Zero Electric Motorcycle Demo Tour Starts Today In UK


The San Francisco-based electric motorcycle marque gears up for an eight stop tour across the UK, giving riders a chance to test ride the company’s latest model range

One of the biggest obstacles electric motorcycle manufacturers have to overcome isn’t merely churning out a quality product, but convincing the public to actually give eBikes a try. With the electric powertrain’s full torque always on tap at any point, eBikes are a lot more fun to pilot than most would expect, especially in day to day commuter applications. This is why American electric moto outfit Zero Motorcycles just announced a UK tour where the marque will give the public a chance to see and ride any of Zero’s current offerings.

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“Riding a Zero is quite an experience so we’ve decided to go out and take our bikes to the people, to give them an opportunity to try one for themselves,” explains Zero’s UK Country Manager, Dale Robinson. “Lots of people have preconceptions about electric motorcycles but I’ve never met anyone yet who didn’t come back from a test ride with a smile on their face. There’s no hard sell, just an opportunity for riders to ask any questions they may have, take one out for a ride and make up their own minds on electric motorcycles.”

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The demo tour’s first destination will be in North Wales on June 17, 2018, before moving onto six other stops before the tour ends in Surrey on September 19, 2018. In order to test ride one or more Zero models, riders simply need to bring their own protective gear (helmet, jacket, gloves, etc) and valid license. Zero has recently doubled down on its battery tech development, leading to the release of a trio of new cells offering increased range which have been integrated across the current Zero lineup. Zero’s newest models—with supplementary cell—are capable of trekking more than 150 miles (250 kilometers) without needing to stop for a charge.

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Zero's (Euro only) 2018 DSR Black Forest Edition will be one of several models available for demo

Below are the tour dates and locations for Zero’s upcoming roadshow, but for more info or times you can click here to checkout Zero UK’s Facebook page.

June 17 – Ponderosa Café, North Wales
June 24 – Squires Café, North Yorkshire
June 27 – Loomies Café, Hampshire
July 21 – Hartside Café, Northumberland
July 22 – Otterburn Mill, Northumberland
August 18 – The Biker’s Cove, Scotland
August 19 – The Green Welly, Scotland
September 19 – Ryka’s Café, Surrey

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The real problem I see with motorcycles is range and fast recharging. For me to do a ride, it’s going to be 60 miles of highway to get to the good roads, then a decent ride will be another 100-200 miles at high speeds, then 60 miles back. That’s hard to do on any of today’s e bikes. Even with a ice motorcycle it’s going to be 2-3 fill ups per ride. I once had a bike that would only go 70 miles per tank. I was filling up every hour of riding. The charging infrastructure and speed isn’t there to get them on par. The physics really get in the way as motorcycles use about the same energy as a small car. Yet they have to weigh much less. A street bike should be around 400lbs for a sport bike or large dual sport. There is just no way to get enough battery for 300+ miles as the battery required will use the whole weight budget. Cars are easier as a few hundred or 1000 lbs extra doesn’t matter that much. A bolt weighs an extra 400-600 lbs over the same car as an ice, but the extra performance… Read more »

Bikes should be banned.

Motorcycles use a lot less energy than cars, it’s just their engines are not very efficient. They are also not typically used for long distance trips. Your example is rather uncommon, my commute is 20 miles each way and the longest trip I have ever made in a single day was around 150 miles. 100 miles (highway speed) with fast charging would be ideal for many. We are not there yet but as prices drop we should reach this target in several years. In fact, I wouldn’t mind having a Zero today, if only they weren’t so bloody expensive.