy to bore than a large tunnel. Big Bertha vs. Godot. No comparison.

The formula is: Pi * radius * radius * length
Pi and the length stay the same, only radius changes
The radius for 4 lanes is 4 times bigger than for 1 lane and 4*4 = 16
Result: the amount of earth to dig is 16 times more for 4 lanes compared to 1 lane, so 1 big tunnel is still way more than 10 small ones.

“Why not just bore a gigantic multi lane tunnel instead so people can simply drive through it?”

Well, because then anyone could use it and the unwashed masses would clog these tunnels. This concept is designed for the wealthy to get around fast and efficiently without having to interact with the hoi polloi. Basically the Lexus lanes kicked up to be the Lamborghini lanes with exclusive membership.

This is not about solving traffic congestion for everybody. It’s a solution for the elites.

That thing doesnt look safe to me.

LMAO at our newest anti-Tesla username “B666” mark of the devil!

Looks like NOT-Impartial Observed to hate Tesla has created another username to lamely try and magnify his weak-ass anti-Tesla FUD here.

Didn’t you used to post under screennames like “Sven”and “think deeper”? There is defenitely some remarkable similarities.

He definitely sounds just like one of the former banned individuals who tried the exact same thing previously. This exact “play the ref’s” strategy across multiple threads in an effort to attempt to silence people is exactly the same. It wasn’t “sven”, but it was interestingly yet another fuel cell proponent who also happened to attack Tesla at every opportunity.

He definitely sounds just like one of the former moderated out of existence individuals who tried the exact same thing previously. This exact “play the ref’s” strategy across multiple threads in an effort to attempt to silence people is exactly the same. It wasn’t “Svxx”, but it was interestingly yet another fuel cell proponent who also happened to attack Tesla at every opportunity.

I’m sort of confused. I thought these tunnels would work for any vehicle that wanted to drive onto a sled. But now it appears they are requiring that a vehicle be retrofitted with this device?

Yep. Elon expects all vehicles to have properly inflated, balanced, and maintained tires in good condition that are rated to handle 150-mph speeds. 🙄

The cars themselves are not travelling at that speed, they are on a sled.

Huh? Which video did you watch ffbj?

When that Tesla rolled into and out of that tunnel both its front and rear wheels were in contact with the pavement and turning (rolling).

Also at 9:00 into the video Elon shows how in the future the guide wheels would lower (deploy) from the car and then spread out to contact the side guide wall.

But it’s not a walled garden. Any autonomous EV can be retrofitted!

Hey Elon – if it’s autonomous, why do you need the bumper car wheels?

LOL. That is all.

So one lane carrying single/low occupant vehicles, travelling at 150mph with slow on and offboarding is going to relieve congestion?
These better be fairly long and with very few connections.
Think autonomous vehicles and our current highway system may provide the longer term solution if people insist on single occupancy travel.

No, practically unlimited lanes with many many on and offboarding is going to relieve congestion.
Did you watch the presentation?

What does 150 mph get you besides cost and risk? You are commuting 25 miles at 150 mph vs. you are commuting 25 miles at 75 mph.Use a traditional subway not a silly skate.
10 minutes vs. 20 minutes. It would take you 45 minutes at least above ground. 10 for high tech boring company, 20 minutes for medium tech boring company, vs. 45 minutes for interstate travel. Saving 25 minutes is huge, going from saving 25 minutes to saving 35 minutes is nice, but not that critical. Especially since traveling at 75 mph is probably half as expensive as traveling at 150 mph.

LOL. This is pure Musk. All sizzle, no steak. The Faroe Islands already figured out how to do this. Well. And without a professional driver. Or a specially equipped EV. And did it 500 feet under the ocean with 2 lanes. F-

That was a great read, thanks!

Elon never claimed this was new. He is simply working to make it faster and cheaper. The big difference is he is doing it in the U.S. and to a greater scale.

And slower, and requiring a specially equipped EV and professional driver.

I think if you can set the car on automatic and then just do something else this could be a winner. Since nobody can see you, you can then have sex in the car.

Might even want to bring someone along sometime.

Remind me not to ask you for a lift.