Toyota Mirai Sales Eclipse 3,000 In California

JAN 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 98

Toyota Mirai sales – December 2017

Toyota announced that 3,000 Mirai hydrogen fuel cell cars have been sold in California since the vehicle’s introduction in late 2015.

Toyota Mirai

The Japanese flagship currently accounts for more than 80% of all hydrogen fuel cell cars in the U.S., which means that there are no more than 3,750 of them in the country.

There are now 31 retail hydrogen stations in California. 12 more are to be opened in 2018. 12 new ones will be installed in New York and the Boston area too.

“Toyota continues its work to build a hydrogen society and remains committed to supporting the development of a hydrogen refueling network.Thirty-one retail hydrogen stations are now open for business in California, with an additional twelve stations projected to open in California in 2018. Toyota continues to  partner with FirstElement Fuels and Shell to support the creation of a broad network of hydrogen infrastructure in California. Toyota is also collaborating with Air Liquide, a producer of industrial gases, to set up a network of 12 hydrogen fueling stations stretching from New York to Boston, with the first station expected to launch in Boston later this year.

In addition, Toyota is building a new Tri-Gen facility at the Port of Long Beach that will use bio-waste sourced from California’s agricultural industry to generate water, electricity and hydrogen.  The hydrogen will fuel  all Toyota fuel cell vehicles moving through the Port, including new deliveries of the Mirai sedan and Toyota’s Heavy Duty hydrogen fuel cell class 8 truck, known as Project Portal. Looking ahead, Toyota has also established a range of partnerships with both private and public entities as well as academic institutions to further accelerate its vision of a hydrogen based future.”

Toyota Mirai

Bob Carter, Executive Vice President, Toyota Motor North America, Inc. said:

“Toyota remains at the forefront of developing and deploying hydrogen fuel cell technology, and we believe strongly in its potential to help realize a more sustainable and zero-emissions society. From our success in launching the Mirai to our work in building the world’s first megawatt-scale carbonate fuel cell power generation plant, Toyota is proud to bring to market new uses for this versatile technology.”

Toyota Mirai specs:
  • four-door, mid-size sedan
  • 312 miles (502 km) of EPA range and 67 mpge city/highway/combined
  • stores up to 5.0 kg (11 lbs) of hydrogen at 70 MPa (approx. 10,000 psi)
  • refueling time of approximately five minutes

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Meanwhile Tesla is ramping up to at least 5000 Model 3s per week.

And I have only ever seen one very lonely and extremely ugly Mirage, er..Mirai filling at the H2 pump I drive by several times a day.

So Coyota/Big Oil has managed to con 3000 suckers into leasing these heavily subsidized and impractical fool cell cars that can only fuel with their heavily subsidized H2 at the small number of completely subsidized fueling stations.

There is a sucker born every minute and here is the proof.

The Mirai, which leases from $349 a month and includes three years of free fuel, is a pretty good deal.

The suckers are investors who are subsidizing Tesla’s cars to the tune of a loss of ~$5B in retained earnings (losses), or -$25,000 per car sold. I can’t wait to buy my third Tesla–they’re a fantastic deal, not achievable anywhere else on the market. You can make a great car if you lose a ton of money on it, and for some odd reason, Tesla are the only ones wiling to do so.

I still find it humorous that fuddsters still try and tow the “losing money on every car” line.

They make money. The problem is they immediately spend it all, and then some. They ask investors to bail them out when cash gets tight.

Yes, that’s what growth companies do. They keep investing more money in growing the company.

And FUDsters keep calling that “losing money”. 🙄

Yup. It’s not like this is a terribly difficult concept to understand. Anyone who’s ever started a company knows all about it.

It is just FUD that Tesla looses money. It never looses any money, but makes huge profits. It is just Tesla haters and short sellers manage to steal Tesla money in conspiracy with Big Oil and Koch brothers!

Toyota is also in conspiracy, every true Musk disciple can confirm it. Don’t get distracted from true path by Toyota!

yes, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, “It is just FUD that Tesla looses money.” You are right, no sarcasm.
Or would you believe that the 1000+ superchargers and hundreds of stores and service centers are free? How about the M3 line expansion of Gigafactory etc etc?

yes, it is as simple as that, it is called (re)investing.

You are true believer Mr. x!

It is so nice to have a company 🙂 These shorters and fudsters keep blabbing about some pesky accounting rules all the time, telling that investments are amortized and not subtracted from profit. They must be complete idiots to believe that my faith into the Great Leader E. will be affected by these fancy words!

*Tesla disrupts all accounting! Profits do not matter anymore, it is all about vision and great bright future!*

LOl.. You are cracking me up with these fun comments 🙂

It must be endlessly frustrating for a serial Tesla basher like you, predicting Tesla’s collapse on a weekly or even daily basis, watching Tesla’s production grow so rapidly year by year.

You must be tired of your own FUD by now. Certainly everyone else is!

Tesla’s global automobile sales totals:
2012: 2650
2013: 22,300
2014: 31,655 (+41.95%)
2015: 50,580 (+59.8%)
2016: 76,230 (+50.7%)
2017: 101,312 (+32.9%)

Go Tesla!

You MUST be a right-winger! Only they can twist themselves into the pretzel of fact-less hyperbole you just did there. Keep trying brother! You may never hit it, but at least you can say you went down……

Or they can be left winger. Only the left wingers can be so detached from reality and willing to champion dubious and inferior “environmental” crap that cost 5 times more than existing ICE technology.

Model 3 owners will pay for charging at Super Chargers, buy coffee and pick up a Boring company hat all while consuming advertising costing Tesla next to nothing. Wake up and stop making up your facts.

Hmmm, no, TSLA short-sellers are doing quite well at losing money all on their own; they don’t need any help from the Koch Bros. or anyone else.

I hear they’ve already lost over $1 billion this year. That’s a pretty remarkable achievement!

😆 😆 😆

BTW — It’s spelled “loses”, not “looses”. That is, unless you’re keeping your short investments loose in your pockets and they keep falling out.

“They’re going to lose their dog if they don’t fix that loose collar. ”
Faulty contractions and the mis-use of loose vs. lose make me wonder if they are poorly educated or just don’t care. Most of the time it is spell check, but sometimes…

Yep, the loser spelled it “looser”, that about sums it up!

Six Pretend Electrics said:

“The Mirai, which leases from $349 a month and includes three years of free fuel, is a pretty good deal.”

Oh c’mon, 6E, just admit you’re shilling for Big Oil. Nobody other than Big Oil shills are still denying science to such an extent that they’re still supporting the “hydrogen economy” hoax. Even the former fool cell fanboys have given it up as so very obviously unworkable.

We don’t need more insults.

Siz electrics said “The Mirai, which leases from $349 a month and includes three years of free fuel, is a pretty good deal.”

Not correct anymore. The lease deals ended end of last year. Now only available for purchase with $7500 rebate from Toyota to compensate for missing fed tax credit, as it ended for fuel cell cars at end of 2016. Inventory has dropped by half in the last 2 months.

For the other fuel cell from Honda, which is a better deal, there is a year long waiting list.
I think soon Toyota needs to come out with its next gen Mirai with range > 366 miles.

Tesla Investors,

You should be careful mentioning Honda waiting list. People may get wrong message and your valuable investment may suffer. Not good.

Just tell everybody that Mirai disappeared from 2018, no leases, no sales, nothing. Toyota is just lying on their website, as usual with Koch brother conspiracy.

Tesla stock to the Mars! To infinity and beyond!!!

“Just tell everybody that Mirai disappeared from 2018, no leases, no sales, nothing.”

No thanks. We’ll leave the lying to Big Oil shills and anti-Tesla FUDsters like you. The rest of us prefer to support causes and companies we don’t have to lie about.

You’re REALLY not very good at this , are you? Don’t play poker! The second you resort to ad hominem and hyperbole, your opponents are going to know you have a bad hand!

Honda’s new ClarityFECV is a winner. They have already sold 390 FCEVs till Oct 2017, with a long waiting list. I’m on the waiting list with a 10 month waiting period. You can see the numbers here by choosing Honda as the maker.

Honda engineers did a great job fitting the stack under the hood and optimizing other costs. Hopefully, IEV will run a story on this someday. With Clarity FCEV now a full 5 seater, 366 mile EPA range and looking like a conventional car, Toyota has to up its game on Mirai.

And….Honda’s fool cell is just like every other fool cell car made, HEAVILY SUBSIDIZED CAR AND FUEL and the refueling stations are…COMPLETELY SUBSIDIZED BY US THE TAXPAYERS!!!

These cars only exist for one reason…. SUBSIDIES and CARB credits.

Take those away and there would be no fool cell light vehicles leased/sold in the US period.

And in a mere 2 years, during which Tesla will sell almost a million cars, what’s going to happen to that -$25000 figure? Think back a few years to when the S was being developed. How big was that figure per Roadster?

Your logic is pathetic.

If Tesla sells a million cars a year in a few years, and has 20% gross margins, they could piss away $5B every year on overhead and still have $5B in profit.

The 3 is all but guaranteed to reach $50B in sales over 5 years, and probably $100B, and then the Y will leverage that engineering for another $50-100B in sales. And you’re whining about $5B up front?

Nobody with a brain cares about that $5B. Tesla’s value is about whether they can meet future production goals. That’s it.

Hang on, Toyota is a pretty big company. They made an operating profit of $25bil in 2016 and the best they can do for zero emission vehicles is ~3,000 Mirai in the US? And you think that is good?
Tesla is a startup company, pumping their profits back into their expansion and they have produced a couple hundred thousand zero emission vehicles.
Toyota has a century old business behind it, if the Mirai was a standalone business, how would it look? Not too good, certainly not making any profit to put back into their expansion.
Anyone justifying the traditional car manufacturers and their efforts to date, just remember they make billions of dollars in profits (that’s after all their salaries, loan payments, R&D,etc), so what have they really achieved? How pathetic are their efforts given their resources. The only thing you can be sure of is they want things to continue as they always have, to the detriment of everything and everyone.

If Tesla could produce 1000 Model 3 cars per week that would be amazing.

Amazing? No, try “planned for and expected”.

They have missed all of those goals.

Wrong. They have hit all of their goals, which is phenomenal, they have just missed some of the deadlines that in the long run don’t matter at all, but are really all the FUDsters have to hang their hat on.

Why does this need saying?

“Meanwhile Toyota sells 1 million Corollas every year.”

A Corolla ain’t no Fuel Cell Miracle…er… Mirai!

They have sold 5+ million Prius world wide.

The amount that Toyota loses on every Mirai would shock Tesla fans. This is probably why they keep production, which began in 2014, so low.

As pathetic as Tesla’s M3 production ramp has been Tesla M3 probably passed the 3,000 sales mark last week.

So more Mirai’s on the road than Model 3’s that were released 6 months ago.

Daaaaaaaaamnnnnnn, that’s just embarrassing. I’m sure it’ll soon be eclipsed, but still!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


3yrs vs. 6 months……lol You crack me up dude!!

Yes, the level of how ridiculous that was, as if it even mattered at all, was beyond comprehension.

In DJ’s mind, its all the same!

“Daaaaaaaaamnnnnnn, that’s just embarrassing.”

😀 😀 😀

Yeah, that sure is embarrassing — for you!

You actually that any auto maker has that many cars produced that soon after starting? You’re actually that clueless?

Daaaaaaaaamnnnnnn, that’s just embarrassing.

I love the smell of desperation in the evening!

Reach! Reach I say! LOL!

Now’s as good a time as any to check on H2 stations in California:

– 31 open
– 27 on the way

Lol, the same 27 that are still “on the way” from 2015?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

……and Shell Oil is the backer of these stations.

The suckers are the California tax payers who are paying for Toyota’s fueling stations.

So, is it the dealers who pay for the paper bags with 2 eye holes in them that you get when you buy one so your friends can’t see it is you driving one?

With 366 mile range, 5 minute full fill up and no 50% range loss in winter, and no slow supercharging due to cold battery pack, who needs more stations? I just want one on CA-Nevada border so I can go gambling more often 🙂
Or, I could avail myself of the free luxury car rental from Toyota/Honda when I lease a fuel cell car.

That’s like someone bragging that he made a great deal buying an Edsel because the dealer threw in a few free tanks of gas.

Ummmm…. no. It’s still an Edsel. Or in this case, it’s still a fool cell car.

And you probably gamble a lot, with other people’s money.

Who on earth would want to go out of their way to fill up every 366 miles when they could just hop into a fully charged car in their garage every single morning?
Vehicles that can’t be refilled at home are so old school!

Oh boy!

Let me know when there are H2 stations all throughout the entire every city.

Oh wait….never mind not going to happen!

Yep, Serail anti-Tesla trolls,shills, shorters and haters sharing a wet dream in their little echo chamber.

Dream on suckers!

Doing a quick search, I see that it costs about $14 / kg for hydrogen in CA. Yes, I see that the lease price for the Mirai includes fuel, but still, it would cost 5*14=$70 for 312 miles. That sure doesn’t seem like a very economical form of fuel. Whether or not the lease is a good deal depends on how much you drive. I spend less than $100 / month fueling my 2010 Prius, or about $18 for that same 312 miles. With the low electric prices in central Oregon, it’d cost about $10 for that range in a Leaf or Bolt. And I could charge those at home 99% of the time, spending a lot less than 5 minutes.

The average H2 price in CA is around $8/kg. One kg is good for 66 miles for Clarity FCEV, so almost twice the miles from 1 gallon of gas.
Also remember that with more H2 cars and bigger stations, H2 prices will come down.
Also, H2 prices are high in CA because at least one-third must be from renewable. No such requirement for electricity. It can be 100% coal powered. 🙁

See page 6 here, how cost comes down with bigger and higher volume H2 stations. Once H2 trucks come along, we will see higher volumes and further cost declines. Thanks to Toyota for running real drayage operations with fuel cell trucks vs. pimping the electric semi around Sunnyvale without any load attached to it, this may happen soon.

Another way of looking at it is that California is in the single digits on coal power, yet two thirds of its hydrogen can come from methane.

That’s obscene.

I don’t know where you get $8, but San Diego is over $16/kg. But even $8/kg is 2.5X what it would cost to drive same miles as Prius. Prius gets 60 MPG, so I don’t know where you get “twice the miles” with FCEV.

CA electricity has very little coal (10%) while 50% is from nat gas. But given that making H using electricity wastes about 50% energy, there’s no way it’ll be cheaper than battery even if all H is made from coal, especially when you consider shipping.

If all H come from reformed methane (nat gas), I’m sure it could be cheaper even after factoring in shipping, probably $8/kg. But there’s no way it’ll come anywhere close to gasoline, let alone BEV using excess home solar.

Agree. It does not compete in pricing with good hybrids like Prius. I was comparing to non-hybrid gas cars.

When there is surplus electricity, H2 can be generated and stored more cheaply than storing in big bateries. Quite certain an H2 tank to store 100MWh of energy is cheaper than a battery that does that. (It is hollow.) . See the Electrek article, how tesla battery is earning money when electricity rates are negative. More H2 can be generated at that time. See the ‘$2 hydrogen” thread in the forum here.

On the contrary, with more electric cars, the off-peak electricity rates disappear, making charging more expensive for everyone. Right now, electric car fuel costs are comparable to that of hybrids only due to off-peak EV rates. Once that goes, it will become more expensive.

You’re assuming everyone will pay as current rate of electricity with widespread surplus electricity. $2/kg retail is pure fantasy, but even if true, charging BEV will cost quarter of that per mile basis. People will soak up that excess supply.

For example, people will leave their BEV connected during the day and have the smart charger charge the car when the price is low / negative. This means H will forever be 3X to 4X more expensive than BEV even with “free supply” of electricity.

I don’t know about you, but very few people will want to drive a car for 4X the fuel cost for similar driving dynamics. This is why H is dead: horrible bang for buck.

You are making several mistakes here.
1. People don’t have the luxury to always park their cars tied to the grid. It’s a ridiculous idea to put a plug in every parking spot.
2. Battery costs will go higher as more batteries are needed (commodity pricing). Even today, fuel costs are only a fraction of the depreciation you will see on, say, a Model 3.
3. The convenience of fast refueling and higher range with no range loss of hydrogen tan, and ability for everyone to drive one are much bigger advantages than riding on skateboards of rare earth minerals that degrade over time and have several others issues I pointed out above.

We will see how it evolves. For now, I’m in line to get my Clarity. If only Honda will start making more of these..

This cartoon comes to mind 🙂

The MIRACLE that will occur, according to some hydrogen advocates over at GCR, is free excess energy to make 100% electrolysis generated hydrogen. The prices will be so low, as to even compete with the electricity needed to obtain the hydrogen in the first place! I guess the catch is, that BEVs won’t be able to use this FREE energy. WOW!

Physics pretty much says that fuel cells won’t be viable. It takes roughly 50 kWh of electricity to make a kg of hydrogen from water. At 0.1$ per kWh that is 5$ per kg. If you could achieve 100% efficiency it is 4$ per kg. At 22 miles per kg you are paying roughly the equivalent of 8$ a gallon to drive a Prius the same distance. An EV is at least 60% cheaper.

While it probably takes less electricity to make hydrogen from natural gas, the energy that goes into making these fuels is YUGE compared just sticking it in a battery and using the 90% efficiency of an electric motor.

There is a reason they are called Fool Cells


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Not to mention the fueling stations cost in excess of $900K to over $1million to prop up.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

……in CA that is.

…and that’s $1 million per dozen cars served per day. $3 million for a station which services 36 fool cell cars a day.

Meanwhile, the average California gas station services 1100 (eleven hundred) cars per day, at a significantly lower construction cost per station.

If we assume that every fool cell car gets filled up once a week, then according to my napkin math, it cost $35.7 million just to build the fueling stations for these 3000 fool cell cars. That comes to $11,900 per car!

And yet, some people continue to ignore reality (and economics and physics) and stubbornly claim that the future lies with fool cell cars rather than plug-in EVs.

But then, some people still believe the Earth is flat.

Curious, how do these two energy and material requirements compare? Both store roughly same energy:
a) A 100 KWh battery pack as in Model S 100
b) A hydrogen tank to hold 6 kg of H2 at 10KPa/5 KPa/ 2 KPa

You’re ignoring the fact that the fuel cell stack itself is only about 50% efficient at converting the stored energy to electric power, whereas the battery pack is about 98% efficient.

The closer you look at using H2 as a fuel for wheeled vehicles, the worse it gets.

No, I am not ignoring conversion efficiency. I am comparing the net output in terms of vehicle range, with both vehicles of similar size. So, efficiency is part of that net miles traveled, exactly the purpose at hand.
* A Honda Clarity FCEV goes 366 EPA miles with 6 kg of H2
* A Model S 100 goes 335 miles with 100 KWh of energy in its 100 KWh pack.

Your numbers are also way off. A powerwall is only 90% efficient round trip. And Fuel cell stack can be 83% efficient. Please check your facts before spreadign FUD. Thanks.
“Since electric power is generated directly without burning hydrogen, it is theoretically possible to convert 83% of the energy in the hydrogen to electrical energy. This is approximately double the efficiency of current gasoline engines.”

“Your numbers are also way off. A powerwall is only 90% efficient round trip.”

You didn’t cite round trip figures. You cited figures for the amount of energy stored in a battery pack vs. stored in a FCEV’s fuel tanks. My comment was accurate in that context; your response is wholly out of context.

I don’t know what your agenda is here, “Tesla Investors”, but it’s pretty clear it’s not about an honest search for truth.

“And Fuel cell stack can be 83% efficient.”

I challenge you to find any reliable source claiming that this sort of efficiency, or anywhere near that figure, is found in any production fool cell car.

A diesel engine can be as much as 51% efficient, too… if it’s the sort of large engine found on ships, constantly running at its most efficient speed. That doesn’t mean that level of efficiency can be achieved in real-world driving in a passenger vehicle!

Its pretty obvious that “Tesla Investors” is another re-registered username from one of the existing Serial Anti-Tesla trolls, shills, shooters and haters.

Unfortunately there is some of that going on here on InsideEvs with many things regarding Tesla and anything whatsoever dealing with fool cells/H2.

I may be wrong but I suspect Toyota might not be entirely unbiased on this subject. So quoting their facts and figures *might* be a bit misleading.

Only 3000 in something over two years. I remember when a Toyota rep said Mirais would sell so fast they would be be “flying off the shelves”!

Well, as one of our Usual Suspects put it: “It’s a very small shelf!”

😆 😆 😆

I’m definitely looking forward to the day when production is ended for the the last remaining production fool cell vehicle. That day can’t come soon enough!

As the lame infomercial always proclaims, “but wait, there’s more!”

Was it ‘Flying Off The Shelf!’, or ‘Falling Off Their Perch!’???

How pitiful. They’ve bent over backwards to get people to buy these, spent millions on it, gave away free fuel for years and in years can’t sell as many Bolts as were sold in the month of December.
This is perhaps the biggest automotive fiasco’s of all time.
Certainly the greatest waste of money, time, and talent, to produce a product that is inferior in every way to all current modes of vehicular transportation.

..except for not emitting exhaust gases, which is the only reason they are being sold, and supported by Toyota in CA, btw For the ZEV credits.
Wonder how many they will sell when the free fuel gets dropped. Who knew White Elephants were the future.

Remember, it ain’t THEIR money. The japanese government is dishing out MUCHO mooola to these Asian automakers, for the hydrogen economy of the future! Who’s going to tell the emperor he has no clothes? Nobody is going to kill the cash cow laying the golden eggs. Nope, everything is JUST fine!

“The Mirai, which leases from $349 a month and includes three years of free fuel, is a pretty good deal.”

Yes, free or heavily subsidized fuel is the only way to sell these now. And the low lease is by far the best way to buy because the used value will be terrible (since the buyer of the used vehicle will not get free fuel).

I bet Lexus GS200s would fly off the shelf for $349/mth and free fuel!

Sp I decided to see about re-sale value and find 1 Mirai on They are asking $32k and the 2016 car has 20k miles. Much higher price than I would have thought (if they sell it for that). Interestingly they advertise it as an electric vehicle and do not mention fuel cell or hydrogen.

More interesting details about this used car. Excellent condition. Owner had it for 1yr 3mths, traded in Dec 5, 2017. Dealer tried to auction it off Jan 1/2018 no buyer or couldn’t get their minimum price. Now listed at $300 more than their original asking price.

“Dealer tried to auction it off Jan 1/2018 no buyer or couldn’t get their minimum price.”

Gosh, I wonder why? /snark

That’s one of the things that I find inexplicable about someone buying a fool cell car. Why would someone buy a car which quite obviously will have zero resale value?

Now, I have read reports from people who said they were part of the organization that built these FCEVs or part of the organization which builds H2 fueling stations; so it makes sense that someone that dedicated to the cause — no matter how foolish that cause is — might be willing to help support it by actually buying a fool cell car. But for the average car buyer, you’d have to be brain dead to buy a car which is essentially a very overpriced science fair experiment.

I’m curious, if you lease a car for $350/mth for 3 years then trade it in after 15 months, what sort of penalty would you have to pay, or could the lease just be transferred over to another vehicle?

This car is $50k (after federal tax reduction) and they would have collected 15 x 350 = $5250 from $50k = $44,750. Assume $5k dealer mark-up and the dealer has $33,750 invested in this used car. Oh, unless there was a down payment on the lease.

Yes,leases cab transferred. You can sell the lease to someone else, may be eat some losses.

In California, particularly bay area, a large portion of these fcev/ev/phev sales are for HOV access. Home prices are way too high near the new job hubs of Palo Alto/SF/Mountain view.
So, many people might chosoe these long range BEVs/FCEVs and use the HOV lane while livign in cheaper homes further south. Recall that many live in apartments with no place to charge. The FCEVs are for everyone, for the masses. 🙂

There was a $2500 down payment on the lease plus $7500 Toyota “Trail Blazer” discount and $5000 California rebate bringing the Dealership investment in this car to about $25,000.

Inferior in every way…where to start?
– Half the efficiency of model 3 (67mpge vs 130mpge)
– Four times expensive to fill up compared to a Prius
($70 vs $18)
– worst H2 tank insulation..they’re using COPH that NASA told Spacex to redesign! Prone to explosion.
– Half the efficiency 50% conversion vs electric motor 98%
I could go on & on…but you get the idea. The only technology they beat is a combustion engine. ..yay!

The explosion was because the tank was filled at the freezing point of the liquid oxygen it was immersed in (-360°F). It will not explode under normal conditions. SpaceX still uses the same type, they just fill it before it gets immersed in the liquid oxygen.

In 2+ years, 3,750 FCVs were sold while that many plugins were sold every week in USA.
In China 3,750 plugins were sold every day. Hydrogen is a ploy to distract the customers from buying plugins. So the 4th FCV will go on sale next year in USA.

Let’s talk about plugins.
Jan – Kia Niro-PHV went on sale
Feb – Nissan Leaf-2 will go on sale
Mar – Hyundai Ioniq-PHV will go on sale

Hope some more plugins join soon.

Space X should figure out how to go to the Sun, and scoop up some surplus Hydrogen on the cheap. Then bring it back home to Earth, which could supply all the Fuel Cell stations, for next to nothing. When that happens, I will be a Fool in a Cell, in full restraints, while in permanent lockdown! When dealing with Hydrogen, remember Safety First!

This is pretty old but puts things well into perspective of where this Toyota stacks up against the EV market.

The chart shows a huge spike in sales in August 2016. I can only assume there was a massively good lease deal offered then. Can anybody confirm this?

The federal tax credit of $8000 expired for fuel cell cars in 2016. Could be the reason for the spike. Or may be, Toyota increased supply at that time to US. Just my guess.

Something seems fishy.
3,000 Mirais and 30 stations. Average of 100 per station or at a million per station $10,000 per vehicle so far but if there are 3,000 of them why are the stations always empty?

It’s not like the DC fast chargers and superchargers where cars have to sit for an hour+ to get 80% charge.
Five minutes 100% fill-up for each of 100 cars, once a week. That’s 500 minutes total = 8-9 hours per week in use for a pump during a whole week.
Many more cars can be supplied from these.
The true number is actually 3750 FCEVs in CA, if you include Clarity FCEV and the few Tucson FCEVs.

3000 stupid people bought them? They don’t realize the incredible waste of energy so they can drive on Hydrogen. Bravo one hand clapping to the USA and Japan for this utter inefficient use of energy. This is dirty as it gets people. Shame Shame Shame. Oil companies must be rubbing their hand with joy of this madness.

This car should be banned. Once you see one you can’t unsee it it’s so ugly.

Why are they opening more hydrogen filling stations where they already exist? Looking at the map at all (but one) of the new stations are located right next to the old stations. If they spread them out a bit maybe there would be a bigger market for hydrogen cars, because then you could go somewhere with the damn thing.

Oh, well *done* Toyota! It’s taken you 2 and a half years to get to the point where total sales have added up to *almost* as many Chevy Bolts were sold in December of 2017!

Give yourself a big pat on the back! The world will eventually come around to fool cells some time after BEVs exceed them in every way possible!