Volkswagen Trademarks E-Transporter For Upcoming Electric Van


Our Best Guess Is That This Volkswagen e-Crafter Concept Will Soon Become The E-Transporter

According to German sources, Volkswagen recently trademarked four names:

  • Allsider
  • E-Transport(er)
  • Duomotion
  • Twin Motion

Our Best Guess Is That This Volkswagen e-Crafter Concept Will Soon Become The E-Transporter

Both Dumotion and Twin Motion are expected to be applied to future Volkswagen hybrids (one likely a conventional hybrid and the other a plug-in hybrid).

Meanwhile, E-Transport(er) is expected to be a full-size commercial van powered solely by battery. If we had to guess, we’d say the e-Crafter concept will become the e-Transporter electric van when it gets the production nod.

This big electric van will compete with the likes of the Renault Master Z.E. and the next-generation electric Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van.

There’s no word on when E-Transporter will come to market, but with this being Volkswagen, every electric vehicle seems to be promised by 2020, or shortly thereafter.

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sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂


While VW is off trademarking for 2020, Deutche Post aims to be on the road with its home brew, 150 parcel, EVs by the end of this year:

When the industry won’t act for your bottom line or the environment, you do it yourself. Way to go, Achim Kampker, and DHL!!


Great news for the Deutche Post and hopefuly they will sell to other countries once they get going fully into production…


Deutsche Post has been building the Streetscooter for a number of years now. I often see them delivering parcels in the city I work in. Deutsche Post is planning to offer them on the open market, because nobody else is building a similar electric delivery vehicle.

VW is publicly pi**ed off that Deutsche Post is now building its own vehicles, but their arrogance lost them this market. They have a long way to go before they catch up.


What? The e-Crafter is supposed to start deliveries in 2017. Also, it is named e-Crafter because it is based on a Crafter, same naming as e-up! and e-Golf. VW Transporter is a smaller van than Crafter but it’s somewhat bigger than an e-NV200. If e-Transporter is anything else than a BEV Transporter I would be very surprised.


Ditto. Thought the same myself. The e-Transporter is the little brother to the Crafter, so changing the e-crafter to e-transporter is like calling the e-golf an e-up.


Exactly! The Transporter name has a very long history going back over 60 years, to the original Type 2 (T1). I don’t recall seeing the “Transporter” name badge before the T3 variant, which started production in 1979 and was known in the US as the Vanagon or the Caravelle. The current T6 has a maximum payload of roughly 1400 kg while the Crafter has payloads ranging from almost 1500 kg to slightly over 3000kg.

The Crafter name is a 2006 addition to the VW line and in 2006, was based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (using a VW power plant). The most recent Crafter is an all VW design and most likely the E-Crafter will be exactly that, while the E-Transporter should be based on the T6 Transporter. In Europe both these vans are workhorses in the light delivery and contractor areas.


Volkswagen has gained an unfortunately strong reputation for producing a concept car/truck, claiming it’s going to put it into production — regardless of how wildly impractical that vehicle may be — and then failing to follow through.

It would be interesting to see a history of VW’s trademarks, and how good an indication those are, or are not, of whether or not a vehicle will actually enter production.