Upcoming Volvo XC40 EV Will Go 310 Miles Per Charge

FEB 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 33

Volvo XC40

Volvo is going to introduce an entire lineup of all-electric cars, beginning with a hatchback based on the 40.2 concept, scheduled for 2019.

Volvo Battery Electric, Pure

While the first BEV is to be a standalone model, Volvo says the new XC40 is versatile enough to handle ICE, PHEV and BEV versions.

The XC40 BEV is expected to be the second all-electric Volvo with range of up to 310 miles (500 km), likely NEDC, which works out to more like 186 miles (300 km) in the real world.

Volvo intends to introduce only electrified models from 2019 on. The smaller BEV models like the XC40 will be based on the new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA).

The new XC 40 is among Volvo’s most reasonably priced offerings, so we expect the battery-electric version to be at least somewhat budget-friendly too.

Source: Autocar

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Thought Europe replaced NEDC with WLPT? Wouldn’t they be reporting estimated range for new model using WLPT?

New models are WLPT; old models still use NEDC this year. I think they use WLPT aswell

For all of this year NEDC should be used according to ACEA.

Not until the start of 2019 will we see WLTP actually being used.


Hey, another manufacturer with big EV plans 2-3 years from now..

Hey, another manufacturer who hasn’t lost six billion on EVs.

Looking at their balance sheet (“retained earnings”), more like $5B 🙂

If you wanna make an Omelette , You gotta break some Eggs …lol

Volvo did not need EVs to go bankrupt a couple of years ago. 🙂
But they are a chinese company now and they will try to make real and usable EVs as soon as they manage, unlike VW.

Volvo has never been bankrupt or even close to it. A decade ago it was sucked dry and abused before it got proper ownership though.

I assume that you are confusing them with SAAB Automobiles? (Which should not be confused with the real SAAB company that is thriving).

You’re right. BTW, Ford bought Volvo in 1999 for $6 Billion. They sold to Geely in 2010 for $1.8 Billion. Ouch.

Another tidbit, if Ford hadn’t sold Jaguar/Landrover or got $24 Billion in credit lines in 2006 by mortgaging all of its assets, they would probably have also gone bankrupt in the financial crisis of 2008.

Hey, another serial anti-Tesla troll in JayTee.

Obvious that his fool can’t see the forest for the trees like the fact that Tesla Model s now outsells the German luxury competitors in Europe as well as the US.

This makes Tesla the only US auto OEM to ever successfully compete against the Euro luxury OEMs.

2019 is one year from now.

Another 60k+ electric car. When are we going to see affordable electric cars with decent ranges?

Where did you read the 60+k?

You can pick up a Chevy Bolt EV for less than $30k after incentives.

I’ve seen ads for $32K. Then subtract $7500 federal is $24,500. CA has a $5000 incentive, so that’s $19,450. Or in WA, you don’t pay sales tax on an EV so that’s worth about $3000 vs an equivalent ICE.

Colorado has the $5000 tax credit – not California.

I was going off the CVRP website for CA.
“Administered by CSE for the California Air Resources Board, the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) offers up to $7,000 in electric vehicle rebates for the purchase or lease of new, eligible zero-emissions and plug-in hybrid light-duty vehicles.”

But looks like the Bolt is maybe only eligible for $2500. My point still stands though.

CA is $2500 rebate but funding for it is year to year.

If you can really get a bolt for +/- $32k plus tax that makes it about $25k including tax in CA (+/- 9 % tax on the $32k).

That’s an attractive proposition, but only as long as the federal tax credits last for GM.

I’m looking to buy in 2nd quarter 2019 and will look at it and 60 kwh leaf as will as (horrors!) PHEV options then

2Q 2019: Chevy Bolt federal tax credit will be halved by then to $3750. Nissan will likely also have a reduced tax credit.

Yes, best to buy ASAP as the present administration is axing all credits ASAP…

I would expect it to be a premium trim above their ICE R performance trim. That starts at $35k. Would probably include some of the options as standard, so maybe $42k.

Yes, $42-45k

Vaporware. All these 2019 evs but not one preproduction model except for the jaguar

Another Euro point of view

Geneva motor show starting March 8th will show production versions of Audi e-tron Quattro and Mercedes EQ if not mistaken.

Lets see

Wonder whether this will arrive first or the mythical $35K Model 3 Standard Range…

This will come out first and solid state batteries as well.

Another Euro point of view

Design of this car seems a bit boxy for good highway range. EVs need to have amazingly good aerodynamic characteristics to have decent highway range (I mean at normal highway speed, not the “Tesla Björn” higway speed of 55 mph).

Yes! and a big reason to (still) consider a good (for the buyer’s needs) electric only range PHEV.

Charge at home (ideally from cheap off peak electricity) for all/most local driving and have no issues with a roadtrip of any length anywhere.

If it’s really cold use the ICE to be as warm as you want using waste heat.

The XC40 has really poor aerodynamics, Cd 0,34 – 0,37


But what about its charging network?

Will Volvo join Tesla in its SC network?

No. They will use CCS. It’s better supported in Europe, and Tesla have a monopoly on SC stations so would put Volvo at risk of having buyers strung out to dry. Tesla have been much less open about SC access than they claim to be.CCS is much safer for manufacturers which is why Teslas offer was met by crickets and tumbleweed

Where have I heard that 310 mile range number before?

Sounds kind of familiar. Hmm…