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First Tesla Semi Video Surfaces

Tesla Semi Unveil | 11.16 | watch live at, 8pm PT A post shared by Tesla (@teslamotors) on Nov 15, 2017 at 11:16am PST The first video of the highly anticipated Tesla semi has hit the Interwebs. The reveal happens late tomorrow evening. 8 PM Pacific time to be…

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Tesla Model S P100D Versus 100D – Race Video

Is it still worth the $36,000 cost to upgrade from a Tesla Model S 100D to the performance version, the P100D? DragTimes recently tested the two side-by-side in an effort to answer that exact question, after the standard 100D’s full performance was unlocked by Tesla this Summer. The result? Well,…

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Spied: Tesla Model 3 Production

via GIPHY Stand outside the Fremont factory to capture Tesla Model 3 production in action. What a simple yet perfect idea. This GIF does a decent job at showing the rate of production at this section of Model 3 production. You can make your own calculations if you’d like, but…

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