UK Actor Gets Blasted For Blocking A Tesla Supercharger With BMW i8


But he had been given permission to park there.

Actor Ralf Little was met with grief after he parked his hybrid BMW i8 in a parking spot designated for Teslas.

Posting on Twitter, the Royale Family and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps star share a pair of notes left on his car. One note read: “Very unpolite [sic] to park here! By the way your car is not electric but just a stupid hybrid show off.”

The other note was signed off with: “It’s one thing dreaming of owning a Tesla, it’s another thing owning a s***** hybrid!”

Hitting back at the messages, Little branded Tesla drivers as ‘kinda d****’, adding that he had permission to park and charge his car in the Tesla-branded supercharger spot.

“Management said it was okay to park in one of the (many going spare) Tesla charging spaces, even though I drive a BMW hybrid,” Little tweeted. “I wanted to charge my car and was told they would work.”

Little went on to discuss his motoring history, saying that he switched to his BMW after previously owning an Aston Martin.

“The reason I haven’t been interested in Tesla yet is none are pretty enough for my tastes,” he said. “Mine is most beautiful car I’ve ever had (apart from Aston Martin but don’t want to go back to petrol for environment).”

“Until now no Tesla has come near it for looks,” he added, while also saying that the high price point of Teslas right now were also a downside.

“The new Roadster is stunning and I would have it in a heartbeat. Too expensive though,” little posted. “When the Roadster comes down from its astronomical pricing then it’s maybe time for a change.”

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Driving an i8 and complaining about high prices of Teslas sounds a little bit pricky to me.

maybe he ment value for money, like everything feels cheap but the price

I’m sick if this cheap i8 criticism.
It’s an outstanding car. Aluminum frame, reinforced carbon-fiber plastic, gives it a great weight ratio. It drives like an electric, smooth and quiet when you’re in commuter traffic, and can be driven with spirit when the road opens up.

Maybe don’t let ENVY distort your judgement.

its a cool car, its luxury, but its just not a tesla.

honestly if I had 150k I would buy 2 fully loaded model 3’s and both would smoke the i8 effortlessly

And there’s something wrong with the fact that he bought something other than a Tesla with his money???

It’s large on the outside, small on the inside, has tiny electric range, and is a complete showoff car. A complete waste of resources. As a consequence, it’s far worse for the environment than an econobox ICE.

Come on, to be fair, he could have bought a Corvette or a Mustang GT in the UK and could have stood out more, and have Zero Electric range, instead of a good 25 in the city.

It’s got true sports car abilities especially for British country roads.

This is a step up across the board.
But, it’s of course, not a Tesla Roadster, and no one who’s buying this should be taking about Value for Dollar of this compared to a Roadster.

Yeah but this wasn’t i8 criticism. If you have the money to drive an i8 you probably have the money for the Roadster. It’s fine if you prefer the i8, but money clearly isn’t the main factor in your choice.

Yes, talking value for dollar of the i8 compared to the Roadster is a bit insane.
Neither has value for dollar.
The Model S has value for dollar.

The i8 and the Roadster are both stellar performance vehicles built for luxury sporting driving. The i8 is just build for the current electric infrastructure of almost none. The Roadster may have the range to overcome the poor infrastructure.

Speak for yourself, the i8 is ugly(though to be fair I’ve never been a fan of the looks of BMW cars so its probably personal preference, just their nose reminds me of a pig nose)

That said, the i8s performance for its cost and drivetrain is pretty pitiful. It doesn’t feel like BMW was very serious when designing its drivetrain.

If you read his Twitter, he was referring to the upcoming Tesla Roadster 2.0, which starts at $200,000.

He’s an absolute idiot.

Went Viral, now he’s an even bigger idiot.

Which is WAY out of the price range, compared to his i8 that starts at 150K before floor mats?

He said maybe when the roadster drops in price which means he would most likely consider not buying new. It also most likely means he also got his i8 second hand which you can get under 100k. There’s plenty of second hand i8’s. There are no second hand Tesla Roadster (excluding the Lotus bodies).

It amazes me how much of jerks EV drivers can be to one another. I assume these are the Tesla destination chargers that have no restriction to who parks and charges there.

Tesla even warns of this on their page, this is for Superchargers. Source:

A non-Tesla car is parked in a Supercharger stall, what should I do?
Most Supercharger stalls are reserved for Tesla charging but some stalls allow general parking. Please be aware of stall signage and if a non-Tesla vehicle is blocking a Supercharger stall for greater than the posted time limits, please notify us at …

No surprise that many EV drivers are jerks. I’ve encountered few that wanted second free charge session (90%+ tapered to hell) while people are waiting. Then there are those who plug in using CCS/Chademo unit while dedicated Chademo unit sits empty.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

How do you feel about free charging again?

Free charging SUCKS!!!!!

Thanks for making the two points that I was going to, Viking79.

1. If the management told the i8 driver that it was okay to park there, that rather suggests it was a Tesla Destination Charger, and not a Supercharger as the article claims. If so, then the property owner had every right to tell the i8 owner he could park there. Destination Chargers are owned by the property owner, not by Tesla.

2. Both notes indicate the driver being a jerk to the other guy. Writing a note to call someone a jerk doesn’t accomplish any more than flaming somebody online. It may make you feel better to vent your spleen, but as far as changing someone’s behavior to something more desirable and more sociable, it will likely have the opposite effect. If you can’t leave a note that’s polite or at least civil, then don’t leave any note at all.

Honey gathers more flies than vinegar.

I emailed the public info people at a supermarket chain near here that has Tesla superchargers in the parking lot. The grocery chain noted that the electricity for the chargers is provided free of charge by the grocery store. They are Tesla devices certainly, but the store still owns the joint. It can say whatever it wants about who parks in that spot. In this particular case, I drove past yesterday and noted an X and an S charging, 4 stalls ICEd and 2 more unoccupied. The demand in that particular area is not sufficient that the store polices the parking at all as there always seems to be a couple open spots.

If the supermarket is paying for the electricity, then it’s a Tesla Destination Charger. Tesla pays for the electricity at Tesla Superchargers, and only Tesla cars can — physically — charge there. Tesla set up Destination Chargers with the intent of any plug-in EV being able to use them.

This is an important distinction, so let us please take notice of the difference.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Tesla negotiates with the host and may get the host to contribute towards the cost.

This isn’t true. There are many SuC’s in the midwest at grocery stores where the store is paying for the juice. eg. All the Hy-Vee’s in Iowa/Illinois. I believe the Meijer stores are paying for the juice for the SuC’s in their parking lots. They are all labeled as SuC’s on Tesla’s map.

I am told that non-tesla EVs can be charged at Tesla destination charger. Only in Europe. pic:

There is an article about “Mercedes-Benz EQC SUV Seen Charging At Tesla Destination Charger.” Those chargers are not owned by Tesla, just local 3rd parties.

His reasoning sounds Odd. If he parked there to charge, why did he leave his car without Charging?

In his twitter feed he says he was charging, or at least making a good-faith effort to charge:

“Was told by management I could park there, and the charging station would work with my car. Plus it seemed to be working when I left it.”

Yes, and if he did, then he would find out it was not possible, but still left his car blocking the charger…

Well, that’s not actually been established yet from what I can tell. Tesla has different types of chargers, some of which can be used to charge an i8.

That is what makes this issue a bit frustrating, as we don’t actually have all the facts.

Agreed. If it was a destination charger, then it is a non-issue. If it was a supercharger then he was at fault.

Or maybe it was a Tesla Destination Charger, and indeed he was charging his PHEV there, with management’s permission.

That certainly fits what is described as happening much better than the claim in the article that it was a Supercharger, where he absolutely couldn’t charge his car.

I’ve also seen it where the owner of the facility will have 1 or 2 non-Tesla level 2 chargers next to the Tesla Superchargers. It’s entirely possible the BMW wasn’t even connected up to or parking in a spot that was Tesla only designated.

Tesla actually installs Clipper Creek chargers alongside their own L2 Tesla charger at many Destination Charger locations. It is pretty clearly the intent of Tesla for anybody driving a plug-in EV to be able to charge there, altho it’s up to the owner/ manager of the property to set rules on who can or can’t use the chargers.

If he’s wasn’t plugged in then he has no right to park there.

Stupid management (if you believe that BS)

Even more stupid actor.

He’s little alright.

Your comments embody everything wrong with society.

Right back at you.

Is he your boy friend?

It’s the store’s property. They can allow whoever they please to park there.

I highly doubt he ran in and asked for permission. His story doesn’t have a ring of truth to it.

Somehow, I think the person who was actually involved in the incident has a better idea what actually happened than someone merely reading a 3rd party report about it.

a$$holery coupled with homophobia. kinda d!cks indeed.

Totally agree. The store says it was fine for him to park there.

I agree, IF he wasn’t plugged in.

What if he was plugged in?

It isn’t clear from the information we have, if the notes were written because he wasn’t plugged in.

If he was plugged in, I doubt the note writer would have cared.


If the charger was on private property and the owner allowed him to park, then he had every right in the world to park there. No matter if he was charging or not.

I wish there was a little more information. Was this at a supercharger or a destination charger? Was his i8 actually plugged into the station and charging? If so, I don’t see the problem. If it was blocking a Supercharger or something, then I can see why Tesla owners would be irritated.

Apparently the actor says was plugged in and it “seemed to be” charging. Click on the Twitter link on the article for more inf

“Was told by management I could park there, and the charging station would work with my car. Plus it seemed to be working when I left it. Apart from that you’re spot on.”

In his twitter feed he claims to have been charging:

“Was told by management I could park there, and the charging station would work with my car. Plus it seemed to be working when I left it.”

But yea, there are a ton of facts left out out, and no way to know what was going on as the notes weren’t specific either. We only hear one side.

It doesn’t jive.

The store manager knows more about this guys car then he does. 😂

If he was charging nobody would have left a note on his car in the fiat place.

Sadly there isn’t enough information to know what jives and what doesn’t.

The store manager may just know more about the chargers installed at his store than the car owner. No way to tell.

I would like to think that rational people wouldn’t have left notes on a car that was charging, but I certainly would not attest to the rationality of ANYONE involved in this story.

Yup. It looks like the offender here was the Tesla driver, not the i8 driver. If the property manager told the i8 driver he could park and charge there, that indicates the location was a Tesla Destination Charger… not a Supercharger.

Tesla drivers need to be educated on the difference. Tesla Destination Chargers become the property of the land owner or business owner after installation; there’s no inherent “right” for Tesla drivers to get priority over other EV drivers at Tesla Destination Chargers. It’s up to the property owner/manager to set rules on who can or can’t charge there.

But even if the Tesla owner thought he had parking priority over the i8, that still doesn’t excuse the rude and hostile tone of his note. That’s not how societies form a working social contract, and it’s an example of the increasing lack of civility and respect in our society today.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

That also assumes it was a Tesla driver who left the note. There are EV zealots who don’t own Teslas or even a PEV.

i8 drivers are very environmentally conscious and nearly always operate on electricity, unless there is a clear need to do otherwise. So the car is definitely plug-in electric and Tesla driver is the stupid one for not understanding this.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

How do you know it was a Tesla driver?

Who else would leave a note reading “It’s one thing dreaming of owning a Tesla, it’s another thing owning a s***** hybrid!”

That’s not proof it was a Tesla car driver, but Occam’s Razor certainly shaves in that direction.

Driving an i8 doesn’t mean the driver is “very environmentally conscious”, nor can it reasonably be claimed that an i8, with its AER of only 15-17 miles, “nearly always operate on electricity”. On the other hand, Tesla doesn’t require people to pass an “I’m not a jerk” test before buying a Tesla car. Jerks can unfortunately be found in nearly all walks of life — including Tesla drivers.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

There are people here who post enthusiastically about Tesla and other BEVs, and negatively about PHEVs, especially lower-range PHEV, without owning any kind of plug-in.

Not all EV zealots own Teslas.


Yes, all the tesla fan boys in the comments certainly are

Lumping all Tesla drivers into any disparaging category, is not going to help expand all of the other ICE OEM EV / PHEV choices for EV drivers.

Put down the baton,
and can’t we all just get along?

surely it is the owner/manager of the site to determine if a car can be parked in a certain spot? As the driver had that permission, I can’t see why people are complaining.
If there were other chargers available then, what’s the problem?
Naturally YMMV

That’s what mr little says.

Doesn’t mean it’s really what happen.

The problem is in no time someone will need to charge and mister important isn’t concerned with anyone but himself. He’s simply wrong.

Currently we don’t have any evidence that what he said happened wasn’t what happened either.

Problematic to say he is or isn’t wrong at this point.

The crucial question here is if it happened at a Tesla Supercharger or a Tesla Destination Charger. The article claims it was a Supercharger, but the details seem to contradict that. If indeed it was a Supercharger, then those spots are reserved for Tesla cars, period. However, if the property manager told him he could park there, or if he was actually able to charger there, then that strongly suggests it was a Tesla Destination Charger.

Tesla Destination Chargers are owned by the property owner after installation, and absolutely management there had a right to tell the i8 driver (or anybody else) he could park — and charge — there. Assuming that’s what happened, then it’s the Tesla driver who needs to change his behavior — not the i8 driver.

“Was told by management I could park there, and the charging station would work with my car. Plus it seemed to be working when I left it.”

If he was actively charging as this quote would indicate, I don’t see the problem. Taking him at his word, if the Tesla charger was charging his car, then clearly Tesla is OK with him charging. If Tesla wanted that charger to only work with Tesla’s they would have made it so it won’t charge other cars. Tesla has both types of chargers.

If he wasn’t actively charging, he shouldn’t be parked there. Not because of what management said or didn’t say, but because EVERYONE should have the moral integrity to take personal responsibility to do the right thing and clear a charger when not actively charging. You never know when a surge of drivers might show up at a set of chargers, so saying there were empty spots or the management said it was OK isn’t cool. If he isn’t being forthright in his tweets and he is making a habit out of parking at chargers and not charging, someone will post photos.

Bam 💥

It’s not just Tesla drivers. I tried to talk off this random guy on the northeast bmw i3 forum from posting a nasty note to a local Connecticut politician who had parked in a charging spot with a gas car. As expected, politician got pissed off at the note that called him an ice-hole, etc. and asking him to eff off. There is a generation of people who have grown up on doxxing and Twitter boycotts who seem to believe that sending a nasty note persuades people to do what you want them to do. This overzealous guy had just ensured that there is now one local politician who will always vote against EV regulations in a Connecticut town. Sigh.

By that logic, ticketing a politician for parking in a no-parking zone in front of a hotel would be wrong, because that politician would get angry and vote against issues that Hotels might want passed.

That’s just a corrupt politician abusing their office for petty personal vendetta’s. Sadly somehow people have come to believe that is OK, and not grounds for removal from office.

Are you talking about con-man Trump?

Well said, Dan. It amazes me that these days, so many people have forgotten the value of politeness and gentle persuasion. If you go to the effort to leave a note on someone’s car objecting to ICEing — which wasn’t the case here, if the i8 was charging as claimed — then make it a polite note. Our society hasn’t yet formed a consensus about charging spot etiquette, and until it does, then leaving an angry or nasty note is likely to have exactly the opposite effect as what is desired.

As Captain Kangaroo said every day on his children’s show: Never forget the magic words, “please” and “thank you”!

Some EV drivers have notes printed up in bulk and carry those in the car, to leave on ICEing cars and/or EVs which are using the spot for parking rather than charging. Notes which — Hello! — are actually polite. Here is one:

I get tired of any wronged party painting an entire crowd with the same brush. Every single category has rude idiots if one looks hard enough. Perpetuating generalizations is the entire reason why we have such a polarized “us vs. them” society that we all hate today. In my opinion, someone who owns an i8 and doesn’t even know how to charge their vehicle is an idiot. And an even bigger idiot to take to social media to bitch about a culture of EV charging that they don’t even understand, and further sling arrows about how expensive the competition is while driving a $130k car. That being said, I wouldn’t take to social media in response and say “turns out that BMW drivers are kinda dicks.” Because they aren’t

Very, very much agreed. It’s not BMW owners or Tesla owners or EV owners or pickup truck drivers or ICE drivers. It’s individuals.

The ironic part is you will often find Tesla’s that park at the mall in the EVgo DC quick charging spaces. Even though there are only one or two of those chargers at location. This is especially apparent at the Americana at Brand in Glendale. At the free L2 charger at our local Metrolink station you will find Tesla’s parking there for the full day and a half.

Signage too frequently is the problem, when it says “Electric Vehicle ‘PARKING’ Only” (All Capitals Emphasis, Mine!)

Why not display signs stating the correct intent? Like “This Space Reserved For Charging EV’s Only. Maximum 3 hours.” For example?

If the situation in question occurred at a Tesla Destination Charger, as I suspect given the description of events, then this is something which needs to be REPEATED LOUDLY AND OFTEN.

Tesla does a great job of installing their Tesla Destination Chargers, from the standpoint of functionality and neat appearance. Sadly, they do a lousy job of signage. Signs at Tesla Destination Chargers should say something like:


Tesla doesn’t control who charges at their Destination Chargers; the property owner/manager does.

“UK Actor Gets Blasted For Blocking A Tesla Supercharger With BMW i8”

I re-read everything three times. I couldn’t find anywhere that it was a “Supercharger” he was parked at vs. a destination charger. Am I missing something?

Strange he didn’t say “I charged” but “Plus it seemed to be working when I left it”.
I bet he did NOT charge

“Am I missing something?”

No, you’re asking the right question. Sadly, the writer of this article didn’t.

Most BMW owners think they are better than the rest of us anyway, so
I’m not surprised.

Good Lord.

Stereotypical aren’t we.

Too true though.

ONLY a Tesla driver could be more arrogant and obnoxious than a star

Nice story brosef.

Far from reality though.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

How do you know a Tesla owner posted the note?
Assumption makes an ass of u and mption.

Never mind the parking get some Manchester culture and watch The Royale Family and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.
Can I charge my Ieaf at any of the Tesla chargers? found some at the Manchester Fort and not many Tesla’s around here.

Tesla Destination Chargers are typically equipped with a Clipper Creek charger with a J1772 plug, in addition to a L2 Tesla charger with a Tesla plug.

Do Leafs use a J1772 plug? I don’t think so, altho perhaps you can get an adapter to use that for L2 charging, which is what you’d need to charge at a Tesla Destination Charger.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Recent Leafs in the UK use Type 2 and CHAdeMO.
Earlier ones had J1772.

The adapter is about $250 though.

All leaf model years 2010-2017 in the USA use J1772 plug and SV, SL trims come with CHADEMO plug. I don’t know about the 2018 or 2019 Leafs.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

All US Leafs are J1772 and CHAdeMO, the same as Japan.
The 2nd generation Leaf has Type 2 plus CHAdeMO in Europe, and also in Australia and New Zealand, (which switched from Type 1 to Type 2).

“The reason I haven’t been interested in Tesla yet is none are pretty enough for my tastes,” “but don’t want to go back to petrol for environment” “The new Roadster is stunning and I would have it in a heartbeat. Too expensive though,” Apart from the obvious lack of detail around the charging issue, Ralf Little sounds like your stereotypical English twat. Gave up the Aaron Martin because didn’t want to use gas, but buys the i8 which is a hybrid and most certainly would be using gas at some point in the drive cycle (let’s face it, only gets about 37km of EV range). Comments about the looks of the Tesla products, which are arguably some of nicest looking cars, easily comparable to an i8 (but probably he is really talking about the fact i8 has those funky doors and Tesla Model S doesn’t). Then talks about price of the Tesla Roadster. FFS he’s supposedly drove the Aston Martin which is easily twice the cost of the Roadster II is proposed to be, and he drives the i8 which is easily the same cost as the Roadster II is proposed to be. And he comes across as a complete… Read more »

Hey I’m not biased against Tesla…I’m awaiting my model 3 delivery – but I’m definitely ordering despite its looks, not due to them

If management said he could park there then he has permission

What is a “Tesla charging space “??

No production cars other than Tesla S3X can use a Tesla supercharger or destination charger.

The plugs are just not compatible with any non Teslas

I’ve seen Tesla install j1722 plugs by their destination chargers. But the Tesla charging signs are never by the j1722’s

There are TWO types of Tesla Destination Chargers at least here in the UK.
There are ones that are for Tesla’s Only and there are others which are for any EV with a Type 2 Plug. I’ve charged my Outlander at one and I’ve seen an I-Pace charging at another. The only difference seems to be the colour of the lettering on the charger.

Europe is different to the USA. Type 2 is a mandated minimum standard these days on all EV’s even Tesla’s. The Model 3’s sold here use CCS which is a superset of the Type 2 so any older charger still works.

Teslas gang block Chargepoint stations and nobody bats an eye. A single BMW parks in a Supercharger stations and everyone loses the mind 😀

This little idiot posted this on social media.

There is nothing social about social media.

I’m just stating a very well known fact (with some humor), nothing warranting being called a name that demeans people who have serious mental disabilities.

Even Teslas aren’t allowed to park in a Tesla supercharger spot without charging, if your not charging, move (edit: seems he may have been charging, so it must have been a destination charger and not a supercharger as this article indicates)

Yes, this guy finds dick car owners often. He sees one every time he looks in a mirror.

The Tesla is too ugly for his refined taste, he couldn’t handle driving something so mundane. Talking about first world problems. Actually, talking about 1%-er problems.

If I was told by management that I could park there and I realized that I could not charge, I would not have parked there. Even if it meant I had to walk an extra 100 meters. That is just being aware of the situation.


BMW and Tesla owners both behave entitled, so this is just spoilt brats arguing.

how does he charge an i8 at a tesla charger?

Way to go dork squad another empty Tesla parking space saved from utility!