All Toyota Mirais Recalled For Software Glitch

FEB 15 2017 BY MARK KANE 29

Toyota announced that all of its Mirai hydrogen fuel cell cars are affected by a software glitch that needs a recall to repair; an issue that an over-the-air update system probably could have alleviated seamlessly.

To date, 2,843 Mirai have been sold worldwide since December 2014 (mainly in Japan and the U.S., with a smaller share in Europe and the United Arab Emirates); all of which will now need to visit a Toyota service for software update.

Toyota Mirai

The heart of the issue surrounds the operation of the vehicle in certain circumstances, where the fuel cell stack output voltage could exceed the maximum threshold, turning off the powertrain.

“Toyota said that under unique driving conditions, such as if the accelerator pedal is depressed to the wide open throttle position after driving on a long descent while using cruise control, there was a possibility the output voltage generated by the fuel cell boost converter could exceed the maximum voltage.”

“Toyota dealers will update the fuel cell system software at no cost to the customer, it said. The process will take about half an hour, it said.”

U.S. sales of the Mirai now exceed 1,100 units.

Reuters, Hat tip to SparkEV!!!

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Great design, Toyota. So you failed to analyze what I would relate to an over-charging situation on a battery. Well, at least you caught it before it turned into plot device in a movie. Queue the Ford Pinto comparisons!

Hydrogen Software Glitch.,…”KA BOOM” …

Lol. OTA updates ftw.

They say it takes about half an hour, but you have to make an appointment, drive there and back as well as leaving some margin for traffic. Total time could be hours, depending on traffic. Every time I go to the dealer, it’s 3 hours minimum, even just to check the fluid levels, something that can be done OTA if there are sensors in the car.

Check your own fluid levels; it’s not difficult.

They should be able to squeeze owners in quickly, between Takata airbag recalls being done to other Toyota’s and other brands the dealership might also sell.

This is such a small total number of recalled vehicles, with such an easy fix, that Toyota can do this in their sleep even without OTA software updates. This is the least of Toyota’s or the Mirai’s problems.

Sure it seems easy, but what if the discumbobulator is flummoxed?! Or the whachamajigit’s cantankerated?! Then it’s not going to a bed of roses huh?!

*laugh* I’m stealing the word “cantankerated”, it sounds like the process of becoming a grumpy old man. As in “Billy-Bob used to be a righteous dude, until he got cantankerated.”

I’m surprised they found 2843 people to buy/lease one of these Rube Goldberg machines

I think they are insanely inefficient and impractical devices which are not a reasonable solution to our global warming emergency.

I’d still lease one if it was cheaply available to me, since I’m a huge geek. 🙂

Haha, exactly! I don’t think FCVs have a widespread use but I wouldn’t mind leasing one if it was cheap (Toyota covering most of the costs) just to have some fun.

One important milestone would be when total Bolt sales pass Mirai sales. According to this article total US sales until now is 1 100 Mirais, and according to another Bolt article here we know that only in january it was sold 1 162 Bolts which means total Bolt sales passed Mirai sometime in January. Maybe total worldwide Mirai sales will be passed in February?

There are enormous incentives in Japan for hydrogen… anything. The Japanese government is hell bent on implementing a hydrogen economy, no matter the cost.

Yeah, 2843 suckers who bought the hype and didn’t check the facts! These people are supporting big oil in its bid to convince all governments that they should shell out $Trillions to implement the H2 distribution network. The oil companies should pay this for themselves not the taxpayer. If they have to pay for it FCVs would disappear from the market instantly.

The Mirai (future) is looking so bright, I gotta wear shades.

Okay Toyota, that’s it! Time for that long overdue meeting with Von Holzhausen!

In related news, while in the shop for the software re-flash, Toyota will install – at no charge – new noise-canceling-software in their infotainment system. It will cancel out that little nagging voice inside most Mirai drivers’ heads that keeps whispering, “I shoulda bought an EV”.

$57,500 to purchase ($45K after fed/state incentives assuming you qualify) but something goes wrong on the power-train once the warranty expires it’s going to be pretty pricey to fix it…or $2499 down, $349/mo x 36 and -$5000 state incentive $10,064…Both are being TTL and both include 3 years of up to $15K in fuel but I’d imagine since the lease price drop it’s 90% or higher who are leasing this thing…

How about the required high pressure equipment replacement that happens after 12 years?

My Prius had AC freon leak after 8 years. It was slow leak they couldn’t track. It took over a year to run low again. Last few years of Prius was without AC. If they can’t seal giant CFC molecules properly for 8+ years and can’t fix a leak without overhaul, sealing much smaller H2 at far higher pressure is going to be much less reliable.

except for people who don’t listen to music in the car

The buried lead is those sales numbers . . . oooof. 1100 in USA and 2800 worldwide. That’s a test fleet, not a product.

I still find it a surprisingly high number for something that should never have made it out of the science fair project stage.

There’s no momentum left for hydrogen fuel cell passenger vehicles. It may end up in the annals of automotive history, but Hydrogen (H2)molecules are as small as they come, atomically, and that explosive gas leaks out of nearly everything, finds gaps and cracks. It’s not the tank, its the plumbing. Cars bounce and wiggle and shudder and slam. A flexible hose will leak, and a rigid hose will loosen. I still say when those things go, they will take out the neighborhood like a methamphetamine lab.

Indeed. Plug-ins are getting better and cheaper so the market entry for HFCV passenger vehicles will be so challenging that it’ll either be never, or arriving suddenly on the market with a big bang.*

* Couldn’t resist. :p


Now if they could only put out a recall to fix the FUGLY.

AP Newswire: Toyota has issued a voluntary recall on all Toyota Mirai vehicles, in all markets. Toyota has identified a significant design fault in air flow, and will be providing necessary replacement parts to dealerships where the servicing will occur. Service work involves replacing all exterior body panels, head- and tail- light assemblies, bumper covers, and door handles. This service activity is expected to take between six and fourteen hours. Toyota also stated “we found a major issue with several of our vehicles: the ugly stick was used improperly during the chassis design. We have since buried it, and we hope that no wild dogs will dig it up in the future.” Although this is the first recall that is purely about exterior appearance, Toyota claims an 20% improvement in drag coefficient. Toyota remains committed to the environment, and will melt down all the plastic body panels and capture the escaping hydrogen to fuel their obsession with HFCV.

I didn’t realize there were that many worldwide.