BMW i8, BMW i3 To Become Official Vehicles Of Formula E

JUL 18 2014 BY MARK KANE 5

BMW i3 Tips From The Track

BMW i3 Tips From The Track

BMW is finalising a partnership as the official vehicle supplier to Formula E.

If both sides sign the agreement in which BMW will probably become a main Formula E sponsor, then the i3 and i8 models will be used as course, medical and VIP cars at all race events around the world. Earlier, Formula E bought one Rimac Concept_One for on-track duties too.

i8 probably will be the pace car, while i3 should be well suited for all other purposes.

Jörg Reimann, Vice President BMW Brand Experience, stated:

“We have watched with great interest the continued growth of the new FIA Formula E Championship and the potential it has to significantly increase the interest in sustainable mobility.  As a global manufacturer at the forefront of innovation and technology, BMW regards Formula E as a great platform in which to showcase our range of fully-electric and hybrid vehicles and to align our common goals. We are working on an agreement to finalise this partnership.”

Formula CEO Alejandro Agag, remarked:

“We are very proud and excited that a manufacturer such as BMW wants to be involved with the Formula E series. I think that the all-electric i3 and i8 will make fantastic official vehicles and I can’t wait to see them on track at the first round in Beijing on September 13.”

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

“I think that the all-electric i3 and i8 will make fantastic official vehicles”

i8 isn’t all-electric.

That’s exactly what I was thinking.

The i8 is impressive but they seem to keep getting a pass on any criticism of it not actually being an EV. Now if it operated like a true EREV like the Volt with the same performance in EV mode as it has in hybrid mode then one could argue it is a fast EV. As it is now it is has a 0-60 time of 9.4 sec in EV mode. That’s the same as a Leaf. Super-car that is not.

I think they should have went with the all electric i3 and a Tesla. Formula E is an all electric racing series, not sure why they would want a hybrid vehicle involved. I’m guessing BMW paid a ton of money to F-E.

The i8 would make much more sense in Formula 1.

Why didn’t they choose the Rimac One ? I’m seriously disappointed.

Why didn’t Tesla head of global marketing seize this opportunity and approach Formula-e to be the official car?

As far as I can see, it’s a mutually reinforcing visibility/marketing stage for both Tesla Motors and Formula-e !!