Whoops – Chevrolet Forgot To Put Tire Inflator Kits In Some 2016 Volts


Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

A Technical Service Bulletin has been issued for the 2016 Chevrolet Volt.

The Volt, which lacks a spare tire (like the majority of cars sold today), is supposed to be equipped with a tire inflator kit (sealant, compressor, etc). The kit is located under the rear cargo floor.

As it turns out, some Volts shipped without this kit, which means owners of those Volts have neither a spare, nor an inflator kit.

Chevrolet caught the problem some time ago and is now asking 2016 Volt owners to check their cars to see if there’s an inflator kit.  If there’s no kit, then you local Chevy dealer will provide you with one free of charge. Cite customer satisfaction TSB #26900 when you talk to your service advisor at the dealership.

This thread over at GM-Volt.com shows several reports of 2016 Volt owners without inflator kits.

Source: Consumer Reports

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LOL, nice to see GM stepping up quality control.

First thing I would do would be to go out and get a spare tire, then stop by the dealer and get the kit. Oh and good stuff they are not going to charge you for something that was supposed to be included in the price of the car. Brilliant.

Arggh! CR: “A spare tire is the most versatile solution.” Why not just say it? It’s the best solution to a flat tire.

AAA is the most effective solution. For my gas car that had a spare, found out that it had rotted over the years, making it useless. Ended up calling AAA anyway.

Got a gash on the inside on the rear tire of my CMax. No matching Michelin X LRR tire anywhere within 100 miles of home. Glad I had bought a mini-spare which I had to use for the 5 days until a new one was shipped in.

How about run-flat tires?

Well that is a solution but one that could cost anywhere from $800-1200 installed on a car with only 18k miles on its current tires.

I prefer my $50 used, mini-spare solution.

I mean if GM used run-flat tires and didn’t provide any spare/fix-a-flat.

Run-Flat tires are expensive and heavy.

Once it got a nail in it, many tires shops won’t patch it.

I’m not sure the kit is mandated by law in every state, it’s good that Chevy is providing it.

That rear styrofoam compartment looks really cheesy, one of the things that was better on the first gen.

Kit may not be.

But some form of dealing with busted tire surly must be.

OnStar roadside assistance.

I missed the part where GM introduced legislation to stop Tesla from using tire inflation kits.

Yea really….GM must view Tesla As a Threat, since they are so defensive against Tesla….

Not every EV topic needs to have Tesla mentioned. This isn’t Tesla fan boy sites.

evcarnut != Teslanut or maybe it should be changed to reflect that.

Now, I wonder how many people are going to remove their inflator kit and then request a new one!

I find this surprising since when I buy a new car, I would go through the entire car and check on everything to makes sure they are all there.

Doesn’t dealer suppose to do a “walk around” with the owner on the car to make sure everything are there and all questions are answered?

I know some Volt owners will skip that since they probably know more about the car than dealer staff. But I would have checked it and make sure it is there.

I guess this just cost another point for supporting the dealership model.

My dealer didn’t do a walk around. I found out thru YouTube about the missing cargo cover. When I asked the dealer about it he said the cargo cover didn’t come with all 2016 Volts! Are other 2016 Volt owners missing the cargo covers?

Typical “Stealership”.

I don’t think cargo cover is standard on 2016 Volt anymore.

It was on the Gen I Volt.

I got my ’16 Volt in the first week in January and it was missing the inflator and goo.

The problem is, when you lift the rear floor, the black bag that contains the inflator and goo is there, and it has a big black nut on it, so you just assume it’s all inside. No need to be screwing that nut off right now.

Only later, when you actually touch the bag, you realize that it’s empty. That’s when I called my dealer and told him. Turns out a couple other Volts sold that week also were missing the kits.

As for the cover, it was right next to the bag. I had no idea what it was, thought it was a cover for a flat tire or something. Only when I pulled it out of its bag did I realize that little thing was the cargo area cover. That’s pretty cheap.

Always carry a puncture repair kit rope poke through type.
Puncture goo you will not miss the extra clean up charges at the tyre shop.