West Coast Customs Shows Off BMW i3, i8 – Video



BMW lovers gotta love “twin” custom i3 and i8 models with incredible chrome wheels and satin blue wraps!

Who better than West Coast Customs to do it up like no one can match? Yes, it’s none other than “Pimp My Ride” famed tuning experts doing what they do best.

Rather than going super crazy with colors, West Coast Customs stuck to the blue hue that most typically associate with these electrified Beemers. Although it’s definitely a more matte look and likely super-protected from the elements. It’s as if these German twins have been dipped in blue chocolate. Not to mention the shockingly bright and shiny chrome wheels.

There’s more to see, though. Subtle touches are WCC’s forte. Can you spot anything else of note?

Video Description via LexaniTV on YouTube:

TWIN Matte BMW i8 AND i3 Lexani Wheels (West Coast Customs)

Special thank you to our friends at the world famous West Coast Customs!

Matte blue BMW i8 and i3 on LZ-761 Chrome Finish

Have a look-seeĀ at what West Coast Customs has done in the past for “Pimp My Ride.” Yes, it’s a Tesla. But, you can sorta get an idea about how they go about their craft. It’s really pretty incredible.

Source: CarScoops

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Chrome wheels. Gross. Same aesthetics as wearing really loud colorful hightop sneakers.

Sure some gaudy e-pensive sneakers can set you back a thousand bucks but just because they’re expensive doesn’t mean they look good. Same for bling wheels.

I guess since the beginning of time some people have always been driven by the need to get attention. From bright colored bird feather headresses to big chrome wheels

I prefer the new wheels coming on new the i3s model.

Love your country, but those chrome wheels, seriously? Who likes those? Only in America.

By the way, to all Americans, is there something that you guys think that Europeans are doing/wearing/driving/whatever that is completely tasteless? Just curious.

Beer bellied men who wear speedos.

Auto ART.
Excellent. Even the wheels. Nice paint, is that a metallic blue matte finish, didn’t know you could get that.

Wonder what the wheel effect will be when they roll.

Nice to see the looks of the car match the overall quality of the car, finally. Not a fan of the standard two tone paints.

Who makes those wheels? I need some for snow tires.

Wheel pattern is swastika-esque

If it walks like a Duck & Quacks Like a Duck, ..You know the rest…..lol

L’amata must be a duck?

“Why a Duck?”