BMW iX3 Debut Rumored for Next Month


The iX3 would be BMW’s third offering under its electrified sub-brand.

BMW’s plan for an onslaught of electric vehicles isn’t news. The automaker has been quite vocal about its future powertrain and product plans. One upcoming vehicle is an electric version of the X3 crossover, aptly named the iX3. Now, is reporting the electric crossover could debut as soon as next month at the Beijing Motor Show. BMW CEO Harald Krüger announced the automaker would preview the new iX3 this year before production begins in 2020, according to the publication.


“Over the course of the year, we will present a number of pure-electric concept vehicles that will all go into series production, like: The first all-electric BMW – the iX3,” Krüger told the press, according to “Our new technology flagship, the BMW iNEXT, the captivating BMW i Vision Dynamics, which I just announced in Geneva as the BMW i4.”

The iX3 will be based on the current G01 X3; however, it should differ drastically regarding visuals. Range and performance have not yet been announced.

The iX3 is just the latest offering in BMW’s plan to launch an estimated 25 new models across its brands that use some electrification for propulsion. That includes 12 models that will be fully electric. BMW plans to offer the 25 models by 2025. Currently, BMW offers the fully-electric i3 hatch and i8 hybrid sedan. Other future models include the already mentioned ix3, iNext crossover, and an i4 sedan.

The crossover platform should allow the iX3 to offer plenty of range, likey offering more than 300 miles. Such platforms allow for higher capacity batteries that assist in extending an EV’s range.

BMW will be releasing several i-branded vehicles over the next several years. BMW owns the rights to the badges i1 to i9 and ix1 to ix9 for future electric sedans and crossovers.


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So, a story about a rumour about a possible debut. Look, if you have nothing to write about, don’t write. Stop wasting my time. We ALREADY KNOW the car is coming. Do you have any new info? No? Then shut up. And don’t tell some people might not know. We all know that you will be writing some 300 articles with absolutely no new information on the ID. And then people complain VW is an expert in vapourware. But it’s not them. It’s you. Got to keep the clicks coming.

It’s real news Ricky Ricardo.

Google and Facebook ruined the internet. Now everything is clickbait, loaded with trackers to harvest your information, and then use it against you.

What is Facebook ⁉️

You clicked AND stuck around to comment. What does that make you?


This is the first I have heard of this vehicle and it sounds quite interesting.

I, for one, am happy to have this article.

Way more interesting than another article on how Tesla’s cigarette lighter is going to upend/revolutionize 10 industries.* Or another Tesla races your Mom’s goat! You’ll never guess who wins!

*Full disclosure. Stolen straight from another post but can’t remember who.

If this is paid product placement news, and InsideEVs is getting paid by BMW, then keep it coming.

Better InsideEV than Jalopnik.

Did BMW CEO Harald Kruger really say the iX3 is the, “the first all-electric BMW – the iX3”?

Did he forget about all the BMW electric cars they’ve done since 1972? Of course, they weren’t fully consumer products…But then the i3 was! And is.

Slip of the lip?

The iX3 looks promising. With a 250-300 mile range, it’s a given it will be $70,000 And more, right?

If this new wave of $70-$100,000 SUVs from Europe are truly aimed at the Model X and not the Model Y, shouldn’t they possess 3 rows of seating?

They’d better keep the i3 in production than. If they’re going to charge $70,000.

The iX3 is the smallest of the next EVs to come from BMW. It will not be in the 70-100k range. That is a given.

A fully equipped X3 can already run close to $70k right now.

The i3 was designed including a range extender. This is fully BEV.

Looks promising? Maybe from a salesperson’s point of view. From a car enthusiast’s POV, it is a sad fashion thing reminiscent of high heels. Sacrifice functionality and performance of the altar of the fashion priests! Be a sheep! Buy the thing everybody else does, even though it’s worse. Thanks to the ride height it doesn’t drive as well as a cheaper 3-series sedan. But thanks to the requirements to be significantly smaller than an X5, and look “sporty” according to some strange conception of the idea, it’s not actually that tall inside and has less headroom in the back than a sedan, nevermind the station wagon version. It’s got a smaller boot to boot! High heels at least sometimes make their wearer look good, if perhaps not intelligent. SUVs, in my not so humble opinion, are unlike high heels in that they also look worse than sedans, hatchbacks and station wagons (the latter being my favourite body style). This coming from someone who may himself purchase a CUV (KONA) soon, if only because he is a bit impatient to gain more range than his current leafy set of wheels can offer and his reserved sedan (Model 3) apparently being undeliverable… Read more »

It’s the first electric BMW, the i3 is not BMW, but BMWi which is a sub brand.

Soooo…. BMW’s very first electric car is soon to be revealed, and it’s based on the fossil version? Way to impress, beemers!

Nevermind that the next sentences refer to the i4 which has already been revealed, and isn’t based on a fossil design, but probably will get to market later than the iX3.

And nevermind the i3, BMW’s true technology flagship.

It’s not “based” on anything. The iX3, like other X series vehicles as well as 3,5,7 series sedans all are moving to the 35up platform, which is modular, and exceptionally light. Much of the carbon fiber tech from the i3 made its way into the platform itself. The platform can easily support electric power trains.