Toyota Launches New Prius PHV in Japan – Targets 2,500 Sales Monthly, 10 Million Hybrid Sales Achieved

FEB 15 2017 BY MARK KANE 17

On February 15th, Toyota announced launch of Redesigned “Prius PHV” (aka Prime) in Japan.

To date, around 75,000 of the original plug-in Prius have been sold worldwide since January 2012 through 2016, including about 22,000 in Japan.  The new generation (dubbed the Prime in North America) has already closed nearly 4,000 sales since late 2016.

Toyota Prius PHV

With a new sales target of 2,500 monthly in Japan alone and roughly the same amount planned for the US (where the company has said the main focus of the plug-in hybrid will be), Toyota could quickly return to the forefront of plug-in makers.

“Toyota Motor Corporation announces the launch of the redesigned Prius PHV in Japan, and sales will begin at all Toyota, Toyopet, Toyota Corolla and Netz dealers nationwide on February 15.

Toyota has been working on enhancing its product lineup significantly, and is positioning plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) as the pillar of next-generation environmental vehicles after hybrid vehicles (HVs).

With the new Prius PHV, Toyota has greatly advanced on the environmental performance that is characteristic of the Prius lineup, along with the powerful and smooth drive which is an attribute of an electric vehicle (EV). Futuristic advanced equipment has been added and charging convenience greatly improved, thus evolving the new Prius PHV into a prime vehicle.”

Also of slight interest to us, overall sales of Toyota hybrid cars (currently 34 models) reached a milestone of 10 million units delivered worldwide!

“Toyota announced today that it has achieved more than 10 million cumulative units of hybrid vehicle (HV) sales, including plug-in hybrids, as of January 31. The latest milestone was achieved just nine months after total sales reached 9 million units at the end of April 2016.

Toyota Motor North America also saw its sales of hybrids and plug-in hybrids reach a cumulative total, exceeding three million units as of December 31, 2016.”

Toyota Global Hybrids Sales Surpass 10 Million

Toyota Hybrid Vehicle Sales

Cumulative Sales of Toyota Hybrid Passenger Vehicles (Based on TMC data (Unit = 1,000 vehicles))

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17 Comments on "Toyota Launches New Prius PHV in Japan – Targets 2,500 Sales Monthly, 10 Million Hybrid Sales Achieved"

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Good job Toyota!

Only 2500/month target? That’s not mainstream.

I think it would be for Japan, which is what that number is talking about.

That’s probably the equivalent of selling 6,000 or more pre month here in the USA, which no plug-in car currently does.

the article states that the sales target is about the same for the US (about 2,500/month). keep in mind that prius total sales in the US are about 100,000/year, so 2,500 prius plug-in sales per month is a pretty significant number.

the other thing to keep in mind is that this is a tough time for prius sales as they have been hard hit by declining gasoline prices. that same headwind is going to affect the sales prospects for just about any *EV. so it is difficult to be bullish on the energy efficient vehicle segment right about now.

My comment was more a snarky one for the people that call current plug-ins niche because they don’t sell 5000/mo.. aka “mainstream”.. either that, or a number they pulled out of their butt.

2,500 Japan
2,500 United States
??? Europe

All within the first year is quite an effort. Those are 3 very different markets, each with unique challenges. There’s the added production complexity of delivering the carbon-fiber hatch and the dual-wave back window too.

Europe – 500-1000?

Maybe more if Auris and Yaris buyers can be converted into Prius phev buyers.

Agreed. The regular Prius sells more than 50,000/month in Japan according to the graphs

No. The graphs are all hybrid sales and then if you look at the graphic of vehicles you will perhaps notice that there is a plethora of Toyota and Lexus hybrid models, so the graph represents the total of all models and I believe it is Toyota+Lexus

Toyota says they are “positioning plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) as the pillar of next-generation environmental vehicles after hybrid vehicles (HVs).”

So does that mean in the coming years we can expect to see Camry Prime, Corolla Prime, RAV4 Prime, etc? If so, and if they size the batteries for 25 – 30 miles of electric range, that would be a good thing.

I would hope so. I mean, they already have the hybrid powertrain in most of those vehicles. I realize the Prime uses a slightly modified version, but it shouldn’t be too hard to fit it into an existing hybrid design. The biggest challenge would be figuring out where to put the battery pack. I could see a Rav4 Prime being a huge success, especially being the hybrid version already sells so well.

It means they will continue to drag their feet as much as they can instead of going full EV.

How do you figure?

Lithium battery-pack production is being ramped up, used in both the regular Prius and the plug-in model.

That economy-of-scale is absolutely essential for selling an affordable EV that doesn’t depend upon tax-credits… which is well worth waiting for.

In the meantime, they continue to improve electric efficiency. Traction motor production is in full swing and they are delivering (in Prime) the industry’s most efficient heat-pump.

Yep, or they will keep trying to push against the string by trying to steer customers in CA and Japan into impracticable Fool Cells.

Certainly looks like an S curve.

I will never buy a Toyota simply because of their hugely negative impact to the move to all electric drive vehicles. If history had been different and Toyota lead the charge into all-electric drive vehicles, given there previous credibility within that segment of the market, adoption would have come more quickly. Like so many of the bad choices they have made in the last 10 years, this particular move has put them last on the list of eco-friendly transportation companies for me. It’s sad really, now they just look stupid and bull-headed.

The 22 mile plug-in makes no sense.