U.S. Senator Introduces Bill To End $7,500 EV Tax Credit


It was only a matter of time with the current administration and situation.

It comes as no surprise that the U.S. EV federal tax credit may be at jeopardy soon. In fact, this isn’t the first time (and it won’t be the last) that a politician is pushing for its elimination. We can only hope that due to all else that is happening in big government in the U.S., this type of bill proposal takes a back seat and doesn’t amount to anything right away (or ever).

According to a recent report by Green Car Congress, Senate Environment and Public Works Chairman and Republican John Barrasso has introduced this new bill to do away with the current tax credit for EVs. The story shares the following specifics:

The bill amends the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to terminate the credit for new qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicles and provides for a Federal Highway user fee on alternative fuel vehicles.

Apparently, this new bill has already been submitted to the Senate Committee on Finance. As this is a developing story and the process will be lengthy, we don’t have much else to go on here. We’ll be following developments and keep you apprised as it moves forward.

Source: Green Car Congress

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As a TSLA shareholder, I want this to pass. Once the incentive is gone and Tesla continues profitably delivering hundreds of thousands of cars per quarter, the last of the short theses fall. It’ll become apparent that people are switching to Tesla because it’s overwhelmingly the better choice, not because of tax incentives.

Right now, I have to wait until ~July 2020 for the shorts to burst and TSLA to spring to $1000. If this passes, it moves the short burst forward by a year.

Yea, Let The 0il Burners & Polluters Have All The Free Money That They Have Been Enjoying For Years ., As They Diminish & Wipe 0ut Their Carbon Taxes So That The Criminals Can Freely Pollute While They Get Rewarded ! Why Should They STOP These Irresponsibles now !

Uh, I think you need to calm down. The bill does two things:

#1 – It removes the $7500 credit. This results in removing the year long phase out program for Tesla + GM, cuts GM’s full incentives 6 months early. It cuts the credits for others years early, but it’s not like they were really using them anyways (the point of the credit was to facilitate ramping up production like Tesla did, not to just steadily pump out compliance cars for 2 decades like everyone else was doing.)

#2 – It comes up with funding for the highways. As ICE sales fall, simply increasing taxes for them isn’t going to fix anything. Sooner or later, EVs have to be taxed in some way if the highway is to remain funded.

All this bill does is move us forward to a fiscally sustainable future sooner.

but it does nothing to increase taxes on gas/diesel.
That needs to happen as well.

Why not simply remove any highway funding taxes and charge tolls instead? It is much more fair since it only taxes highway users. I drive mainly off-highway and I don’t think it is fair to be taxed to pay something I use little.

Ok.. I’m Calm Now, …lmao

Will this be similar to Georgia when they dropped their $5000 credit and added a $200 fee (now $208)? The new fee is three times the average Georgia state road tax paid by an ICE.

Smart Repubs should Vote This Guy Out of Office.
If he’s willing to do this, he’s willing to BLOCK YOU getting a job in Solar, Wind, EV’s and Battery storage systems. Sure, do nothing and those jobs will go to other states.
Never let lobby money determine state policy.

He’s from Wyoming, where there are no smart repubs. Why else do you think he gets re-elected?

Taylor Marks that was a load of crap. Are we sure is not Astroturfing big oil agenda here

Need a carbon tax to pay for roads and healthcare along with FEMA.

Skip the concept of a ‘carbon’ tax as you want it.
Instead, we simply need to pay for our infrastructure.
It is time for Gas/Diesel tax to be raised. Ideally, we would raise it slowly but for a long period of time.
Basically, we should raise it by .01/gal EACH MONTH for 50 or 100 months.
IOW, $.5 or $1.00 increase, but spread over time so as to not harm the economy.

The gas portion should go to the state, while the diesel should go to the feds.
And then all of it should go to infrastructure.

BUT, if you attempt to put a carbon tax on American oil/nat gas, you will never get it passed and more importantly, you will be harming the economy when you do not need to do so.

That actually sounds like a pretty good plan.

No, it is better to stop that as well.

“TSLA to spring to $1,000.”

The Tesla “short burst”, aka short squeeze, will come, but don’t be surprised if a lot of experienced market timers (day traders), miss out on the top, of the volatile high trading volume Tesla $1k + pop.

$7500 is 22% of the proposed $35,000 base model 3. You really don’t think that will make that specific consumer price sensitive with regard to his purchase? Even a person buying a $75,000 S or X…the federal government incentive pays the sales tax. $7500 is a lot of money to most people.

It’ll be $3,750 for the $35,000 base Model 3 assuming post 1-Jan-2019 — https://www.tesla.com/support/incentiveS

still 10% discount at the end of the year

Maybe you and other Tesla sharehourders that think like this can try stop looking in the mirror and see the world is a bit bigger than their living room…

If it’s good for Tesla, it’s good for the planet, no? Who are you suggesting this bill harms? The ICE manufacturers who haven’t made the transition to EVs yet? They had their opportunity for the past decade – they chose to completely squander it. Now they can suffer. They can make the transition on their own dime or they can die – the government need not keep dangling carrots in front of them (which they seem to have been ignoring anyways.)

its not good period. tolls on the highways and increase of gas tax federal and state. there is manufacturers that are starting to ramp up

“Who are you suggesting this bill harms?”

Who are you suggesting would not be harmed by that bill becoming law?

A national tax on alternative fuel vehicles harms everyone. That includes you, altho your greed is blinding you to that reality.

It would slow the EV revolution and thus promote more carbon emissions; it would boost use of gasoline and thus perpetuate the situation with Big Oil having obscene levels of profit which they use to bribe (“lobby”) politicians, and it would prop up the price of oil, which in turn props up many despotic regimes which oppress their own people.

Furthermore, in a few years, as the fracking boom goes bust, the U.S. will shift back to being a net importer of oil, and that means buying foreign oil will again be a drain on our economy, which is another thing bad for everyone — including you, if you were not too blind to see it.

@P-P: Wish you would be more respectful of other’s posts and not call them blind or other names when they have a viewpoint that doesn’t completely mesh with yours.

If they are blind…how should he call them?
The credit was not created for Tesla. What part of that people don’t understand? ….or see, in this case.

Yelp Mark. It was made for all manufacturers

No there blind assetment of The matter

Where these down votes coming from ?

Hmm. Taylor I have to say your idea is intriguing and most likely beneficial for Tesla in the longer term. But I have to wonder if it really would do the more important thing. Accelerate the adoption of EVs. Tesla is limited by their ability to produce. Removing the fed incentive wouldn’t increase current production so likely no change to Tesla’s bottom line. If demand were to falter then yes getting rid of the incentive would show more clearly Tesla’s real advantage in the marketplace but it doesn’t seem to be faltering anytime soon. That means the lack of incentive now hurts, not Tesla, nor really the laggard manufacturers, but the people who can currently only afford the lower end EVs such as the Leaf. I am in the market for another EV but I can tell you that without the incentive I cannot afford a long range EV. So sans incentive the adoption will slow. In the end that is what matters. Transition to EVs globally. While I’d love to punish all the lousy manufacturers that haven’t taken EVs or their personal duty to the environment seriously I think an attempt to make em burn just for some personal… Read more »

Maybe you and other
I seem to remember someone talking at the UN recently saying he doesn’t believe in globalism he believes in patriotism.
Just another campaign stop for him.

As a Tesla shareholder and planet-earth-lover I DON’T WANT THIS BILL TO PASS.


wrong. Best to pass the first part.
And I have no issue with putting a tax on EVs/hybrids. It is only fair.
BUT, gas/diesel has to go up to where it should be. That is also only fair.

For a TSLA shareholder, you’re short sighted.
Tesla has no problem selling cars, they still have years of M3 reservation need to be filled around the world, not to mention they have many models haven’t been announced yet.

Helping other EVs manufactures absolutely help Tesla in the long run. Many people didn’t buy a Tesla for their first EV because of high cost and uncertainty of EV technology, but once they owned a EV, it’s more likely they will switch to a Tesla because it’s the best EV on the market right now.

wrong. I have only known 1 tesla owner that did not buy tesla first. All the rest of us bought tesla first.

If someone described [insert some political party here] as “old angry black people”, do you realize how incredibly bigoted that would sound? I would have hoped that by now we could have evolved past discriminating broad groups of people based on age and race, or at the very least, not have the audacity to so proudly embrace it like you have.

Black people haven’t engaged in domestic terrorism for the past several hundred years. White people have.

you could call me cracker for all I care. it’ll never reflect the sort of bigotry black people have had to endure for hundreds of years.

the grand old party are a bunch of crackers.

-sincerely, angry young white man.

It sounds like your saying the death of a woman and many injuries at protest in Virginia this summer when your leader said there was violence on both sides.
It looked pretty simple to say who was wrong and who was right.

Let’s refrain from racist, sexist and ageist language here … Thanks!

Now, back to the subject: this tax break was never intended to last forever. Its purpose was to help introduce EV’s to the US driving public. Tesla, GM and Nissan did 90++% of the work, and as the result of their effort they reached the 200,000 threshold, so “their” tax credits are going away automatically .

Other companies have done nothing, or next to nothing towards this goal, other than selling barely enough compliance cars in the CARB states. Giving the likes of Mercedes and VW/Audi/Porsche, Jaguar and the rest of them a $7,500.00 advantage as the expense of the US taxpayer doesn’t seem either smart, or fair.

Sales of all but the most expensive EVs will definitely be reduced by an end to the credits; the only question is how much. I for one have a PHEV coming off lease next July and am considering the purchase of either an EV or PHEV (leaning EV, maybe a Niro if they actually appear). Absent the tax credits probably a hybrid (Prius (ugly!) or Ioniq or Niro). $7,500 is real money to me.

My personal preference would be a significant carbon tax (one that would basically end thermal coal burning and raise petroleum prices enough to effect people’s purchase and driving decisions (and air travel, etc. decisions)). Even natural gas would go up enough to effect use decisions. This would actually be a FAR more effective way to reduce CO2 emissions than subsidizing EVs and other “green” energy. Politically? Probably a non starter for now unfortunately.

“…and TSLA to spring to $1000.”

Pump much?


So funny. If you believe this then you should love the shorts. They’re keeping prices down so you can load up at bargain prices for the big pop to $1000.

So instead of evening the playing field by revising the existing tax credit, the GOP instead is gonna try and just kill the credit outright instead. Again. This is my shocked face: 8-|

Jesus christ, it’s even worse than I thought. In addition to axing the tax credit, they want to introduce a new fee for alternative fuel vehicles!
“The bill amends the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to terminate the credit for new qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicles [b]and provides for a Federal Highway user fee on alternative fuel vehicles.[/b]”

And I already get to pay $206 annually at registration in GA. Now I’m sure I’ll get to pay another $200+ to the Feds. And I’m sure GA isn’t about to give up their future cash cow and reduce the amount once the Feds get into the game.

Even if the Federal fee is only $100 then I will still be paying the same total federal/state amount as a 5,000 lb. F-150

That’s because the ICE vehicle pays fuel taxes.

Those fuel taxes don’t come close to matching the costs of having our military overseas to secure volatile areas where there is oil supply. This attack on EVs needs to stop.

Don’t you pay tax on your electricity consumption? Generally taxes are a significant part of your electrical bill. Some are separately stated on the bill but many others are initially paid by the electric utility and then passed on to the ratepayers aka customers. I can’t say electrical use is taxed at a higher rate than gasoline. I don’t know for certain. But most likely it is.

Those ICE vehicles also get billions a year in oil subsidies to keep their gas prices down. They don’t make up nearly enough to counter that as well.

EV owners really don’t have a problem paying to use the roads. What’s unfair is that instead of using a sliding scale based on efficiency, which the gas tax fundamentally does, it’s an overpriced flat tax that has to be paid in one fell swoop annually. The real genius of the gas tax is that it’s hidden in the price of a gallon of gas. So it’s pay as you go. Since people need gas to travel, even though folks with heavier vehicles with massive engines end up paying a lot more in gas tax, the impact is minimized because it’s pulled out one tank at a time instead of all at once. Any alternative needs to approximately match the current system. A car that gets 50 MPG simply doesn’t pay as much as a car that gets 17 MPG. That should not change because we’re adding EVs to the mix. The challenge is the fact that my car gets the equivalent of 115 MPGe so it’s nearly 7 times more efficient than the 17 MPG vehicle. Any change in the gas tax should reflect that efficiency. My proposed equation for matching the current model is to tax the annual… Read more »

No surprise at all and is exactly what red state governnors did a few years ago when cancelling state rebates. They introduced unique taxes/fees on EVs to try and claw some of the rebate back.

There’s a manure ton of federal subsidies for oil that can be removed too.

Please enumerate them. Many may be in your mind.

Indirect subsidies supporting falsely “cheap” oil amount to trillions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer money.


Oddly enough ending the tax credit would benefit Tesla, since they are the first to enter the phases out period. Not that I think that this legislation will go anywhere.

Bit misleading. The bill also aims to add an additional fee to all EVs (including Tesla) so it negatively affects the growth of all EVs.

Actually GM wouldn’t mind if it ended as well since it gives their main competition an advantage. Effectively any EV or PHEV outside of Tesla would be $7500 cheaper.

I agree it’s unlikely to go anywhere. They already scored 80% of the political points by simply proposing it. Now they can campaign on “you have to reelect me for me to have time to get it through the system!” And once the election is over they can go back to totally ignoring their electorate and this bill.

The tax credit will continue to benefit Tesla for something like 8-1/2 months. Furthermore, putting a national tax on alternative fuel vehicles, as this bill proposes, would certainly depress all EV sales, Tesla’s especially.

I would rather see it amended to be fair to all manufacturers. But I knew that wouldn’t happen under this administration. That being the case, since GM, Tesla, and Nissan are all the pioneers in this field and all about to be out of credits anyway, I’m fine seeing it disappear. No reason to reward all those other auto-makers who dragged their feet. If they can’t produce profitable EVs at this point, then let them die.

Keep in mind that “pioneer” doesn’t actually translate to a mainstream product. GM is a great example. They pushed technology rollout for plug-in hybrids, but never figured out how to refine it to an affordable offering. It is still expensive. Yet, Toyota actually delivered a lower cost option and gets the “laggard” label. The point is getting a product for the masses, not showing off range & power. That cost reality must be addressed… which phaseout is now forcing.

Hmmm, I have just posted a message with 99% identical content 🙂 — hope people don’t think I have plagiarized it from you 🙂

I would only add, the continuation of the tax credit to the “feet-draggers” isn’t only unfair, but also unlikely to help the rEVolution along.

Actually Nissan is not close, only at about 125k sold.

They should take away the current per mfg tax credit but only if they come to their senses and replace it with a pooled credit. If they limited eligibility to only “substantially” US made vehicles, I’m fine with that too. The current system, discourages innovation and rewards the lethargy.

Since this is expired for Tesla and expiring soon for GM and Nissan, it needs to either be revamped or repealed. No point rewarding all the laggard manufacturers who have resisted EVs for years while others put in serious effort to advance them.

Revise the bill to reward those building vehicles that actually target mainstream consumers.

Last I checked, Tesla, GM, & Nissan own the sales stats. They’re also the innovators when it comes to BEV & PHEVs, so any change should benefit them. Manufacturers like Toyota who make small-battery under-powered PHEVs, and fight the conversion to BEVs, should not be able to benefit from their feet dragging.

The best solution would be to create a shared pool (in the 500,000 area) with a modernized tiered credit system based on vehicle range. For instance, any BEV/PHEV with under 40 miles epa-rated all-electric range gets nothing. 40-100 gets $2500, 100-200 gets $5000, and 200+ gets $7500.

yeah yeah

used car tax incentive of $3000 on evs untill 3 years old

40-55 55-70 70-155 155- unlimited

revise it. have sell a certain amount per year for tax credit- like a floor cap of 35k evs cars and trucks a year including phev of 56 AER + and up . tax incentive of $10k. new limit to 500k. laggards cant comply after not reaching and selling the floor cap after 2 consecutive years they will be ban from the program. have a sunset date 2021. let states toll the interstates in there territories and real inflation of the federal gas tax

Not so soon for Nissan; they are only at 125k or so.

This move will actually benefit GM and Tesla who are at a disadvantage because they foolishly used up their tax credit capability.

We’re pretty much at the point where the credit is no longer needed to encourage buying an EV. I just bought a used one (CT6 PHEV) which doesn’t qualify for the credit anyway.

I assume “foolishly” was meant tongue-in-cheek. So hard to tell on the Internet.

> I just bought a used one (CT6 PHEV) which doesn’t qualify for the credit anyway.

Nevertheless, the existence of the credit reduces even the used car transaction prices.

Since the vast majority of buyers will benefit from the tax credit either via purchase or lease, depreciation starts from the . post-credit price. ie the CT6 PHEV starts at $67595 after the tax credit. If it has let’s say 30% depreciation after 2 years, used prices would be floating around $47k, not $52k with the same depreciation from the $75k pre-credit MSRP.

The administration is also trying to force utilities to favor coal and nuclear electric generation over lower cost renewable energy in the name of grid security. The utilities will then be able to pass higher rates to consumers.

A few tech questions LOBOC…

Do you like the ct6 PHEV? Did you sell your ELR?

What is the average all electric range during city driving? Highway driving?

How’s the performance? TO me, when I test drove it, the car was very very sluggish, a big disappointment when compared to the sporty, quick ELR.

I was pretty sure this would happen under this administration. Sure enough that it was a big part of the reason we bought a second EV a month ago. But that doesn’t make me any less disgusted with the GOP. They hate anything green, clean or good. All they do is destroy. Please note that the measure as reported doesn’t just end the credit, it imposes a tax (disguised as a fee – semantics, people) on those of us who choose to drive clean vehicles. That is the element that lays bare the hatred and spite behind this move.

Will we ever be able to go one day without something foul spewing from this administration?

You said it, Brother.
No, it’s their modus operandi. the foul spewing part.

The GOP has done nothing but raise taxes on ALMOST everybody since they got in, and still managed to drive up the deficit another trillion. This is not surprising. If they could make cars run on coal, they would.

Doh! they CUT taxes, especially for high income people and the wealthy. Also corporate taxes were cut a lot which mostly benefits the wealthy. Next they will try to cut medicare, medicaid and social security for those still working to “pay” for the tax cuts.

It was a nice ploy cutting income taxes slightly then removing deductibles/adding low caps so that in the long run you actually lose out. Most Americans are too lazy to look at the basic math they got hosed.

The fee is meant to replace revenue from fuel taxes that EVs don’t pay.

Ev’s pay tax on their electricity use the same way ICE vehicles get taxed on their fuel.

I find it ironic the name of this bill is the ‘‘Fairness for Every Driver Act’’. Read below to get the irony. ‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—The fee imposed under subsection (a) with respect to any alternative fuel vehicle shall be the product of— ‘‘(A) the average gallons of fuel consumption per vehicle for motor vehicles in the same category as such alternative fuel vehicle, multiplied by ‘‘(B)(i) in the case of an alternative fuel vehicle in a category of vehicles which are ordinarily powered by gasoline, the rate of tax under section 4081(a)(2)(A)(i) in effect for the first day of the calendar year ‘‘(3) AVERAGE GALLONS OF FUEL CONSUMPTION.—For purposes of this subsection, the average gallons of fuel consumption for each category of motor vehicles— ‘‘(A) shall be determined by the Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of Transportation, So will it be fair for every EV driver who drives their EV 6,000 miles annually to pay the gas tax equivalent to some much larger average number of miles chosen using some made up number of gallons of gas at the whim of Elaine Chao? I’m fine paying for infrastructure. But I’m not fine paying arbitrary amounts based on opinions of… Read more »

It’d be a double tax on EV drivers, as we already get taxed on electricity. F the GOP!

Right the TAX money used to charge your EV should be used for charging stations and roads. Another reason to vote out the GOP.

wheres keyboard rats downvotes coming from

Not every member of the GOP is an EV-hater who wears a MAGA hat. Thank goodness!

No but they never vote against them

Not every member of the GOP is an EV-häter who wears a MAGA hat. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Barrasso is one of the low life’s representing several voters, in Wyoming. Up for re-election. He’s really just a fossil head, looking to protect coal exports, Wyoming’s big contribution to the U.S.

It’s the source these Bills come from, that has gotten so far from democracy it would make Putin blush. No future. No opportunity, here. Just live-for-the-now, make you next quarter, oligarchic greed. All he needs are relatively several, while 100 million of the rest of us had to watch this moronic senior member of, EPW, flush through jerks like Scott Pruitt for EPA.

If he was really protecting coal exports, wouldn’t he be in favor of doing anything he could to promote EVs? EVs are the best thing that has happened to electricity demand in ages. Coal states should love anything that promotes EVs.

How else do you expect them to make the tax money they are losing from EV’s not using gas?

While it may not be the ideal solution (I’m not a fan of this sort of payment method either as in my family we have two vehicles, one that does around 4,000km a year, the other around 12,000km) governments will need to make up the shortfall somehow.

I’m not sure what tax is like in your region, worldwide it can vary significantly, but in most places the tax on electricity is significantly lower than the tax on petrol/gas. Take the UK for example, tax is 5% on electricity and between 60-80% on petrol, on top of a fixed fee of between £200-500 a year (depending on car cost).

Working out the best solution is going to take time – charge per mile/km, fixed fee, separate meters for EV’s in the home are three options – but currently a blanket “average” tax is probably the easiest and most realistic tax method.

The gas tax takes efficiency into account. I don’t mind paying. I do mind a fixed cost per mile because a Smart and a SUV do not currently pay the same fixed cost per mile using the gax tax. Why should we as EV owners be penalized because ICE engines are inefficient? My Fiat 500e is 6 times more efficient than a Fiat 500 Abarth. Let the Abarth driver pay more because they want to be able to vroom vroom their inefficient ICE engine.

A secondary purpose of all taxes is to direct the behavior of the taxed populace. If efficient cars get lower taxes, then people will drive more efficient cars. And nothing is more efficient than EVs.


The tax credit has been good for the country, cleaner air and less imported oil.

Yep, sponsored by a critic of climate change–this has the Koch Heads written all over it.

But it is not a remotely cost effective method of reducing CO2 emissions. We need a carbon tax not a giveaway to mostly affluent EV buyers.

Por que no los dos? We need a full court press to stay within our carbon budget.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Why doesn’t any dirtbag croney politician come up with reducing the OPEC welfare?!?!?!?!?!?
Feather off the petrol/gasoline subsidies, quit subsidization of OPEC!

Exactly how are we subsidizing OPEC? Be specific with actual facts.

I hope he gets run over by a BEV.

That is not a nice thing to say. Because it would make him a martyr for the ICE cause.
He should be voted out of office by loosing against someone who owns an EV.
That way he could learn from his mistakes.

Mmmmm….no…it will make him see how evs are much more silent and have much better acceleration than ice cars.

nope i dont care. you are ok with one party government. fascist ism in the 21st century

He is far from nice.

The guy is an idiot ‼️

I’m OK w/the credit phasing out for all manufacturers. I’m not OK w/another made-up fee for EV drivers. Why don’t we have a fee for toxins spewed by gas cars? If they want money for the Federal highways then make them all toll roads. You use it, you pay for it. People that don’t drive much and/or drive EVs, should not be punished.

Correct. I live in Washington State.

$150 surcharge added to my annual tabs.

At least some of the Washington fee is earmarked for building out EV charging infrastructure.

scroll down to “How is the program funded”

It was fine by me as long as they sold EVs without sales tax in WA state but they just repealed that break back in May. They have collected over 10 million dollars from EV owners via this tab fee in WA and only used 1 million of that as grants to a couple EVSE projects over a year ago whose proposed locations are still mostly unavailable today. Can’t blame the GOP in this state either… we are almost as Liberal as it gets. Look, owning an EV is something MOST people don’t organically want to do yet, and if we keep making it worse than ICE (repeal tax incentives and add EV penalty taxes) that add to the existing negatives (short range, high cost, servicability, etc) we could kill off this EV thing before it ever really starts!

Yep No SAE Combo plugs have been added to The Western Washington Electric Highway. The only reason I can go to Leavenworth is because I own a Leaf and there is CHAdeMO. A Telsa is no problem at all…

Why should the generally affluent people who buy EVs not have to pay sales tax????

Because of the state the live in.

ICE vehicles pay fuel taxes that are for roads.

Because they pollute the F’ing environment that’s why.

Use the fuel taxes to pay for the oil subsidies instead of my income tax. Then use the toll road fees to pay for the roads.

I love it !

Agree with the end of EV tax credit if they add Oil subsidies to be and carbon tax.

Very good, the setup was flawed anyway, it should have been mandated to end for all carmakers the moment the first carmaker passes the threshold. That way the tax credit doesn’t end up giving laggards an unfair competitive advantage over the leaders that did all the heavy lifting preparing the market and supply chain.

The laggards don’t have as much advantage anyways. Since the 200k, which was a lot a few years ago, is now nothing. To play with the big boys and produce cost-effectively, you have to churn out EV’s in big numbers and burn through your tax credit allotment very quickly.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

To play with the big boys the playing field needs to be leveled.

If you take away the EV rebates, then take away the petrol/gas/fossil fuel subsidies the IDIOT goooooberment pays to OPEC.


We’ve seen poor attempts to deliver. Rewarding those who rush to market never made any sense… quantity over quality… ugh.

It’s also not a good deal when the first carmaker reached his target 200k vehicles. A much better like in Germany where they set up a common budget for all carmakers together, so first comes first served until the max number is reached. So laggards don’t get anything because the party is already over and the budget used up from early adopters.

Well if you want EV’s and believe in science vote out every GOP candidate.
Fiscal year budget deficit for 2018 was 728 billion highest since 2012. September ended on a weekend so many of the bills weren’t paid in September will be paid in October 2018. Fiscal deficit would have been over $800 billion if fiscal year didn’t end on weekend.
GOP is a tool for the Koch brother who donated $400 million to GOP congressman in 2016.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“Fiscal year budget deficit for 2018 was 728 billion highest since 2012.”

……and who was president in 2012?

Who was President when Leman Brother failed, on 9-11, invaded Iraq looking for WMD, stood on aircraft carrier with sign Mission Accomplished. Left office with the first trillion dollar fiscal year deficit.

Last time I looked, it was up to Congress to pass a budget for the federal gov’t.

But hey, don’t let facts or reality stop you from posting divisive, tribalistic comments to social media. Vladimir Putin thanks you for your support.

Yes Congress passed the Tax Cuts for the rich and corpoations the brought back offshore money 10 years after Bush did for 5-10% tax rate, lowered the corpoations tax rate to 23%, eliminated the estate tax that effects less than 4,000 people a year. Said that families would save $4,000 a year.

It’s been a republican house since 2010. They haven’t done anything even with thier President in the last 2 years. Except tax cut with no cut in services which fiscal conservatives are piss

2018 Fiscal year interest on debt 532 billion. Deficits don’t matter said Cheney as long as the GOP is in control. Borrow and spend. Fiscal Conservatives what a joke.

Who votes and make up the budget? Not the president

Most of Wyoming’s state revenue comes from coal mining to generate electricity. Wyoming would like to diversify to use its wind resources to generate electricity. More electricity consumption would benefit the residents of Wyoming. So it sounds like the Wyoming Senator has introduced a bill that would undermine his constituents.

But it’s not the coal barons who are the biggest donors. According to Electreck :
“” Oil and gas” is one of the top sectors to donate to Barrasso’s campaign, according to OpenSecrets. Chevron and Murray Energy are amongst Barrasso’s top donors. “”

They have to get rid of outside monies. If it’s not coming from the state or or districts then you should be ban from running because they are representing the people’s in the district

Oil industry shill and climate change denier introduces bill that is bad for humankind. What a jerk.

What?! A Republican that actually wants to raise my taxes! He wants to collect more money for the Federal Highway Administation, effectively making them bigger? Bigger government! What is this world coming to?

That’s what “we the people” get, when T-Rumps Dino Juice loving minions, in the current administration, pull the drain plug, and the “Swamp” starts to actually dry up!

I think it’s called…Hypocrisy!

Well GOP imposed 25% tariffs. Guess want Grover Norquest called tariffs a tax. Imposing a 25% tariff on aluminum made by Alcoa in Canada.

To be fair, that was executive action by the Orange One. I think it’s safe to say the majority of the GOP, and especially the leadership, opposes tariffs imposed without any strategy or even thinking behind them. Especially ones imposed on our close allies.

But they remain silent

Another MAGAt pinhead idea that will probably pass. Big awl for the win once again.

They should start putting an additional green house gas tax based on MPG on the hoods of ICE powered passenger vehicles and use that tax to fund charging and EVs.

Never happen

But he needs to go a bit further.
Basically, it is 3 decades past due to raise tax on gas/diesel.
We should combine this bill with raising gas/diesel by .01/gal EACH MONTH.
Then have the gas portion go to the state where collected.
Finally, in both feds and states, the tax MUST be used for infrastructure only.
That means roads first, but dams, bridges, water, etc.

Well it’s been over 20 years since the Federal Government raised sales tax on Gasoline and diesel. I’m sure the number of new roads has increased in the last 20 years. I would think adding an additional .50 cents a gallon now is long over due.

raising it by $1.00 slowly will do the trick.

I think we should tax the republicans for the incredible harm they are causing in USA and all over the world.

Eliminate all subsidies. In fact, just throw out the whole idea of government. Why legitimize a system of theft and violence?

Oh man, we have another budding anarchist.
What do you propose instead of a government? Please enlighten us how a modern society could function without an oversight and resources that a government provides.

Perhaps he was being ironic.

PHEV’s and all-electric BEV’s sold in OHIO and West Virginia, amoung other places, Increase demand for Coal and for Coal Miners looking for a larger market. SInce Trump says he is definitely in favor of OHIO and WVa Coal Mining families, he’d greatly help them by increasing DEMAND for the coal-fired electricity generated there, and therefore CERTAINLY VETO any TAX Increases, which eliminating the $7500 credit would certainly be. Since Tesla and GM are primarily North American manufacturers compliant with the new USMCA, TRUMP should not only veto this proposal but make it a PERMANENT Fixture of the tax code so as to encourage a long-time US made energy source independent of the very suspect OIL Companies. Why should Foreign manufacturers get a benefit that substantially US companies have lost? For those here who have a ‘thing’ against Thermal Coal, Metallurgical Coal will be mined now that Trump has insisted Steel be made in the States as opposed to China, India, and Japan. But Wind Power, and Some Solar Panels are still manufactured to some extent in the states, and increasing electric car penetration benefits those US-Based businesses as well. So to keep Trump’s Campaign promise of more Jobs for… Read more »

Simple solution. Eliminate the credit effective January first 2020.
Tesla will have maxed out completely by then and GM will almost be done.
Why should US government subidise foreign manufacturers to have a competing edge over domestic ones?
As for the road tax component: Make that half the amount, but ICE pays it too.

Personally seventy five hundred dollars isn’t a game changer, I won’t have any government get in the way of what I want and if seventy five hundred dollars put it out of reach then you weren’t ready to buy in the first place.


The only hope is for a delay until after Nov.

The new house term starts in January 2019, the current house can still pass bills until the end of December. Even if Dems win control of the house in November (if that’s what you were suggesting in your comment), they will have no power until next year. And then there is the Senate…

Oh, well….i will be shopping this weekend then.


The leader Tesla has hit their 200K mark and the runner-up GM will soon hit that mark in 3 months. That’s enough and others are not interested in selling Plugins. Even if this rebate is removed they are not going to lament. So let the government remove it.

But along with this they should remove all subsidies for oil and gas so that energy conservation is given importance.
Anyway the price of battery has gone down from $1000 / KWh to just $150 / KWh now, so automakers can reduce the price.

The GOP might truly compensate for this reduced battery price — and put up a Lithium and Manganese import tariff of 500% in place to protect jobs in Big-Auto.

This bill if signed into law would stop hyundai, kia, volkswagon, bmw ‘s foreign manufacturers el al unfair market advantage of tax incentive eligibility as US manufactorers like GM, Tesla lose eligibility having busted cap limits by making more then 200K cars lose eligibility.

Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen and BMW all have factories in the US that build vehicles something you and some on named government official probably don’t know.

He’s talking about EV built in other countries

So when will Republican John Barrasso place a bill to stop the 100 years of Oil subsidies and increase the gas tax?

Model3 Owned- Niro EV TBD -Past-500e and Spark EV,

Makes sense — Both American companies set to expire — why lend foreign car companies an advantage? I would love the OPPOSITE, with a continued $7500 for two more years until 2020 and a hard sunset. That will put American companies at the advantage which Europeans still struggle with volume, and once they finally get somewhere to really take advantage — it’s gone.

Right now, by eliminating the credit for only Tesla and GM — very unAmerican. — a reverse internal Tariff, really.

They should repeal the FET 12% tax on class 8 trucks, but just for EV trucks.
That would be good for the Tesla semi and the Ecascadia.

That tax was originally created to pay off World War One!

Not happening. Could be a good thing if it causes Congress to revisit the credit. It could use some revisions. But most likely nothing happens.

It’s a boon to see these people expose their allegiance for all to see. Let me guess who is funding his retirement…
Once they make moves like this, somebody should follow the money and expose those pushing this hidden agenda as they value their money over your health! They all need to be removed from their positions of power and influence IMMEDIATELY!

Follow the money Koch Brothers donated 400 million to GOP congressman in the 2016 election. The Supreme Court allows these ridiculous packs to donate ridiculous amounts of money under the idea that the constitution allows for free speech.

I would be in favor of this bill… if it was coupled with a second bill that required Big Oil to pay for all the expenses of using the U.S. military to protect Big Oil’s overseas interests and to protect their supply line of oil from the Mideast. That would have to include paying for all the medical costs for soldiers who suffer physical or mental harm as a result of serving the interests of Big Oil.

Sadly, there would be no way to properly charge Big Oil for the highest cost — the many thousands of soldiers’ lives lost in support of falsely cheap at-the-pump prices for gasoline.

Idiot dimocrat trying to take my tax credit away…..oh wait.

In the meanwhile, more than 70% of the US-EV-market is Tesla – and they would benefit from cancelation of the tax credit, being in phase-out anyway. So what is the point?

The tax credit falls prey to the claim that it favors those wealthy enough to be paying plenty of taxes. A suggestion:

What if we modified the current gas guzzler tax structure to make it a gas consumption tax. Instead of taxing on a sliding scale for cars getting less than 20 MPG, we could make the sliding scale hit zero tax at about 75 MPG, with increasing tax below that and an increasing tax credit above that. Thus, hybrids and large EVs would pay little or no tax, while gas burners and guzzlers would be hit hard, and incentives would go to those getting 100-125 MPGe. Those buying the highest MPGe cars would reap the largest benefits. Wealthy buyers of Tesla Model X and X would end up not far from the hybrid set.