A New 2018 Nissan LEAF Is Sold Every 10 Minutes In Europe

JUN 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 30

Nissan delivered its 100,000th LEAF in Europe to Susana de Mena of Madrid, Spain.

The Nissan LEAF has been available in Europe (initially only in some countries) since 2011.

The prospect for the future is solid too, as already more than 37,000 new 2018 LEAFs were ordered in Europe, while so far in the first four months of 2018, less than 12,000 were delivered.

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Nissan is celebrating the 100,000th delivery of the LEAF car this month in Europe

If Nissan delivers at least 5,000 units a month, the current backlog would last for five months (May, June, July, August and September). On average, a new LEAF is sold every 10 minutes across Europe.

Earlier this year, Nissan sold its 100,000th LEAF in Japan.

In total, more than 320,000 LEAFs have been sold worldwide (first and second generation).

“Susana de Mena, of Madrid, milestone buyer of the 100,000th LEAF said, “I’ve spent 2 years trying to find an electric car. I knew it would be a Nissan!

When I saw there was a brand-new model of the LEAF, there were no doubts in my mind it would be the perfect fit. My husband and I agreed that the quality, price and specification made it second-to-none.

We are very conscious that we must respect and protect the environment, so we knew we’d want to go 100% electric. On top of this, an electric car lets us get to the very centre of Madrid when ordinary vehicles can sometimes be restricted due to pollution issues.”

Gareth Dunsmore, Electric Vehicle Director, Nissan Europe, explained:

“For us it’s no surprise that the Nissan LEAF is the world’s best-selling electric vehicle. We have been developing our electric vehicle mass-market offering for longer than any other brand and are proud to bring an affordable, visionary car to customers across Europe. In less than 10 years, we managed to make electric vehicle a mass market reality. This milestone proves once again that our Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision is embraced by our customers who believe in a more confident, more exciting, and more connected future.”

LEAF sales will improve for March, but how much?
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When will we get a Renault Zoe for 20k€ (battery included) without subsidies?

It should have arrived in 2016 with the introduction of the new 41 kWh battery.. it didn’t.
New motor annouced for 2018, ahh maybe they will lower the price? … they didn’t

I have no hopes to see a 20k€ a Renault Zoe before 2025, sorry.

Your right, price is too high and close to the bigger, better Leaf

You will not get it for 20K, due to expensive batteries. Have to wait many years.. maybe when the VW I.D. comes, as that is going to be cheap.

37000 orders in 4 months, could mean they could sell 100’000 per year in Europe, now hopefully they can also deliver them soon!! It gets even better when the 60Kw comes next year


I’vve heard the factory in Sunderland max out at 50-60k.

100 000 EVs in Europe for such a big player is lame.

“100 000 EVs in Europe for such a big player is lame”

Why is 15-20% of unit sales considered lame?

I think it’s a nice car, especially for Europe where the range is less of an issue. My only problem with it is the battery degredation. Nissan seems to be the only carmaker with batteries that degrade so fast. It seems that the 30kw hour batteries were worse, and there is nothing indicating that the new 40kwh batteries are better. That would prevent me from buying one right now.

Valid concerns… although most of Europe is not at risk of hot-climate battery degradation. Madrid is, by odd coincidence with the location of the 100k unit – but nearly all European Leafs are sold much further north.

All Nissan batteries do not degrade quickly. Check out my thread “managing without tms” in forums under Nissan/Leaf. It wouldn’t be selling so well if there weren’t so many happy campers. And the packs do have a warranty. My 30kwh 2016 Leaf SL is holding up quite well thank you.

I’ve heard scattered reports that the Soul EV packs also have experienced some early degradation problems in places like Arizona, but they do at least have some sort of management.

Nissan guarantees the battery for 8 years an 160.000 km. So, I think reliability not should be a problem.

I don’t fit at 6’7″ or 2M in the leaf. So disappointed when I tried it at the NYIAS.

damn! Im the same height. Im all legs tho, so I should be able to fit. When I get a chance to check one out, i hope to remember to report back to this thread.

At 6’7″, I’m going to say you’re a bit of an outlier! 99% of people are shorter. You may need a SUV.

Yes, no car is for everyone. Our friend who’s ~190cm feels quite fine driving his 2016 Leaf, and I thought that the 2018 is a bit larger.

I am almost as tall as you I just tilt the seat back and chill out gangster style.

I agree it’s is lousy for a somebody like myself that is a big ox.

Tesla with the sunroof, titan!

did you use the desert landscape image to ornery? ironic? as someone who lives in the desert I’m not overly amused. it’s not even summer yet and where I am it is already hitting over 100 regularly.

You’re a free citizen. Why not move somewhere liveable??

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I believe these are the 40KWh packs. IMHO, I’d wait to see battery degradation experience first before considering one.

kWh, kilo not Kelvin.

1,765 units of Nissan Leaf was sold in Japan in 2018-05. This is better than the prior month.
There are plenty of charging stations there, so it should be the dealers hesitation that is contributing to the low sales.
250 km range with 300 km in their calculation is a lot.
3 time charge could cover the Honshu island from North to South which is just 1,000 km.

Its more the fiscal calendar then anything else contributing to low sales in Japan for May. All car sales in Japan are comparatively low in May as their financial year just begins. It has nothing to do with dealers hesitation etc. It should also be noted that 1765 sales in May is a 260% increase in sales over the previous years May results. That’s a huge improvement.

I own the 2013 Nissan Leaf. By far my favorite car I’ve owned. Next up is the new version. Can’t wait!

I’m with you!

Every 10 minutes someone loses a bar on the capacity meter.

There is no mention from Nissan about the dud 30 kWh batteries.