Volkswagen Will Begin Production Of I.D. Prototypes This April

MAR 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 32

Volkswagen is expected to begin assembly of the first pre-production I.D. prototypes, based on the new MEB platform, in April.

Volkswagen I.D.

Production of the I.D. all-electric hatchback is scheduled for November 2019, so there’s 1.5-years or so to complete development.

The I.D. will be followed by the I.D. CROZZ and I.D. BUZZ that both will be sold in the U.S. (the I.D. hatchback will not). More I.D. models will follow.

Volkswagen recently announced that the Zwickau plant in Germany will produce up to 1,500 MEB vehicles per day.

“From 2020, the Volkswagen brand plans to introduce an entirely new generation of full electric cars based on the modular electrification toolkit (MEB). Preparations for this offensive are proceeding to schedule. With an investment of about €1 billion, the brand will transform the Zwickau plant into the European competence centre for e-mobility and will produce all the MEB vehicles for the European market there. In future, up to 1,500 MEB vehicles per day are to roll off the production line at the plant. Other competence centers are planned in China and North America. This will mean that the next generation of electric cars will be launched at almost the same time in the three major regions.”

100,000 in the first year is the minimum, we believe.

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The MEB platform will be used by many other brands owned by Volkswagen Group.

Source: Autocar

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Its a huge credit to Volkswagen’s marketing department. They are in the news nearly everyday explaining how great they are going to be – I’m impressed. But, there is always that nagging fact thing rattling around in the back of my mind – what year did they say they would do that? Still, I’d rather hear a good story about the future, than nothing – eh Ford?

Ford’s PR staff are on a well deserved extended vacation.

They were really working 120% there for months and months. Word is they overheated and destroyed their copiers and printers, and their wifi station melted down.

There is supposed to be a “Ford Uncovered” event today. Maybe will hear something new from Ford.

Please don’t forget Fiat Chrysler.

Another Euro point of view

Those coming to market of 2019/2020 seems to match the start of production of LG Chem & SK innovation factories in Poland & Hungary if that can add some credibility to those dates.

Now, with the exception of Tesla and Nissan, I would not be too optimistic about the anticipated production figures for first 2 years. We saw it with Ioniq & Bolt, we will very likely see it with Jaguar I-Pace and Audi eTron. I doubt (but wish to be surprised) that we will see huge numbers of VW ID produced the first 2 years. Now I wonder if even Tesla has no doubts about having a real market for a monthly production of 20k electric sedan with an average sale price of $50k+, I would not be surprised to see production numbers to keep below that level for a long time.

It will take Tesla years to work off the backlog of Model 3’s and you’re saying you’re not sure they have the demand to support the production of 20k a month?

The problem is you have to match supple to average demand not this preorder demand. Just because you might have 500k preorders you not built out to supple 500k/yr. You might build out to 150k – 200k and scale up from there depending on ongoing demand. The longer it takes Tesla to produce even 50k/yr cuts down their market as new EV’s come on the market.

Another Euro point of view

That, but also we do not know out of this massive orders figure how many are about the $27.5k Model 3 ($35k less $7.5k tax rebate). If the $35k version comes quickly & in volume then I have no doubt that 20k per month can be sold easily but $35k version in volume won’t happen neither this year nor in 2019 IMO, it was part of Elon’s excessive optimism issue I think (to put it politely).

Elin Sinervo, head of Audi in Norway said supply of the car would not be a problem, and that they would be able to supply cars to all the 4000+ that is on the waiting list, and many more in a very short time.

Audi in Germany said today that it will cost 80 000 Euros in Germany. A 19% tax is included in that price.

Audi expect that some in the waitingline will opt for the Jaguar, since it will be released before the Audi.
As far as I know, they did not state that the price was an average price, or the starting price of the car.

Time will tell, since they’re supposed to deliver the first cars late this year.

I’m not sure what kind of production capacity the Jaguar will have. It is made in Austria, I guess – and they should have OK capacity as well.

Next two years will be exciting as new models from several manufacturers will come to market.
I think some manufacturers also have cars developed more secretly, and when they will be released it will be more unexpected.

I fully expect Jag to sell ALL of the i-Pace vehicles.
It is now their Premium Luxury car.
And that’s only 20,000 a year.

But, for the I.D. to sell in that number, VW most have gotten an incredible bargain on battery pricing. This vehicle must be priced equal, or less than, a Golf to sell in that volume.

Because if you look at BMW i3 numbers in Europe, you could expect VW to sell 4X more at a lower price point.

In other words, the I.D. must be designed to Fully Exceed the Golf in All Categories to sell in that volume. That would be good management decision making.

This would be the first time, aside from TESLA, that a manufacturer has built an EV to actually replace an ICE in the line up.

VW stated that they’ll price their EVs the same as ICEs with similar interior volume. They also stated that Golf-sized I.D. hatch would have the interior room of a Passat, so I’m guessing the pricing will not be Golf-equivalent, but one category higher.

“Volkswagen Will Begin Production Of I.D. Prototypes This April”


I’m holding out for their prototype

You will be waiting a very long time – probably forever.

From Matthew Mueller, himself. Diesel in MT:
Hard to believe. I know.

I won’t be too hard on Ford, for its F150 diesel, because:
-It’s a truck
-It’ll have selective catalytic reduction (urea tanks)

A little bit of a refresher/just my opinion. There was no possible way around using SCR, once the US adopted tier 2, bin 5, (.07gr/mile) NOx specs, in ~2008. VW knew the European version of this strict reduction was coming (Euro 6, in ’12-’14, I think), but they deliberately fell behind the regulation. Well behind. At least others used it.

Between Mueller’s (“we didn’t lie”) 40% pay raise, and a flashback to Michael Horn getting fired, for saying “we totally screwed up”, I still have a hard time with VW. It would have been much easier to live with a lower settlement, and product change since 2015.

Again … proper small hatch in US. Nope.

Right – the I.D. is pretty much what I want to drive. My spouse is wanting an I.D. Buzz.

It’s like being a dinner guest and you don’t get offered any wine because “people like you wouldn’t know how to appreciate it. Grrr! There will be payback.

From elsewhere:

“The ID hatchback won’t be sold in North America, however, or at least not initially.

The first of the Volkswagen-branded electric cars to go on sale in the U.S. will be the VW ID Crozz compact crossover in 2020, as the company announced at last week’s Los Angeles auto show.”

I like the look of VWs lineup. This city is full of low range VW evs right now. Kind too bad their “next generation” is hot air at the moment.

VW has no IDea how not bringing a hatchback to US will hurt them.

They probably have quite a good idea of what the hatchback market in the US looks like. Not worth the bother.

Unfortunately you are correct. I just can’t process why there isn’t more hatch demand in the US.

I guess America’s don’t go camping any more?

Then why did GM build the Bolt hatchback? Because they don’t understand the North American market like VW does?

Jp that is exactly it. That is why the bolt has such dismal sales. If it had even been a car that was halfway good looking then they would have sold a lot more.

Not to mention the Bolt pretends to be a SUV

GM is marketing the Bolt as a “crossover”, so to the average American, its an SUV, and thus “good”. hatchbacks are considered economy cars, for poor people, and thus “bad”.VW sees itself as a premium marque in the US, and wants no park of the cheap car market. They leave that to Kia, Hyundai, Honda, and Chevy. I LIKE my e-Golf, bought it because it was just like my olde A4 inside, and probably will keep driving it until Audi pops up with an e-A4.

weren’t these shown at all the auto shows prototypes? I have high hopes for the ID line but wish VW would stop dragging their feet and build already. I would definitely buy one.

There are different kinds of prototypes. What you saw at the shows were design prototypes or concepts. There are maybe one or two of those and they are hand-built. What they are talking about here are presumably production prototypes. Their purpose is to refine the car towards a version that can be mass-produced. Also to figure out and fine tune the assembly process, There will probably be hundreds of those and they will be quite close to the final product.

That small ID concept looks so cool. I’d drive that. But I guess I’ll never get the chance if they aren’t going to sell it in the USA.

I’m confused about this too. I see one report saying it will sell here and another saying it won’t. It would be stupid from VW if they don’t replace the eGolf with the ID when the time comes.

VW is trying not to sell e-Golfs at all! There are a lot of e-Golf order holders in Canada and U.S. who complain about waiting for 6+ months before they get a delivery date. I suspect VW is hoping their customers who want a car TODAY will wait for an I.D. in 2yrs. I can’t understand why they won’t go for the immediate cash and extend the production another year, and who knows, maybe even up the range to 175+ miles. I’m sure theres a battery pack prototype ready to go build already. They just won’t sell it. SMH.