Tesla To Add Party & Camper Mode To Model S, 3, X



Cuz’ tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999.

Partying in your Tesla will soon be a thing, thanks to a new feature coming soon.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk returns to his Twitter role of promoting new vehicle features with this announcement of an upcoming “party & camper mode” for all three of Tesla’s offering: Model S, Model 3 and Model X.

When an electric car is equipped with a big battery pack, as is the case with all Teslas on the market, there’s juice to spare in most situations, so why not put it to use?

This new feature would be especially useful when camping, but we can see other applications, such as tailgating, when it would be utilized too.

Camper mode isn’t new to Teslas, but this addition of “party” takes it to a whole new level we’re sure.

Here’s a way old video on activating camper mode.

Video description:

“Tutorial for setting the car in Camper Mode which runs the HVAC (heater/AC/air circulation) constantly on while you’re sleeping in the car or doing something else. This mode can’t be used while charging.”

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Too little, too late. To use a big battery just for driving is a waste of resources. Imagine what you can do with 230V-AC power in the middle of nowhere. You don’t need much phantasy to do that. Everything you can do at home, you can do now everywhere and not only for a few minutes or with a noisy, air polluting combustion engine running all the time. And last not least: it’s futile without a tow hitch. Model S and 3 are still missing it.

Half glass empty for you? Lots of potential means its going to be awesome ! Besides, while not relevant to camping with a tent and tailgate-parties, Model 3 AWD may gain a towing option soon. Testing mule reported in other article on this site.

Too little, too late? Absolutely not. Tesla is the only car in the world keeps getting better and better after4 years of ownership.

you can get an add-on hitch to the MS.

Etrailer has one

A tow hitch is available for both the S and the 3. I even successfully pulled my camper with my 3.

Meh…. I’ve worked hard all my life so that I could afford a Tesla… .AND a hotel room. 😉

Mainly needed because the car shuts itself off even if you are sitting in the drivers seat. I’m old, I take noon naps in the car with the air conditioning on. Have to shut down the headlights manually to save power. My Bolt does not shut itself down.

Jean-François Morissette

Are there any power outlets in the Model 3?

There are USB and 12V outlets.

What is going on with the super tiny font in the emails?? Here one day, gone the next, and back again… Yikes!

seriously annoying indeed…