Watch Tesla Celebrate Itself In New Video, Plus Unknown (?) Car


Electric cars and factories and solar panels, oh my!

Tesla famously doesn’t advertise. At least, not in the traditional sense. Your favorite TV show is never interrupted by its cars luring an attractive mate by way of Ludicrous mode to an impossibly fantastic sunset.

What it does do, besides large, lavish reveal parties that garner lots of attention from the press, is make the occasional video. Many of these are customer testimonials, and sometimes it’s just robots building the Model X with a symphonic soundtrack.

Its latest opus just dropped tonight, and it’s worth the minute and forty-seven seconds to watch. Titled “Tesla 2018,” it’s basically a celebration of all things Tesla and the people who make them (with the help of robots).

There are lots of looks at the Model 3, and the Model S and Model X make appearances.  Besides the vehicles it currently offers for sale, there is also footage featuring its Semi and Roadster. And, lest we forget that the California automaker is about a lot more than building vehicles. There are shots of Tesla solar panels and Powerwalls.

The new clip came to our attention after CEO Elon Musk shared it on Twitter. Tweeted he:

While it won’t make the world forget about the many different struggles the company is going through as it stumbles to either profitability or bankruptcy (depending on who you ask), it is a reminder that this is an outfit with over 30,000 employees with its fingers in many pies as it tries to shape the future of transportation, along with solar energy production and storage.

UPDATE: If you liked the part of this production where the mustangs canter across a ridge high above the Gigafactory 1 site, you’re in luck. Tesla has tweeted out a longer edit of this scene. Enjoy!



Elon Musk with the new Tesla Roadster at the electric semi reveal event.
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New Tesla Roadster Tesla Roadster Tesla Roadster Tesla Roadster Tesla Roadster and Tesla Semi at the recent reveal event New Tesla Roadster

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Tesla can and will drive the OEM ICE laggards into the EV revolution, with their compelling product line. Hopefully, EVentually Tesla Products will be available to any and all, who want to embrace a less toxic and polluted future for the health of humanity.

For those of you who would dare take the next step in the pursuit of EV automotive excellence, Tesla is beckoning your arrival. Interesting times ahead for the coming EV transformation!

And hopefully “for all” means an affordable purchase price and not car sharing.

Why not car sharing? It’ll be the way folks who wouldn’t easily find charging or even parking can still have access to a car.

“Tesla can and will drive the OEM ICE laggards into the EV revolution”

I don’t think Tesla deserves ALL the credit here. The work being done by Tesla constitutes a small fraction of the work being done worldwide to bring EVs to mainstream. Additionally, at least, Nissan and GM have been in the game now for a long time now.

Look at the actual numbers n facts of where all non-Teslas are sold and they are still compliance cars in the USA.
— Nissan has has had and will have ONLY one plugin vehicle this decade. Just terrible progress on the plug in front for Nissan.
—-GM has not improved range or any other propulsion characteristic in over three years and won’t this decade. GM still hasn’t even made their quick charger standard or high capacity for next year’s bolt.

COMPLIANCE CARS….albeit the best value bevs right now but still compliance cars for their lack of marketing and effort at trying to sell plug ins in non-carb states.

In a world without infinite dollars, GM’s 18KWh sedan may go down as the perfect electric daily, gas for trips, PHEV formula.

I don’t feel like I have been among the all-BEV chant, but it looks like the market will skip extended range, or “EREV”, before other smaller PHEVs get that ~18, or larger ones (like Panamera, V90 etc.) get ~25KWh or a similar 50 mile range. It will never make any sense, to me, to put an over-size ICE next to 5-15KWh. Curse you bean-counters!

YeaH, I always felt that for the vast majority of people, a Plug-in Hybrid with a fairly decent battery (examples: Chevy Volt, Honda Clarity PHEV) make much more sense than their fuel-celled offering, or the Toyota Mirai.

For people who want to use less gasoline, I found my gasoline usage with my VOLT (and now, ELR) decreased by almost an order of magnitude (10X). Other people I’ve talked to are doing considerably better than this even. Its not great to have to depend on fast chargers because as currently configured, they are relatively inefficient, and suck electricity at the time of day in which it is dearest, besides negating the ‘grid friendly’ nature of electrics – that of charging over the midnight hours.

Tesla, after rising its Supercharger Pricing substantially, has indirectly improved the ‘grid friendliness’ of their cars, since now people will emphasize charging at home rather than trying to use the Supercharger whenever they can.

It is often argued that both CARB and Tesla can take credit for the EV revolution. But it was Tesla’s Roadster that convinced CARB to reinstitute EV mandates, which led to the first wave of compliance cars. The rest is history, as compliance cars have given rise to actual long range affordable EVs, with many more to come.

Some credit can be afforded to Nissan and Chevy for the Leaf and Volt, but these cars came after the CARB EV mandates were moving forward. And their impact diminishes given the very low volume of these cars. No traditional automaker has begun building EVs in mass quantities, even today. This fact is underlined by the Model 3 being the highest selling plug-in, even while Tesla struggles to make thousands more a week.

Great Tesla quarterly all-hands video… I look forward to the next q!

By way… does video contain a sneak-peak?… Proto1 0:01… Y… 0:15

Typo: “peak” should read “peek”. Scratch that…. “peak” also works.

Thanks for piquing my interest.
You do realize that now a days you can edit your comment.

But only for a few minutes after posting. I tried to correct a grammar error in one of my posts a day or two ago, and found myself locked out. 🙁

You get 15 minutes to edit a comment.

It has to be. The back passenger door looks identical to the Model 3. But the roof-line doesn’t slope as steeply toward the back as it does for the Model 3 but instead levels off to be a hatch.

2 questions from me:
00:15 What is the big black, multi-story cubist structure being built (far left)?
00:58 – What (on Earth) is going on here?!

00:15 — Looks like an ordinary office building. Residential buildings usually have more walls for windows. Might not even be Tesla’s structure, but I don’t know.
00:58 — idk, I see two Tesla employees talking at a Tesla factory, probably about manufacturing or logistics, I presume. One man has clear safety glasses. The other has yellow tinted safety glasses. Nothing odd here.

Just curious did I miss something? These seem like very uncompelling elements of the video to me :^/

“Love the shot of wild horses …I’m reminded of how delicious their bones make marshmallows that I then roast on the roof of the gigafactory over burning wood which according to the current EPA is carbon-neutral.”

My favorite part is Ben screaming.

Ignoring his TSLA fanboi-ism, that guy seems like a complete douchebag…attention starved Youtuber. I hear his data analytic skills are way overblown too. But hey, if he can make living doing that, more power to him. ‘MURICA!

Waahouu Tesla is a superb Hollywood company

They’re an even better FREMONT company.


That prototype under wraps is old. At the point in time that this quick cut/photo emerged, it would have been the Model 3, or at least that is what everyone thought at the time. Although it is debatable that it could also have been the Roadster 2020, the point is we have seen it and it definitely isn’t the Semi. Roof line suggests the Model 3.

Or…..Model Y?

You know, that’s still a possibility, but the image is definitely old. Quite a bit low to the ground for a CUV.

Variable height air suspension, with it sitting in the “parked” position for easy entry?

I think it’s actually a Model 3, going by the style line in the doors, among other things. But, if they building the Y based on Model 3, well…it’s probably still the 3. 🙂

It’s certainly not the 2020 Roadster. That’s a 2-door car; the car under the cover is a 4-door.

Both, actually.

Correct! It’s that half Model 3, half Model Y design study prototype. They’ve partially undraped it to show the Model 3 side.

I think it’s the Model Y. Space between front wheel and front door is similar to Model 3, roof line looks like a smaller Model X with regular doors. Trunk lid missing but looks fastback like Model X.

Model Y

Maher Habash /Jordan middle east

I love this car and technology inside although I have prius and Ford fusion I wish have this one

Maybe Tesla is putting all it’s attention on the Model 3 and left the Model Y draped over so Elon / Tesla would not get distracted. On the last conference call did Elon (or others) mention if they will need extra funding to move the Model Y project forward?

Maybe Tesla can use the advice of Munro and have the rear made from light weight composites to help lower the Model Y development costs.