Updated Tesla Supercharger Map For Europe – Winter 2014-2015



Europe Superchargers “Now”

Europe’s Supercharger map is set to explode.

Tesla Motors has now updated its Europe Supercharger map with the addition of a “Winter 2014-2015” tab.

So, we have an “open now” map (above), a “coming soon” (below) and a “Winter 2014-2015” (even further below).

Of note on the “Winter 2014-2015” map is that Superchargers are set to take over most of Europe (minus Eastern Europe, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and a few other countries).

Muck like in the US, Tesla European Supercharger rollout started off slow, but Tesla then kicked the rollout into overdrive in the States.  The same appears to be true in Europe, where Superchargers will go from less than 2 dozen today to what appears to be ~100 or so by early next year.


Europe Superchargers “Coming Soon”

Europe Superchargers "Now"

Europe Superchargers “Winter 2014-2015”

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15 Comments on "Updated Tesla Supercharger Map For Europe – Winter 2014-2015"

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Can anyone explain why, in Spain, chargers plainly quite restrained?

Beats me. It can’t be the weather – after all, the rain in Spain is mainly quite restrained. [ducking for cover behind Rex Harrison]

I think the priority is done by where the cars sell. The economy in Spain is not so good.

Wow that’s quite a concentration and build up over 9 months. I can’t imagine any if these open source conversations are factoring in but they’re putting one in every 20 miles

It just seems too much to be true, and pretty useless. I don’t see why people would like so much stations in germany, but won’t be able to use their Tesla for vacations in Spain or east of Europe.

Because they want to drive 100 mph on the Autobahn. Goes through the charge much faster.

Tesla needs to add an app for ideal speed based on range and supercharger location.

People don’t drive to eastern europe or spain in general.
There will surely be some superchargers there next year but it’s definetely not a priority.

What is a priority is to be able to drive anywhere in the countries they want and expect to be their big markets like Germany and the UK and to get people in current big markets like Norway and Holland to be able to go to their holiday spots (like southern france and the swedish west coast)

Based on those maps, he must really be working on that submarine car.

Map looks great, I would personally add 10-15 supechargers to these locatiosn:

1. connect Barcelona with Malaga (southern tip of Spain), many Europeans travel down the Spanish coast to their vacation destinations

2. Northern UK seems to be forgotten, 2 more supercharges needed

3. Croatia is another summer destination, plus it’s where Nicola Tesla was born, 3-4 superchargers needed

4. Prague and Budapest are frequently visited cities in Eastern Europe, with just a few SC’s they would be connected to the German and Austrian network easily.

Very good points.

Very good suggestions!

If i look at the SC-Map at tesla homepage, I can see already a SC in London an 3 more comming soon. 😉

C’mon, Elon! Not even one shop?

It looks like the map has been updated as i can see a supercharger in Scotland on the winter 2014-2015 map.