Wonder How Tesla’s Ultra White Seats Hold Up After 25,000 Miles?


Concerned about opting for those Tesla Ultra White seats?

YouTuber Erik Strait (DAErik) takes a little dive into the white seat controversy. Many people wouldn’t even consider white seats in any car. This is especially true if they have children and pets. However, they can be very appealing to some and they’re definitely unique. The Tesla white “marshmallow” interior material is not real leather, but instead, it’s of the synthetic (vegan) variety. Will it last? How should you clean it?

Erik admits up front that he did have one seat in his Tesla Model S replaced due to some stitching issues. Nonetheless, the seats look fantastic. The passenger and rear seats appear to be brand new after 25,000 miles of use. The driver’s seat shows a little bit of discoloration (he hasn’t cleaned it in some time), but you have to look close to see it. This doesn’t necessarily mean there is any problem with the material, but just the fact that white is always going to reveal dirt and grime. Erik says he wears jeans most of the time and it’s true that the color can transfer to the white. Fortunately, some cheap baby wipes will make them look almost new again.

We look forward to being able to see how these seats last at over 100,00 miles. Tesla has made it pretty clear — and there’s research to support it — that its batteries and motors will likely far outlast ICE powertrains, but will the rest of the vehicle hold up?

Do you own a car with white seats? Real leather or synthetic? How about a Tesla with the Ultra White interior? Please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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I had a 1966 Comet Cyclone convertible in around 1971 that had white seats. They were, what seemed to be, a good quality vinyl. We lived in Arizona where there is a lot of “dirt”. They were not difficult to keep clean. The convertible top – now that’s a different story!

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At work, a blue Model 3 with the white interior shows up in the parking lot a couple times a week. It looks utterly fantastic. I don’t know if I would opt for a white interior for the reasons mentioned in the article, but man, in person it looks really sharp.

Also, the Tesla logo on the hood isn’t the typical chrome one, it’s carbon fiber. Does anyone know what this signifies?

tesla logo symbolizes a partial section on an electric motor, as far as I know.

It’s just a sticker on top of the T. Costs like $20. Signifies nothing

The white interior on my 12 Leaf held up very well over 3 years. I would definitely get another white interior, but unfortunately Tesla makes you upgrade the drivetrain package to get it.

Yes, currently Tesla requires getting AWD ($6k) to have the white option. I’m sure it’s a push to get people to spend more on the higher profit models. I see them adding it to the lower models over time.

Yes, it’s the only option “blocked” from the RWD model.

It’s a problem for those of us wanting maximum range and a light interior in southern climates.

Elon, you can have my money today, if you fix this and deliver by year end….otherwise, sorry.

Have the same desire. It is now fixed, white is available with all models and variations. Now how about crème on the model 3.

“Erik says he wears jeans most of the time and it’s true that the color can transfer to the white.”

That issue has received much discussion on the Tesla Motors Club forum. Oddly enough, color transfer to the white seats seems to happen only with blue jeans. The suggested cure is to keep a towel on the car seat with a color closely matching that of the upholstery.

“Fortunately, some cheap baby wipes will make them look almost new again.”

Now that information is new to me. Thanks, Steven!

If you wear jeans a lot, I would avoid a light colored seats.

My Model 3 black polyurethane seats are five months old now. I haven’t had to clean them any more than maybe wiping dust off them. You can’t beat the easy maintenance of black.

Why don’t they just offer a grey or brown or tan or something? Why just the extremes???? To see great interior colors (and great exterior colors that are only $595 ad on) look at the e-tron ordering website (for an admittedly not yet available vehicle).

Right?!? would love a nice brown, tan, beige interior. With metallic green exterior. But where some companies only charge a few hundred for paint, and have lots of options, Tesla has minimal color choices and charge between $1500 and $2500 for paint. That’s robbery!

The white seats do look awesome, but I would still be really hesitant to get them.

I ordered white. Thank you for the information regarding cleaning with baby wipes. Wow! What a beautiful result! Red exterior. Should look amazing.
What do you clean the exterior with? Wax? I want to keep my “Scarlett,” I named her that, looking good for a long time. I am retired and plan to have my car for a long time.
Thanks, Jean