This Electric Icon Derelict Will Make You Crazy ‘Bout A Mercury


This incredible project will show how old cars and electric drivetrains go together better than…

Icon, which established itself by restoring old four-wheel-drive vehicles to more-than-their-former-glory, using sundry performance and appearance modifications, has taken an interest in using electric drivetrains for its Derelict program. These are older vehicles whose bodywork is a showcase of unique age-worn patina, but with an upgraded chassis and custom interior. You may remember the unlikely mayhem machine they created from an old Volkswagen Thing.

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The outfit recently posted video (above) of another electric Derelict under construction: a 1949 Mercury Coupe. Although it’s not yet finished, the building blocks are just so awesome we had to share. Now, this is a project that’s been in the works for some time — we unearthed a 2016 video of an Icon shop walk-through where company principle Johnathon Ward shows off the shell and talks a bit about it — but now is being worked on, and with help from our friends over at Stealth EV, should be road ready before too long.

It all sits on a beautiful hand-crafted custom frame from Art Morrison. Power will come from a set of motors sourced from the fine folks at AM Racing. There appears to be no transmission involved. Instead, 800 pound-feet of torque will flow directly from the motors, through a carbon fiber driveshaft straight to the rear end. Rumor has it that Tesla battery modules will hold the energy that smartly motivates this monster. Other touches include a 4-wheel independent suspension, Brembo brakes all around, and electric-assisted rack and pinion steering.

We look forward to sharing all the technical details and video of it in motion once it’s completed. In the meantime, check out some of the still photos Icon shared on its Facebook page below. We’ve also provided a field recording from Mississippi bluesman K.C.Douglas for the appropriate soundtrack for your gallery perusing pleasure.

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So. Much. Awesome.

Where is the other motor? The article keeps talking about dual motors, but I see just but one. ???

I am torn on this subject. On one hand I love the idea of electric hot rods, but on the other I have been such a huge fan of vintage cars for my entire adult life, *stock* vintage cars, not resto-mods, or mild customs, or whatever… restored and stock. Dedication to the preservation of a living time capsule for the future. There is wonderful charm to the way things were when driving a piece of history.

However in this case because of the unique drivetrain, I tend to love it. If it were yet another small block chevy, turbo 400, jag rear end, blah, blah, blah, I would hate it as I always do. Hopefully they don’t get the bright idea to stick a Model 3 like iPad drive system on the dash! That would truly suck.

This isn’t the final set up for the drivetrain. It’s my understanding it will be, when finished, a dual motor setup.

That is a dual motor (rotor) on a shared shaft. The twin is already installed.

What’s the point? Isn’t that just a bigger motor?

They take a motor already produced by a large manufacture, and put a fancy water cooled aluminum case on it.

I think compared to the unreliable powertrains of yore an electric powertrain could make vintage cars easier to live with for those who want them for daily drivers. OTOH the compromises that come with fitting a large battery pack might detract from the overall experience.

How did Jaguar/Rimac do it with their electric E-type? Supposedly it can be reconverted to original configuration if desired. Frankly the electric version would be so much better, though.

Would be great to convert Beetle’s, Thing’s, Karmann Ghia’s, VW Busses, and Porsches to electric drive, most of them would get 200 miles of range with just a 55kWh battery.
Only way to make that better would be if we could get CHAdeMO fast charging added.