Watch As Adam Levine Drives Porsche Mission E


This time, we have a driver that’s not a professional and doesn’t work for Porsche … but he does claim to move like Jagger.

We didn’t say Adam’s not a Porsche fan or that Porsche didn’t sponsor the ad, but that’s beside the point. Maroon 5’s Adam Levine is a huge Porsche lover, but not a fan of electric cars. He says they usually have no soul … no beating heartbeat.

However, Levine just can’t get enough of the all-new Porsche Mission E, and this one is the real deal – not some Panamera test mule. He gets an opportunity to take it on a lap around the track at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles, which gives us the chance to have a look, inside and out.

He actually steals a few extra laps, despite the Porsche instructor’s wishes. With the radio up, Adam just can’t seem to hear her telling him his time’s up.

Even Porsche’s own Mark Webber was only driving a test mule for his first Mission E experience.

Video Description via Porsche on YouTube:

Adam Levine puts the pedal down in the Porsche Mission E to see if the future of the sports car has the moves. We’ll let you guess how much he liked it.


Prototype Porsche Mission E out testing with Teslas
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Well I find it hard to believe that he wasn’t paid for this by Porsche

With a douche like that a bit of pampering is probably enough.

Certainly a self indulgent rich guy. All those cars! And who is he exactly? I have no idea. Grotesque overconsumption is not part of reducing harm to the environment.

By now the 0-80% charging in 15 minutes is a promises they have to keep. I’m also sure they will.

They better have a miracle battery chemistry… Because no one wants a battery dead after 100 cycles.

No miracles required.

Mission E BMS has own controller (with voltage and temperature measurement) on each cell. Battery pack is liquid cooled to take 350 kW.

It’s definitely the most fascinating aspect of this car. Of course he was driving the prototype/concept vehicle so maybe the specs quoted are also just the concept specs.

Lucky guy

Glad to see them advertising, but don’t like the bash on other EVs.

Mark Webber was driving the real car with only camouflage. Time of test mules is long over.
You can not compare that with the showcar in this spot. The Showcar is handmade and not able reach high speeds or any specs they just tell. Its just show, like the name says.

The Porsche Mission E is a sexy looking car…

It really is… WOW!

Well, the concept car show is this infomercial most definitely is. Some of that sexyness tends to get lost in translation to a production model.

Can not wait. Who are they buying the battery from?

Must be LG Chem, but shoot, who cares? I would be happy to push that sexy beast… or just admire it in the garage…

I own a Tesla X and a Porsche Panamera 4S. I have owned 6 Porsche’s, a Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Maserati, several BMW’s, and several MB’s. My Tesla and Porsche are the best out of the litter.

Wish that was me..

That is a seriously sexy car… I need more garage space…

Didn’t want to like this but I do. I think electrics should be silent, but I also like the sound.