* Now Live! Watch Nissan LEAF “High-Performance” CES Livestream Video Here


Nissan is set to introduce a new vehicle at CES 2019.

We believe it to be the Nissan LEAF e-Plus, as the video’s image perhaps suggests too. And so too does the translated Japanese text, which reads LEAF high performance. So, LEAF e-Plus then?

According to Nissan, this is what we should expect at CES 2019:

Nissan’s CES display (6906)North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center will focus on Nissan Intelligent Mobility and includes:

  • A new technology platform to “See the Invisible,” creating an entirely new driving experience through connected worlds
  • The U.S. debut of the all-new, twin electric motor, all-wheel drive Nissan LEAF NISMO RC racing machine
  • Nissan Energy demonstrations, including solutions that create a fully integrated electric vehicle ecosystem.
  • A display of the IMx KURO concept crossover electric vehicle
  • New vehicle introduction, displays and EV cafe

Watch the livestream above to see what’s revealed. Video stream starts at 5:15 PM PST / 8:15 PM EST

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It looks so. What else could it be? Some Nismo version. Can`t wait.

Love me some affordable long-range 2nd gen EV with class-leading cargo space!

wooot? class leading cargo space. the leaf trunk is only average, maybe even a little below average. it has only around 300l. sure the golf has not much more, but the fabia that is a smaller car has more than 500l trunk… so far for leading space…

Dead wrong. Nissan Leaf trunk is 668 litres or 23.6 cubic feet.

The Kia e-Niro does have more space in the 2nd row compared to Leaf. If you can find one.

There’s got to be something off about the way the Leaf cargo volume is calculated. It seems smaller than 23.6 cuft, and the specs say when you fold the rear seats it’s only 30 cuft. A Niro, for comparison, is listed as 19.4 cuft but goes all the way to 54.5 with seats folded.

Well I can tell you I put in 8 15-inch tires with rims into my 2018 Leaf, with the rear seats folded down and with the cargo holder installed (dealer installed item, which makes boot floor level with the rear seats folded down. Did not put any tire into passenger side front seat. So lots of room, even surprised me.

That’s what they have listed on US and Canadian websites over the years – I finally measured it myself when deciding whether to buy a Model 3 or a Niro – they’ve been lying, it is less than 400 L. (They list as significantly less in europe interestingly enough…)

In Europe it is listed as 435 liters using the VDA standard. For comparison the ICE Golf has 385 liters using the same standard, the Niro EV has 451 and the Model 3 has 340. The US has 2 or 3 standards for measuring cargo volume so it is hard to do a comparison.

I will be watching!

Mee too. 🙂

“See the Invisible,” …

… So the “high preformance” aspect, of the new Leaf, has some version of a Klingon Cloaking Device, that can make Nissan CEOs just seem to disappear?

Or, is it more like The Cloak of Invisibly, that you can use to get in and out of high security lock down facilities, without being detected?

I’m thinking Carlos is hoping to obtain The Cloak of Invisibility version of the new Leaf.

Neither. It does, however, make people overlook your typos.

Nissan is a “Performance” typo car!

More distraction from what the haven’t done.

Seems like once again the 60kw Leaf is no where to be found.
Nissan May have lost its mojo.

They lost it five years ago.

Nissan LEAF Plus is speedy 214HP hatchback w/226 mile range, hits US in Spring

2019 LEAF Specs
Here are the goods from the spec department:

62kWh battery pack that is only 5mm bigger than the 40kWh pack in the current LEAF
160kW motor (215hp)
226 mile estimated range
70kW CHAdeMO charging with 100kW peak
Also some PR that dances around some things like price (which we’ve heard is around $36,000) and 0-60 time (which I’ve heard is 6 “plus” -ish seconds).

The high-capacity battery and more powerful, 160 kW motor in the LEAF e+ combine to produce 45 percent more power and 250 lb-ft (340 Nm) of torque, enabling faster acceleration when driving at high speeds. Accelerating from 50 mph (80 kph) to 75 mph (120 kph) is nearly 13 percent quicker. This allows the LEAF e+ to confidently pass slower-moving vehicles, exit corners faster and more seamlessly, and merge easily with fast-moving traffic. The top speed has increased by approximately 10 percent for comfortable cruising.

Nice!! Thanks Franco.

Also new 8-inch touchscreen with Over The Air update capability, new NAV and firmware/BMS can also be updated OTA.

Is there an English version of the video yet?

from another site:
“The new Leaf e+ will also be more powerful than its predecessors. It will be available this month in Japan for ¥4,162,320 (about $38,300), and will arrive in Europe in “mid-2019,” Nissan says, where it will cost 45,500 euro (about $51,900). The Leaf e+ will come to the US in the spring, but no pricing has been announced. It will also be sold in three trim levels, two of which will undoubtedly increase the starting price.

The Leaf e+ builds on this, with Nissan cramming in a 62kWh battery pack that extends the range by some 76 miles. (Nissan said the new pack is nearly the same size as the old one, and that the overall height of the car only changed by 5mm.) Despite the fact that the battery pack is bigger, Nissan says the new Leaf will take roughly the same amount of time to charge as the 40kWh version.”

€45,500.- in Europe?

The price of the current 40 kWh Nissan Leaf in Europe starts at €34,000.-

That would be an increase of about €11,500.-

That would be a very substantially higher price for that 62 kWh battery pack.

The Hyundai Kona Electric with the 62 kWh battery pack has a price tag of slightly less than €40,000.- in Europe.

They really presented at CES in Las Vegas in Japanese??????

Also, have they heard of the Tesla Powerwall? Deplete you car battery running the house and you are stuck at home.

English version? When please?Video audio was Japanese.

I DON’T UNDERSTAND JAPANESE ! .. They’re Lost Already without Ghosn. * 🙁 * So Boring .

Bingo ‼️