VW I.D. Neo Compact Electric Car Spied Winter Testing

FEB 9 2019 BY MARK KANE 68

It’s in camouflage, but still it looks slick.

Volkswagen I.D. (“Neo”) was spotted during winter testing ahead of the expected unveiling in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show and production launch in late 2019. See the gallery of photos below.

Not much time is left until cars like the Nissan LEAF will get serious run for its money in the affordable electric segment.

If Volkswagen successfully introduces a mass-market compact model on the general electric MEB platform, the jokes will be over. Why? Well, because other manufacturers will be required to match the scale to be competitive on the cost side.

So far, the I.D. prototypes under camouflage reveal a pretty decent looking hatchback with EV specifics included in the design (flat battery between the axles, short overhangs, aerodynamics)

At this point, we remain optimistic about the outcome.

Expected Volkswagen I.D. specs:

  • about 48 kWh battery (base)
  • some 330 km (205 miles) of WLTP range (base)
  • some 450 km (280 miles) of WLTP range (higher version)
  • up to over 500 km (311 miles) of WLTP range (top version)
  • 7.2 kW or 11 kW on-board chargers
  • 125 kW DC fast charging capability
Spy-Shots of Cars This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K
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Spy-Shots of Cars This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K Spy-Shots of Cars This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K Spy-Shots of Cars This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K Spy-Shots of Cars This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K Spy-Shots of Cars This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K Spy-Shots of Cars This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K Spy-Shots of Cars This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K

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I really hope VW deliver with the I.D. Neo. I know a lot of people hate VW (and deservedly so) but this will be an important step in the mainstreaming of BEVs, the Model 3 is out of my & many people’s price range, even at its future promised base price, whereas the Neo should hit that sweet spot.

I think the ID Neo won’t be that different price than a Leaf, but offers 125 kW charging and better performance. Seems a lot more appealing than the Leaf. Unfortunately, it won’t come to US. We have to wait for SUV version, the ID Crozz late next year.

I saw the ID Crozz at the Brussels car show and it looks goooood! Hoping for some affordable long range versions!

Was still VERY very concept. Ppl complaining about minimalistic interior of the model 3.
There was even less interior . just a steering colom and some seats and then BIG emptiness. Real car will be much different but the outside looks great

I’m expecting VW to somehow ruin the interior of the Neo by getting rid of all of the buttons. The death of the volume knob in the facelifted Golf was just foreshadowing.

Also have yet to see a wagon body style, which depresses me to no end 🙁

VW wagon will come in 2022.

Agreed. Don’t chase the no button trend

And active thermal management for the battery!

So frustrating that it isn’t coming to the US. It is shaping up to be exactly the car I have been waiting for, and I won’t get the option to buy…

I agree, hopefully they will change their minds in a few years

US market for small hot hatches is pretty small.

Legal to import it?

In the US it’s legal to import after 25 years…

125kW charging is for the top spec version. I’ve heard it mentioned that the base only gets 50kW, which is disappointing.

I think there’s no way the base will only accept 50 kW even if it isn’t capable of 125 kW. It would be at least 70 kW with the same C rate as the top version.

It will be 100kW charging on base models like most of the competitors from 2019 (Renault Peugeot DS…

I remember hearing it in one of the videos from the South Africa press event, but now I can’t find it anywhere, so I may be misremembering. I apologise for possibly spreading misinformation.

My gut tells me that the I.D. Neo is going to be ridiculously popular if they can keep the price down. I read somewhere that the price tag will be close to a VW Golf diesel. The Neo may well become the new VW Golf among BEVs and seen at every street corner in Europe.

Yeah, I talked to a VW dealer, and they are really expecting massive sales.
So large, that they want to change Norwegian export rules – to be able to export used ICE vehicles when the EV customers trade in their used car.
Not just the Neo, but future EVs from many brands. The used car sales will drop like a stone, it they can not sell the cars in a larger market.

The Golf being the best-selling ICE car in Europe, both in general and for VW Group, it’s pretty clear the Neo is intended to be VW’s most popular EV model. Aprropriate to a large-volume I’d expect two battery sizes (possibly but not likely three), and an AWD performance version as well; eventually also a slightly longer MPV-ish version (sort of like the Golf Plus / Sportsvan) .

There will be 3 battery size options: 48 kWh, 62 kWh and 83 kWh. The last one won’t be available at launch.

AWD with 2 motors will also come at a later point.

“the I.D. prototypes under camouflage reveal a pretty decent looking hatchback“

Looks like a Bolt. So yeah, a decent looking hatchback.

I think this one is way nicer than the bolt/ampera-e. But that’s just taste..

Dude, that is an interesting choice for a handle. Unless you actually are Hans Blix, in which case good on you, mate; too bad the Americans and Brits didn’t believe you.

Looks like a next-gen eGolf to me, which is a very good thing.

Not sure why the downvotes. People don’t think it looks like a Bolt? Or people don’t think it is good looking?

Although both are hatchback wagons, it is like saying a Model 3 looks like a Clarity PHEV because they are both sedans…

Should be able to fill the European demand for an EV hatchback, that GM was unable to capitalize on with Amperage-e becuase they sold off Opel.

GM / Opel really dropped the ball with the Bolt / Ampere-E model. Had they been able to deliver it would have been a best seller in EU.

Will this mean the end of the eGolf?

Yes, that’s the plan. No need to keep the eGolf around when you have a much better alternative.

I’m sure there are plenty of people who would still buy the e-Golf just because it’s a Golf. And given that demand will far outstrip supply for the ID it would make sense to keep the e-Golf production at least for one more year in 2020. Problem is that they are currently changing production to the Golf Mk8 and the e-Golf is based on the Mk7, so that’s probably not going to happen because they would have to keep making parts just for the e-Golf and that would be expensive.

I like the Golf, I own one but the MEB platform will be much better as a BEV. Hopefully the styling is good.

E-Golf is based on previous Golf Mk., similar situation has happened with Golf cabriolet (convertible?) which sometimes skipped a Mk., before upgrade.
I think it is fine to retire E-Golf once sales of Neo starts.

Meh, there are people who kept buying the Beetle when the Golf came out. But with any luck pretty soon all of the fossils will look about as modern as the Beetle did in 1974. Golf buyers will come around, and after a generation or two the Golf will be reborn as an EV too.

Put a bigger battery and send it off with goodwill

Won’t fit, the e-Golf is maxed out with its current battery.

Better cells exist already. It would be a straight swap and about ten minutes of code changes. The real hurdle is probably certification.


With 2019-01 already gone, another 11 months are there and we are going to see ID Neo on World’s roads. Is that correct?

Production starts in late 2019 and deliveries will start around April 2020. And not exactly on the world’s roads, just European roads.

Just raise the height by 2″ / 50 mm and call it a crossover.
Buick is classifying Regal TourX a crossover.
Kia is a classifying Soul a crossover.
All 5 door vehicles can be classified a crossover since they are very functional.

“Just raise the height by 50 mm and call it a crossover.”

And add a trailer hitch and sell it with a trailer full of batteries, name it Long Range version. 😉

Ew. Why would I want something that drives like a boat and has the frontal area of a barn door? As it is the Bolt has the height you want, but it isn’t all that attractive and its aerodynamics could be a damn sight better. I’d much rather the car be a low, sleek and efficient as possible without compromising practicality too much. But I’m not old, fat or otherwise infirm, so I don’t need a seating position like a bus driver.

Most cars in Europe are that kind of shape: shorter, narrower than the average US car and, yes, not very sleek because then interior space would be too small. I think it is because roads in many European cities are narrow and the smaller the car, the easier it is to find parking spaces along the side of the road.

And because of the “cheap” fuel here..
No need to drag extra weight you don’t need.

Interiors space should be equivalent to Passat ina Golf size body. That’s the promise

God I wish I was you……

There’s bound to be an LCV version (small commercial van, in both passenger & panel van versions), as that market is significant in Europe. VW already has plans for a crossover vehicle on the same platform, the Crozz, which will make it to the US.

I am going to see it at the Geneva Motor Show, I hope. I have almost convinced my wife that she should visit the city 😀

They will probably just show the concept car there, I believe the reveal of the production version will happen later that year in Frankfurt.

I hope not. They were supposed to start taking reservations for it this spring. This is why I believe it will be unveiled in Geneva.

Audi, Porsche and Tesla has been selling reservations without presenting a final model, why not VW?

Will be manufactured 330 000 per year in the first Zwickau factory

I really want this car. I bought a Golf AllTrack last year and love VW’s ergonomics and the no-frills-but-not-cheap approach to styling. Looks like I’ll have two VW’s!

There was a comment made by the VW engineer on the Fully Charged YouTube video. If I remember correctly he was talking about how much fun an AWD version was to drive.

Now that is a car I would be really interested in. A compact AWD hatchback with 250-300 hp, a 70 kWh battery and sub-40,000$ price tag would make me forget about DieselGate.

I read that ID Neo would be a new “Golf,” which is a new “Beetle.” It is pretty important to VW. I am looking forward to seeing it in flesh.

But will they sell it in the US? I thought they said they would not. They still have essentially zero presence in the US with EVs.

No, they won’t sell the hatchback in the US. But they will sell the ID Crozz later in 2020, followed by the ID Buzz.

I think they will sell the Neo in the US, but just not at the start. They will end up making more money on the Crozz so it makes sense they would start with that in the US.

On the nationwide scale they don’t have much presence but in certain markets the eGolf is very popular. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and see them everyday.

Unhappily VW says the I.D. Neo won’t be sold in the USA. We have to wait for the “Crozz” CUV.

The I.D.Neo is without question, in my mind, the next generation eGolf. Its design looks like an updated eGolf and the specs are similar but improved.

eGolf: 35.8 kWh, 40 kW DCFC, 7.2 kW AC charging
Neo (expected): 48+ kWh, 50?-125 kW DCFC, 7.2-11 kW AC charging

“If Volkswagen successfully introduces a mass-market compact model on the general electric MEB platform, the jokes will be over. ”

Then we will be left to joke about Model Y and the $35k Model 3….

I really don’t know how it is possible to say the car is sleek or not with all that camouflage.
Also, $35k is the average price for cars in Europe and US, it’s not affordable… just not so expensive. I would call under $25k affordable, under $20k cheap.

The average new car price in the EU is €29K, with Greece the lowest (€22k), while Norway (Not a EU member) was €47K.

29k euros is around $35k USD, but his comment was no factoring in that the US price would not include tax, while European prices do.

Do you have something against Google or something? If you don’t know, just ask it.
“29,000 Euro equals
32,875.88 United States Dollar”

I’m really interesting about battery. Do you know this car will use Samsung SDI battery or LG chem battery?