Volkswagen Announces More New Factories For Electric Car Production

NOV 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 38

Volkswagen EVs to be produced in Zwickau, Emden and Hanover

Volkswagen announced that two more plants in Germany will be designated to produce electric cars, based on the new MEB platform.

Besides the Zwickau factory, which in about a year should start production of the I.D., followed by the I.D. CROZZ, Volkswagen intends to produce electric cars also in Emden and Hanover – from 2022.

The Hanover factory will produce the I.D. BUZZ family, which could include also the I.D. BUZZ CARGO. The plant still will produce some conventionally-powered vehicles too.

“In Hanover, models of the electrically powered ID.Buzz family will probably be produced from 2022 together with conventionally powered vehicles. The Chairman of the Brand Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Dr. Thomas Sedran said: “This way, we are safeguarding the future of the Hanover plant and employment. All in all, we are making Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles fit for the transformation of our industry.””

We don’t know yet what model will be produced in Emden.

“Production of the models currently manufactured at Emden and Hanover is to be transferred step-by step to other Group plants against the backdrop of the reinforcement of the electric offensive. Details of plant allocation are to be decided on by the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen on Friday.”

Volkswagen CEO Dr. Her-bert Diess:

“Volkswagen is implementing its electric offensive consistently. We are orient-ing the company towards clean mobility. This way, we are also ensuring sustainable pro-spects for the future of the two plants.”

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Wait, lemme guess, “2-3 years from now,” right?

yea for now…..

Of course, it takes time to setup the production lines and train workers after deciding on the factory. Luckily they already have other factories that are further along, like Zwickau that will start production of the ID hatchback in almost exactly one year from now in November 2019.

If VW starts production of their on-going purported EV revolution almost exactly one year from now, I promise I’ll admit I was wrong almost exactly one year from now. As of right now, VW is nothing more than Lucy with the football. If you think I’m wrong, please explain how VW has hit all their on-going timelines. Thanks.

Oh, and don’t mistake my skepticism for me not wanting it to happen- because that’s not the case.

It’s a misleading announcement. It’s their plans of which factory will do what, it isn’t like they started re-tooling. What it actually means is “if we were ever going to build an EV, this would be a factory, and this one, and this one, and this is where we might build things like battery packs. However, we’re not doing anything of the sort, this is all a really tired charade and we’ve just managed to figure out new ways to extend it.”

I suspect we will have a man on Mars before VW makes a single EV available for purchase globally.

They have all admitted it is difficult to make a profitable EV, and they all hate Tesla for getting 20-25% margin while dominating the markets in the US. Meanwhile, China and a dozen other countries are forcing the matter.

VW almost certainly have to plan ahead several years to work out which factories have capacity for new models, what modifications need doing and what needs to be purchased/designed for the new vehicle.

If it’s in their roadmap then it means they can’t use it for something else, unless of course they’re willing to spend twice the cash on the off chance they decide to build an ICE in there instead (they’ll be needing to contact/contract suppliers, do designs and order long lead items for that too).

Is the VW CEO quote, from the good Dr. Her-bert Diess: “We are orient-ing”, another attempt at spinning the definition of “we are cheat-ing” press release (delay/deceive/disorient) tag line?

“Clean Mobility” and “Sustainable Pro-spects”, are greenwashing at its finest!

My prediction for the future of VW is more announcements from VW.

But can VW hit, and sustain, 5000 announcements per week? They might have to build a big tent to increase production.

“Volkswagen is implementing its electric offensive consistently.”

Well, VW* certainly has been very consistent, for several years now, about constantly churning out large amounts of PR about what they are going to do about putting large numbers of compelling plug-in EVs into production… while following through on almost none of it. Cranking up the volume of PR isn’t at all convincing. Actions speak louder than words!

*Does that mean “Volkswagen” or “VaporWare”? 😉

It’s like sentence Trump would produce: “Volkswagen is implementing it’s electric offensive bigly. Anyone saying otherwise is fake news.”

I at least give them a tiny bit of credit for actually showing vehicles and announcing plans for manufacturing. That puts them ahead of Ford, Fiat, Toyota…. , at least in the PR/FUD race.

I am not sure what to think of GM. They already make some EVs, but they aren’t really showing any cars and they certainly don’t have anything going on with building capacity. Do all their plan hinge on LG basically building and delivering their EV drivetrains?

Great point re:GM.

Right now, there’s a sizable list of Legacies you can look at in terms of EVs and drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what they’re up to, but in slightly different ways. To me, GM is one of the most puzzling for exactly the reason you mentioned: They already have an EV, yet they’re showing virtually no enthusiasm for expanding production, introducing new US models, etc.

(For the record, the two companies I find the most frustrating are Honda and Toyota. Honda is dragging their feet as much as they can, while Toyota is about a half-step away from becoming the EV equivalent of climate change deniers.)

To be fair, when GM launched the Bolt prototype, it was shocking to the world. And it was really close to production. So, maybe GM would pull something similar again.

Also, with already a BEV on the market today, any announcement of the future BEV that are better would make potential buyers wait thus creating a revenue hole. VW doesn’t have that concern since every announcement might put other EV buyer in the market on hold.

I would like to see a headline of “VW Produces Electric Vehicles”. Until then, I don’t believe them for a second.

Shared platforms, shared assembly lines. Does that mean they will kick out one electric a day? The rest “clean diesel”?

Ever hear of the eGolf? It’s a good start until their longer range models go into production.

It`s nothing to hear about. EGolf is crippled by VW in all the ways possible. Its a compliance car of compliance cars.

They have sold more EVs in Norway then Tesla.. still, people have to wait a year to get one. There is no need to transport too many EVs over the Atlantic, when there is more then enough supply in Europe. Just like Tesla did with the Model 3.
They have also started production of the Audi EV and Porsche is coming with an EV eventually..
There will be many EV models from VW eventually – but it will take time. Then need to develop and do the engineering, train workers, get deals with suppliers and find a factory that is ready for a model change (they don’t stop a production line in a factory for a car they sell 100K or more og each year.. that is a given).
I’m not really sure how much of a rush they are either.

No, it was a good start, several years ago. Now it’s just irrelevant.

That’s just like your opinion, man.

The eGolf is a placeholder until VW produces more capable EVs. However, it’s a fine car and competes well with the Leaf and Bolt.

I used to get exasperated at VW’s steady stream of press releases. Now I’m more annoyed at the utterly predictable, repetitive comments on stories like this one.

No, it competes with nothing. It’s range is a joke and it’s not available in most areas of the USA.

EPA range is 125 mi. and real world range is more like 135 @ 70 mph on the highway and 150 city. That’s quite adequate for many people’s driving patterns. And it’s a fun to drive car that has a quality feel. I suppose that’s why they’re so popular where they are offered; I see them everyday here in the S.F. Bay Area.

Yes I have heard of it. But, I have never seen one. Scorecard says 3500 sold in 2018 in US, 902 so far this year. Quick look online shows 3 new for sale near me, one used 100 miles away. Who knew they sold them in non-compliant states?

Still, I would never buy any VW.

VW you’re to slow… 🚘

Is their PR paid by the announcement?
Come on VW, put your money were your mouth is….then I’ll believe you.

“Is their PR paid by the announcement?”

Are you aware InsideEVs runs EVANNEX articles, and those actually ARE PRs? Not for VW, I might add.

Can IEV start adding links to their sources. 1. It’s at risk of plagiarism/being sued for taking others work and more importantly 2. It would be nice to actually be able to read the original source material, especially when such short quotes are included.

Another Euro point of view

Nice birds observation today in here, mainly parrots. Funnily they repeat exactly the same words as last year and the years before. Got to bring back this information to the ornithologist society to see if they come up with a convincing scientific explanation of this phenomenon.

How about VW is for the birds.

The only vapor ware here is the shallow hollow slandering minds of 50 plus percent of posters who rely on others to do the work to make the world cleaner…

Auto companies are a NOT a person and yes they can change with just a new CEO…
One big example in BEV terms is GM whose CEO in the early 90s had the EV1 created and the next CEO had it crushed…

VW has shown itself to be an unrepentant criminal organization which involves many people. The German government looks the other way, because VW is too big to fail.

King of Press releases…

VW is the number one manufacturer of announcements in the world. EV’s not so much.

Anyone having some figures that prove VW is announcing and not delivering?

The Audi e.tron is also a product of the VW group . Excellent car . Just wait until they ramp up the batteryproduction , and they Will flush us with EV’s . Next year the ID , many more to come.
Never underestimate the German car industrie.

What about VW building iDs in their Mexico/Brazil factories?

VW BEV-roadmap for Europe:
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10/2018: VW Nutzf. MOIA Transporter
11/2018: Audi e-tron

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10/2019: e-Up! (PA2)
10/2019: Skoda Citigo
11/2019: Seat Mii
11/2019: Porsche Taycan
11/2019: Audi e-tron Sportback

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04/2020: Audi e-tron Sportback S
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