Watch Chevy Camaro eCopo Electric Pop Big Wheelie At Drag Strip


A wheel stand in an electric car!

In its first-ever run down the drag strip, the hugely powerful electric Chevrolet eCopo Camaro  pops a big wheelie. Then, it blazes down the strip.

This is the first run ever down a race track by the 2019 Chevrolet eCOPO. Surprisingly, it was only 80% power!

Video description:

The eCOPO is the first electric concept production race car produced by General Motors.

This all new 800-volt battery packed race car has two BorgWarner HVH motor assemblies and produces over 780 lb-ft. of torque and over 780 horsepower! The eCOPO launched with a 1.30 second 60’ and finished the quarter-mile run with 10.142 second elapsed time at 130.85 MPH. Next up, mid-9 seconds passes!

Watch the video by clicking play here. The wheelie is sure to impress. That’s electric instant torque for ya.

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Chevrolet eCOPO Camaro Concept Chevrolet eCOPO Camaro Concept Chevrolet eCOPO Camaro Concept Chevrolet eCOPO Camaro Concept Chevrolet eCOPO Camaro Concept

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Nice 💥

I believe both runs would be faster than any other EV out there has ever done. Best Tesla 1/4 mile I can find is a Tesla P100DL @10.44.
Go GM!

Go Electrics!!

Excluding purpose built electric dragsters, you’re right as far as I know. And this was only at 80% 😳

Roadster 2.0…

I doubt this will cost $200K, maybe half the price or even less. In effect, this could turn out to be the new standard for sports/muscle car that people lust after.

I think you’re about right on the cost, however this is a dedicated drag race car and not even street legal…

Might be competing against Teslonda.

If you look quick in the background of his shop you can see his next EV conversion- a DeLorean!!

Have you seen Roadster 2.0 down at the drag strip? No. Nobody has. What Tesla says it can do and what it actually can do is open for debate, a debate that can only be settled at the drag strip.

Sweet! How much is it and where can I buy it?

My P100D runs 10.59 when I get things right with aftermarket wheels, brake rotors, removing the frunk and floormats. Takes about two hours to strip her down. Two more hours to put her back together and she is ready to get groceries or out surfing. She has 50K miles on her and no signs of slowing down.
GM has some work to do.

An electric Datsun 1200 has been quicker for years. Go take a look at some NEDRA record holders-

Dang, this thing is crazy!!!
Anyone know what this means? “launched with a 1.30 second 60’ “

I think what they mean is, it traveled 60′ in 1.3 seconds.

That’s what i thought…but is 60′ an important metric in drag racing? What’s the relevance?

60 foot times are very important in drag racing. Tells drivers how good off the line they are getting.

Interesting. Thanks!

The key is having a super fast reaction time off the line.

Reaction time is usually on the run slip. I wonder if this Camaro is using some sort launch mode. Shouldn’t do a wheelie if so. I’m guessing both motors are on the rears.

Sounds like there is still quite a bit of room to drop the time even further. I bet mid 9’s are possible, if not lower.

Reaction time doesn’t matter. It’s all in how hard it hooks up. The trick is to use the power management to smoothly ease in to full power. Too much at once, and it won’t hook up. Add in some weight distribution, and should be able to get in the 8’s using all the power.

Top fuel and funny cars use clutch packs to moderate how quickly the power is applied. The race is often won or lost at the starting line. They consider weather condition and track condition when setting them up, and they are rebuilt and tunes specifically for how far they think they can push for each run.

Yes, driving the rear wheels, but the motors are in front. They drive the rear axle through a GM COPO performance ICE automatic transmission, drive shaft and differential. The eCOPO electric drive unit essentially replaces the short-block V-8 that would normally fit under the hood. It mates right up to a standard GM transmission bell-housing. GM says that they can combine one, two, or three HVH motors in-line to get nominal 300, 600, or 900 HP. The existing GM performance ICE transmissions that would mate up to an eCOPO drive train can only handle the torque of two motors for now.

MotorTrend has a great expanded article on the eCOPO.

It will be racing at NHRA’s winternationals in Pomona, CA on February 7th. Maybe we’ll see a new EV speed record!

Are you saying that some of the 1.3 seconds was reaction time in which the car was not (yet) moving? I don’t know how this metric works.

FYI, an object in free fall (think frictionless roller coaster falling 90 degrees perpendicular to ground) will travel 16 feet in 1.0 seconds, 64 feet in 2.0 seconds. 60 feet from zero in only 1.3 seconds is crazy quick acceleration.

The reaction time was not included in the 60′.

Thanks for clarifying. Still impressive. People that have experienced Tesla launches from zero describe it as “like a roller coaster”. A roller coaster experiencing free fall acceleration from zero would travel 27 feet in 1.3 seconds – even less if not falling straight down perpendicular to the ground.

A top fuel car is usually in the 1.0 second range for 60′.

FWIW, top fuel cars can hit well over 300 mph by the end of the 1/4 mile run.

The 60′ time gives context to the full quarter mile time. Factors such as driver reaction time, staging, suspension/tire setup have a larger effect on the 60′ time than “how it runs,” while an unexpectedly low 1/4 mile time for a relatively poor 60′ time indicates particularly strong “running,” and gives clue to the potential time the vehicle might do, given optimal setup and driver performance.

Wowzer only at 80% power too 😲

High end powered cars of all types NEED to dial down the power because the tires cannot keep the traction. Look at high end street racing. They dial down the power at various places (distances). Often the most HP cars don’t win the races because they can’t manage getting that power to the ground.

They should be able to ramp up to full power after the launch. No gear shifts, so launch at say 60%, then ramp up to full power by 120 feet or so. There is a lot left in that car.

I’m an old school drag racer , and I’m loving this electric revolution , instant torque , 👍👍🏁

Wow. Am I looking at yet another Chevy as my next car? From a former GM hater to serial Chevy love is the power of EV.

GM stated they wanted to sell the eCOPO as a retro kit…

You might be in for some range anxiety, only good for a quarter mile at a time…

I thought this is batteries, not supercap. SparkEV was 140 HP with 18.4kWh. Extrapolating would be about 75 kWh. But I suspect less on this, maybe 40 kWh. Might be good for about 120 miles to 150 miles.

Purpose built drag car, not street legal, won’t ever be. So whatever the range is, your drives will be short.

It has a 32KWh battery pack. Certainly not a range king. But if necessary I bet could get close to 100 miles of range out of it.

Not too shabby. It makes me wonder if it could keep more power down if some of the weight was shifted forward so the front doesn’t lift.

Or put a 400 hp, 100 lb. electric motor in the front for AWD and put a slightly less powerful motor in the rear than the one it has now. Weight stays the same but you get more rubber for the launch like a Tesla P100D.

If I had 700 lbs of batteries in my trunk I’d be doing a wheelie too….BFD.

Reaction time has zero to do with the cars performance, it’s just a metric for the driver. You can have a reaction time of 5 minutes if you just sat there but still run a 10s 1/4. Most guys tuning in fact would let the other guy go first if you’re just trying to dial in your car or practice.

60’ time as has been mentioned is a big indicator of launch traction. I built a 517hp GTO a few years ago, and with its IRS and a manual I could barely crack 1.9 on a good day even adding polyurethane bushings, airbags and slicks. Automatic cars could hit 1.6’s and even though I had more horsepower would beat me down the 1/4. I would have the higher trap speed (more power) but they would get down the track faster because they got off the line faster. 1.3 is crazy good.

For the roadster 2020 guessers, on sticky tires with a prepped track I’d be willing to bet it’ll go even faster than Tesla is advertising.

What the Bolt engineers really wanted to make.

What is the range of vehicle? And what is recharge time at 50%?

I Recall A Stock 1968 Z-28 Camaro 4spd~ ((302 Zapper))~ That my Girlfriend’s Big Brother Owned Back in the Day with Similar Racing Slicks Pulled the Front Wheels as Well & did the Quarter Mile in the Mid To High 10’s …. * 🙂 *

No stock Camaro ever ran in the mid-10’s in the 60’s or 70’s. That engine, stock, had 350HP max.

Even the 2017 ZL1 with 650HP only ran the quarter in low 11’s.

Back Then The Z28 Beat Everything ! STOCK “NO SLICKS” 1968 Z-28’s Ran 1/4 mile hi- 11.s to very low 12’s …WITH SLICKS it Knocked 0ff 1+ sec’s every time ,depending on the driver…I was There . I had a 1968 AMX mildly Built ((Cam, Chrome Crank & Pistons)) 390 CI Bored 20 over .. AMX 2seater with Slicks ran the 1/4 mile 10.48 to 10.51 …

BTW… That was a Factory GM Special Order Track Car with 411 Rear End , Traction Bars & Some Other stock Factory goodies..

LOL, the crowd doesn’t like facts or that a stock family car blows the doors off their childhood “faded” dream car..

Not a dream car for me to Be Sure , More of a Nightmare Car Spewing All That Strong Smoke & Killer Pollution That Would Knock You 0ver On Your Butt Breathing it . Just talking about how capable some of the old cars were that’s All. I Don’t Miss Those Days Or Those Cars, They Were Dangerous In Many Ways ! . You Couldn’t Give Me Gas Mobile for Free These Days , Now that There’s Electric . But Nobody Knew 0r Had Anything Better Back Then ..

uh huh, when the Shelby Super Snake 427 could barely break into the 11’s….. and this is factory…. starting adding all your mods then yes but you bought up “stock”… my #’s are facts from R&T, C&D… yours are childhood memories that are as faded as the paint of most of those cars. That’s ok though.

1968, Chevrolet, Camaro Z/28, 302ci, 4spd, 5.30 (0-60), 13.77 (1/4 mile), Car & Driver
dropping 3 seconds of ET is quite a driver’s feat.