Over 1,600 Tesla Model 3 Roll Off Ship In China: Video

FEB 22 2019 BY MARK KANE 12

First customers received their long-awaited Model 3

A major shipment of Tesla Model 3 arrived in China. The reports say about 1,837 Teslas, including over 1,600 Model 3 arrived in Shanghai. Earlier this month, we also read about the first delivery at the Tianjin port near Beijing.

Tesla also already started deliveries to first customers in China – slightly ahead of schedule (the plan was for March). Wait…what? Tesla is ahead of schedule. How is that possible? As Tesla evolves over time, the automaker has become increasingly aware of overly optimistic timelines. Tesla now sets realistic goals and targets and it achieves them.

Down below you can find photos from the delivery ceremony in Beijing.

In other words, Tesla already delivered the Model 3 both in Europe and China. In the coming months, we should see a steady increase of deliveries and sales in those markets.

Source: Reuters

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Well a couple days ago I was predicting 22,500 global excluding the US.
2,500 in US for TM3. I think Imay be low on the US number.
I suspect a ship leaves SF at least twice a week.

What what what, only 2.500 Tesla Model 3 deliveries in US for February? No way, it will surely be higher, also compared to 6.500 in January. They further dropped the price and aside from that, for logistical and strategical reasons based on how Tesla usually delivers cars, I already expected after January data that this month deliveries would be more.

I just think that Tesla will focus on getting as many Tesla’s to China before March 1st in case the tariffs go from 15% to 40%.

Sounds like that deadline is getting pushed out, the ultimate end result may still point to good but isn’t definite. Also, the tariff is 15% now and a known quantity, but no one knows what it will be in the future once they come to terms or start the trade war up again.

It’s April 1, not March 1.

It’s going to be an impressive quarter. They may not quite hit Q3/Q4 numbers, but will be close, and that’s pretty impressive for a historically bad quarter for cars sales by anyone.

Depends on what you call close. Model S/X will be almost 30% below Q4. Model 3 should only be down 5-10%. Q2 should be a new high for Model 3.

“Wait…what? Tesla is ahead of schedule. How is that possible?”

Some region just froze over! 😉


Another Euro point of view

I wonder if those Model 3 shipments will allow Tesla to figure in the top five of best sold plugins in China. Maybe for something like 2 months.

Isn’t it amazing that people are excited about a boat delivering cars to another country? Never seen before

Regarding the Tesla Model 3:

How many of them will be delivered to customers in China in Q1 2019?


Wouldn’t it be nice to see Tesla use summon mode to offload all 1600 cars?