Spied: Volkswagen I.D. Crozz Mule Based On Tiguan

FEB 1 2019 BY MARK KANE 48

Development of the I.D. Crozz begins, using Tiguan as a donor

Spy photographers recently caught an all-electric prototype based on the Volkswagen Tiguan, which appears to be a test mule for the Volkswagen I.D. Crozz.

The car seems to be significantly modified, because of the required extension to handle the MEB platform – you can see that the area between the doors is extended and has the thicker side sills.

A few years from now, Volkswagen is expected to offer two versions of the I.D. CROZZ – the SUV and a sportier looking coupe SUV (similarl to Audi e-tron and Audi e-tron Sportback).

Quick specs:

  • 225 kW system output, double motor, all-wheel drive (75 kW / 140 Nm front and 150 kW / 310 Nm rear)
  • 83 kWh battery for some 500 km (310 miles) NEDC range (think 225-250 miles/360-400km in the real world/EPA estimated)
  • 30-minute recharge using CCS Combo
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Volkswagen I.D. Crozz

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Would be nice to see an “All-Road” soft-roader version with 8-9″ ground clearance.
The current fleet of CUVs are getting pretty low to the ground – CRVs in particualar drag their undercarriage through the snow.
BEVs, with their big flat bellies shouldn’t suffer as bad from aero issues like ICEs do when lifted.

My car is closed up on the underside even though it is an ICE.

Price will be interesting, with those specs I suspect more like $60k, I thought they were wanting closer to $40k? Maybe base price of $40k with prices ranging up around $60k?

$60k is what the Audi version of this car will cost.

I agree, but curious how they hope to get the car much cheaper than a Model 3 LR AWD, have to be comparable cost to manufacture.

I thought/hoped/ read that VW’s manufacturing experience regarding volume and falling battery prices would do it. I’m sort of resigned to the idea that as someone who doesn’t drive a lot of miles the gas and maintenance savings from a BEV won’t offset the price premium, at least no time soon, but it has to be closer than that.

Must be economy of scale, and also reduce number of steps in production, and high level of automation.
EVs require fewer steps, fewer parts and they have a lot of parts manufacturing capabilities with their own foundry and what not.
Will be interesting to see. I’m sure we’ll see a production video on YouTube a few month after production has started.

It is very interesting to see high volume production in real life, be it a stamping line, a plastic injection system which is automated end to end, or body assembling. Even the modern production of the main wire harness can be interesting.

The calculations on price pr part is very special, with all factors counting in, and depends who makes the part, and who covered the development costs of the part. It is very normal that a long term parts supplier cover all or most of the development costs for a part, and they do the first testing for quality, and adjust to make the manufacturing process easier and cheaper.

This is the easy part.

I thought the point of the MEB platform was to bring prices down? If it’s that expensive forget it. The price premium over a comparable ICE needs to be $5 to $10k tops.

A Tiguan isn’t any cheaper.

Tiguan is far far cheaper than $60,000. Even a loaded Atlas is less than that. I just clicked over to my local Volkswagen dealers website and I saw half a dozen 2019 Tiguans ranging from $26 to $30,000 and that’s before haggling.

I do really like the way the I.D. Crozz looks, hope the production version is not far off that mark.

Very strongly agree. I consider this car design the perfect example of how you can create something that looks leading edge and fresh without resorting to the weirdmobile design antics we’ve seen far too many times for EVs and even some ICEVs.

I really don’t care what it looks like. If an EV has AWD, a real towing capacity, a 250+ mile range and can charge faster than 100 kW it’s going to be a serious contender as my next EV.

Towing capacity looks like Rivian might be your thing. Anything small like this is sure to have minimal towing capability.

Until/unless batteries get VERY cheap, towing capacity = much bigger batteries = much higher cost. For the non-truck vehicles like most of the ones we talk about here, that would be a deal killer or, at best, a very spendy option. (Although I swear I saw a 4,000 pound towing capacity listed for the Audi e-tron(!)…)

Where does this idea come from? If the trailer has its own brakes you can tow a lot with small cars. Used to own a 45hp car that was allowed to toe 750kg. Physical it could have towed a lot more.

Because people tow a lot faster in North America. The idea of dordling along in the inside lane way below the speed limit is not something people do here. A lot of people wouldn’t dream of towing something of 2000kg even on an F150, that’s 3/4 ton truck range, even though it would be perfectly fine and way in capacity for it.

What are you talking about. You could easily break the speedlimit while towing. Traveling at 80mph requires like 15hp to maintain the speed in a car.

more than that

This is by far the most interesting vehicle in the next few years* IMO. If VW can pull off a reasonably priced small/midsized AWD CUV then it may well be my future vehicle. That said, if the expected range is that low then it wont be.

*Outside of the trucks at least.

For me, it is the ID Buzz, the one I expect the most. The van variant also.

Me too, I am exited for the buzz, btw I heard Mercedes is also making an electric mpv in 2022 like the buzz. I don’t know if it will be for sale in North America though

MB will make an electrified V-Calss. That car is like a much bigger limousine for rich families.

I prefer the Neo, but they won’t sell that in the US, and this is a close second, so I know I am waiting anxiously to see final specs.

No one knows the battery capacity or estimated range for the Id Crozz !!The numbers mentioned in this article are totally speculative, I beet that the final range will be at least 500km WLTP.

What the hell, VW?! It looks nothing like your concept…which looks great, btw. The one “spied” (aka stopped for a selfie) in the above photo is just plain and boring.

Are you a car guy or just a tech guy who happens to love Tesla? Did you read the article at all? Most real car manufacturers tester vehicles rather than allow their buyers to beta test then and when they do so they have what is called a mule which is usually a body of an existing vehicle over the new platform/ vehicle. Otherwise known as camouflage. Personally I would prefer to look more like this than the concept, the sloping tailgate of the concept is great for aerodynamics but it greatly sacrifices utility in the process.

Are you a reverse FUDster or just a bit dim?

Explain Vladimir. The article clearly states that it’s a test mule wrapped in a Tiguan body. Mark just felt the need to come out and say something negative because it wasn’t about Tesla

Oh, Chris….attacking me where it hurts….lol. I drive the only ev VW have for sell in US, you duche! I said it many time i would buy the Neo if offered here before anything else. What do you drive? Let me guess….Camry?

Well he is right about the mule thing, that does happen very often for cars like the upcoming Ford Bronco.
But you have the e-golf? Is it a good ev?

Mine is an early edition so from an ev standpoint is garbage….still better than most gassers on the road. I do love it but only as a second car or in a multi-car household. Only minor issues…like that stupid backup cam that stops working about 10% of the time and the infotainment not being responsive at times. Traction control is a joke and the car slips easily on wet pavement. 83 miles of range and a max 3kWh charging speed is nothing to write home about. The ’19 model is much better but dealers are not dealing on it yet and play hard to get.

The e-golf is very amazing.

It’s douche, I drive a 2016 Golf SE and an Infiniti G35 coupe with a 6 speed manual.

WOW…you know manual? I’m so impressed! It’s douche of course…you should know.

I do know them when I see them. Yes I enjoy a manual transmission on occasion which is one of the things I’ll miss about EV’s but I can imagine an EV for my daily andan older manual car for fun. The VW dealer near me has an e-Golf but as my current Golf only has 15,000 miles I figure I’d rather wait for a MEB platform car.

Clearly you either don’t understand “test mules” or have reading comprehension issues.

It’s reading comprehension.

Well then I assume you’re smart/old enough to know what a test mule is. I want the Neo as well but doesn’t seem like it’s coming here.

Indeed Chris. By the way, VW sold 800.000 Tiguans last year. If that’s what people want, then let VW build it with this design language as long as it’s electric. Personally, I love what Tesla is doing from an EV technology standpoint, but I’m not enamoured by their Pikey McPikeface, Bassy McBassface or Carpy McCarpface styling.

The crozz will look very similar to the concept like how they are doing for the neo. IT IS JUST A TEST MULE. I am surprised how much people don’t even know what a test mule is lol.

800,000 , wow that’s a lot. Ya maybe they should put that Daffy duck face on it that the model 3 has…..

Agreed. VW doesn’t need design advice. The world has already tried the case of who is the best car company and they’ve voted for VW over 10 million times last year.

Exactly , just make the MEB platform as good and flexible as possible and in regards to the styling some updates are good but don’t go crazy with it. I don’t want a VW that looks like a Mazda. That’s not a criticism of Mazda BTW.

I actually expected to see the crozz getting tested in late 2019, but I am glad that it was spied earlier than I expected.

Those tow hitches are spot-on for Norway who already buy e-Golf in masses.

No one knows the battery capacity or estimated range for the Id Crozz !! So stop posting speculative numbers with se sole intention of diminishing the car.