Audi Providing 50 e-tron Shuttles At World Economic Forum

JAN 22 2019 BY MARK KANE 29

More than 20,000 Audi e-trons have already been reserved

Audi, as the exclusive shuttle partner for World Economic Forum in Davos since 1987, is providing a fleet of 50 e-tron electric cars for shuttle service. This year World Economic Forum takes place on January 22 to 25.

The cars are powered by green electricity, through specially installed charging station with IONITY DC fast chargers and AC charging stands. On top of that is a 1.14 MWh/700 kW energy storage system in the form of mobile charging containers.

According to the latest press release, Audi will start customer deliveries (finally) of e-tron in Europe next week as the product launch in late 2018 was delayed.

German manufacturer said that so far more than 20,000 reservations were placed for the e-tron.

Audi e-tron at IONITY ultra-fast charging station, supplied by ABB

“The Audi e-tron is the first all-electric large-series model from the Ingolstadt-based premium car manufacturer. More than 20,000 reservations have already been received for this model, which will arrive in the showrooms in Europe next week. With the shuttle fleet of 50 Audi e-trons, the company is once again demonstrating the car’s practicality in the snowy Swiss mountains – also in the region’s challenging weather and topography.

Three mobile Audi charging containers with a total output of 700 kW and a capacity of 1.14 MWh will ensure the rapid supply of green electricity for the intensively used e-tron fleet. With this Audi research project, the company is testing the reuse of electric cars’ batteries. After their phase of use in cars is over, the high-voltage batteries continue to be suitable for various energy-storage applications. For this reason, Audi is testing scenarios for using the available resources as efficiently as possible. The company is currently deploying the containers at major events and is thus flexibly supplementing the local charging infrastructure.

With this research project, Audi is making a visible commitment to the values of the Global Battery Alliance of the World Economic Forum. The alliance consists of public- and private-sector partners from the entire battery supply chain and aims to ensure social and ecological sustainability in the value chain of battery raw materials. To this end, the Global Battery Alliance is concerned with the conditions for raw-material extraction, sustainable recycling concepts in the sense of a closed-loop economy, and innovations that promote battery sustainability. Audi has been a member of the cooperation platform since 2017.”

The Board of Management Chairman of AUDI AG, Bram Schot said:

“We are focusing clearly and consistently on sustainable mobility solutions for the future. At this year’s World Economic Forum, we can demonstrate our definition of practical electric mobility live, and can let many people experience it directly.”

Audi e-tron

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wow, they built 50 already….cutting edge stuff Audi. Way to lead the world.

What are you talking about? There are thousands of them on the road already.

The road less traveled.

Where do you have the info from? I thought delivery would start in March. Would be great if you could share your source. Cheers.

Delivery to customers. Look at the EV sales blog. Apart from the 250 that were on the road since the premier they shipped a couple hundred in all the important markets in December. In Germany alone that was 528 units. How else would they be able to have one in each dealership for test drives and staff training.

Ok, thanks. I wouldn’t personally call it delivery if it is registered on the dealer, but this is of course symantics. There are a couple of journalist and bloggers that got a car for testing, but they are on embargo until end of Feb. So I still think the first private customers will have the pleasure in March. Since Audi has been producing for a while (and likely did not stop through the software issues) I hope they will go big from the start.

I only said that they are on the road.

Last Sunday at the Bruxelles Auto Salon, a manager for the Belgium market told me that the Bruxelles-Forest factory “makes a 3 digit number of E-Trons daily”, so >100 per day but he would not say it more precisely.

Target is apparently 20 per hour for 2019 and to be increased to 24. Obviously they are not going to shout out if they meet their targets or not.

Go kiss your Elon poster now….

Yes. No E Trons would have been possible without Elons success with Tesla. So you might as well kiss Elon poster.

Bjorn Nyland got one for testing but Audi in last minute told him that he can’t publish results – eg efficiency and so on. They want to hide something? Again? (diesel)

You are lying, he can publish the results, just not yet because there is a news embargo so every outlet has the same chance to test the car before release. That’s standard industry practice.

A good PR choice, a bad one would have been to roll them up in 50 VDI cheating diesels, though they still continue to sell them.
It strikes me as a bit stodgy.

Very righteous

What the hell is wrong with you guys?! They are putting their best foot forward and promote evs. They are actually dumping good money in promoting it, watch the Superbowl if you don’t believe me. Would have been better to send some of their diesels instead?

Can’t you read? It’s not a Tesla. Only Tesla counts

I really like this vehicle but the range is low by today’s standards. It’s everything I want in my next car . Too bad.

I agree, but do you drive 275 miles everyday?

Then you don’t agree…neither do i…150 miles with super fast charging is what is needed not to carry around extra weight 100% of the time for the 5% of the time when you need it.

“Too low?” I don’t remember the last time I drove 275 miles. To put that in perspective, that’s 75 miles more than DC to NYC, or 60 miles more than NYC to Boston. If I ever had a reason to drive more than 200 miles, I’d take a train or fly – why waste your time driving that sort of distance? Weird – so how far does an EV have to go before you’d consider buying it? 300 miles? 400?

“Knowing we can do something is more important than actually doing it.”


Tesla has cancelled the 75D so obviously from now on this is insufficient range. As soon as Tesla releases the SR Model 3 it will be sufficient again.
Come on, it isn’t that hard to grasp this concept.

Yep. E-Tron Quattro range is 417 km WLTP. Tesla X 75D costed more but had less range.

Where does the delivery next week quote come from? I saw some articles about a delivery launch in March and some having been delivered to importers in Netherlands and Norway in December. I don’t think any end customer already has one, but if anybody has other infos that would be great.

Wow. They haven’t delivered E Trons yet and they are already reusing the batteries.

Nah, it is just you who is stupid. Obviously these are the units used for tests in the preproduction cars and massaged by the grid. Some are new.

The fanbois are starting to panic…

Because of VW?….lol….you’re funny.