Volkswagen Sold 50,000 Plug-In Electric Cars In 2018

JAN 12 2019 BY MARK KANE 10

Only 1/125 cars sold by Volkswagen was a plug-in

Volkswagen announced its sales results for 2018 and it seems that German manufacturer reached a new record of 6,244,900 at a growth of 0.2%.

The plug-in electric car sales with a VW badge amounted to around 50,000, which is 13% more than a year ago. It translates to about 0.8% of the total volume.

Volkswagen didn’t release numbers for particular models besides stating that e-Golf sales increased 45%. The e-Golf gained popularity mostly in Germany and in some other countries in Europe.

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Volkswagen Group delivered 10.8 million vehicles in 2018 while Toyota delivered 10.55 million cars. Its revenues exceed forecasts again. Not surprised. So boring and predictable, but there is an interesting note that VW and Ford would make a huge announcement on Monday. There is a hint that VW acquiring Ford via buying a large equity stake in Ford thru a “merger/alliance” contract, so Ford can get a MEB platform for free.

That would be quite a surprise even though we can expect consolidations in next years in automotive industry.. Not all OEMs can afford to invest in all technologies and massively..
that being said, MEB platform would then become even more cost attractive…
let’s follow up !

Tesla with just 250 k sales in 2018 can afford the investment but VW with 10 million in sales cannot afford to invest?

I think if legacy vehicle makers dropped all investment in ICE immediately and used it for BEV development and production instead they would be just fine. Problem is they are stock on old ways of doing business.

So the World’s #1 automaker could deliver only 50,000 plugins. BMW beat them almost 3:1 with their 142,000+ plugins sold.
2019 will see similar performance from VW. Lets see what they can in 2020.

And even BMW’s performance was pathetic considering they are in the bullseye of the EV market (expensive sports sedans).

VW is planning to launch the I.D. Neo with 125 kW DC fast charging in 2020. They’ll be fine, don’t worry.

VW is always “planning to launch….” in a year or five.

How many were BEV again?

I am disappointed that consumers have not made the Dieselgate criminals pay more of a price.

I look forward to their promised EVs…but I am quite skeptical that they are as serious as they claim.

And a mere 0.8% plug-in car share validates my view. They need to do better.

They have been severely penalized both legally and financially. They have paid the price and deserve a fresh start. It’s difficult to expect moral correctness from any large corporation but here’s hoping they contribute to a better planet in future actions.