Will Nissan Debut Long-Range LEAF e-Plus At CES?


Nissan promised a January reveal, so it’s either CES or NAIAS.

After a canceled debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, all eyes are on CES now to see if the longer range LEAF e-Plus debuts. Will it?

Watch Nissan LEAF “High Performance” CES Livestream Here

The logical site to debut the new, longer-range Nissan LEAF e-Plus is at tech-heavy CES, as NAIAS is usually more focused on trucks and, muscle cars and sports cars.

But with CES now upon us and not a peep from the show yet, we wonder if the LEAF e-Plus will be Nissan’s surprise reveal. Here’s what Nissan states of its part at CES:

Nissan’s CES display (6906)North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center will focus on Nissan Intelligent Mobility and includes:

  • A new technology platform to “See the Invisible,” creating an entirely new driving experience through connected worlds
  • The U.S. debut of the all-new, twin electric motor, all-wheel drive Nissan LEAF NISMO RC racing machine
  • Nissan Energy demonstrations, including solutions that create a fully integrated electric vehicle ecosystem.
  • A display of the IMx KURO concept crossover electric vehicle
  • New vehicle introduction, displays and EV cafe

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It’s that new vehicle introduction that leads us to believe the LEAF e-Plus may debut, but it could be some entirely unknown vehicle, too.

Back in late 2017, InsideEVs obtained a slide detailing the e-Plus and we expect these specs to still largely hold true.

As we later wrote in January 2018:

Sources, including some of our own, had previously let it be known that the upcoming 60-kWh Nissan LEAF would return 225-plus miles of EPA range, but it wasn’t until just recently that we’ve been able to let loose the intel directly from Nissan.

The slide below shows the automaker’s intent with the 2019 LEAF. As you can see, it’ll be positioned range-wise against the likes of the base Tesla Model 3 and the Chevrolet Bolt.

The remaining question is price. While the slide says $35k+, we believe Nissan will undercut both of the listed competitors, if only by a bit.

Previously, Nissan’s executive vice president of global sales and marketing Daniele Schillaci, answered a question regarding range for the 60-kWh LEAF. His response was simply “more than 225 mile range.” He added “EPA” to that response and that’s precisely what we see in the slide.

It’s our belief that these figures have remained mostly unchanged.

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Super hard to get excited.

Release Carlos Ghosn.

Boycott Japan.


If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

He’s been charged, but hasn’t had a trial yet, so it’s premature to say that he’s done the crime.

It may be that the Japanese government (and Nissan) have screwed themselves over by falsely charging him.

Taylor nailed it ‼️

Correction: Taylor hit the mark.

Regardless Agreed

If it is not shown, revealed, the Japanese lose even more face, and they will avoid that by showing it.

Ford’s no longer in either segment…

Wake me when something actually gets reveled.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

You wouldn’t want to miss any of the revelry.

Isn’t CES today? So, it seems like we should already know the answer.

So when will the reveal actually happen? When does CES start/end?

Edit: It runs the 8th (today, Tuesday) through the 11th (Friday). The “Media Days” are the 6th through 9th… don’t ask me how that works, that’s just what I found on Wikipedia.

No significant innovation from Nissan in the EV front in a long, long time. I’ve frankly lost interest in them, as it seems that others are more serious about longterm EV success.

Certainly true but a different thought: Although the 60 kWh Leaf is late and has been overshadowed in the news by the upcoming Kona and Niro, my bet is that a year from now the Leaf will be available in larger numbers than the other two combined. Time will tell.

Who would be interested in any EV with a disposable battery?

If you live in cooler locations (e.g. much of Europe such as Paris, London and Berlin) you probably care less. I had a Leaf for 3 years and did not lose a single one of the 12 bars on the battery degradation gauge. So although it is not as good as say a Tesla battery, in practice it may not matter as much as you think. It also depends on how you drive and how often you fast-charge. With a Leaf e-plus, most drivers would not need to fast-charge very often.

as I have explained on twitter, Nissan will make a presentation about a “high performance” model of Nissan Leaf in few hours (~4 hours) : https://twitter.com/NissanJP/status/1082585086241861632

Let’s hope it comes with active thermal cooling and CCS 100+ kW charging. Otherwise, dead in the water for most EV buyers