Tesla Supercharger Expansion Goals Not Met For 2017

Tesla Supercharger


Tesla Suupercharger

Kettleman City Tesla Supercharger Station: One of Tesla’s new Mega Supercharger stations

Tesla Supercharger expansion was exponential in 2017, though the automaker won’t quite pull off its goal.

Tesla broke records this year with its Supercharger expansion. The automaker really didn’t have a choice since moving into 2018 there will begin to be a significant increase in Tesla vehicles on the road. Now that it appears Model 3 production is moving along, the goal of doubling Superchargers needs to stay near the top of Tesla’s list.

Tesla Supercharger

A picture of one of the new (largest in the U.S.) Tesla Supercharger stations.

According to Electrek, the Silicon Valley electric car maker added some ~3,150 Superchargers across the globe throughout the year. The units reside in about 350 new station location. Opening the year, Tesla was owner to about 5,000 Superchargers at 770 locations, with a goal to make that number double. The goal will likely be hit very soon, but not quite yet.

Today, Tesla sits around the 8,250 mark for single Superchargers. Global stations have now reached 1,120. It’s pretty clear that doubling won’t happen, but with the automaker’s end-of-the-year push, we’ll see a number up over 60 percent growth. It all depends on how quickly Tesla can wrap up work on a number of locations that appear to be nearly complete.

Being that the Tesla fell way behind on Model 3 production this year, the additional stations grew much more than needed when factoring in fleet growth. Also, while expansion outside of the U.S. is welcome and always necessary, the large number of Model 3 reservations throughout the globe won’t be filled for quite some time, so Tesla will just be one step ahead when it comes to getting charging infrastructure in place.

Tesla hopes to more than double the number of Superchargers once again for 2018, with a lofty goal of 18,000 by the close of the coming year.

Source: Electrek

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Tesla’s folly. All those superchargers remind me of speakers at a drive in theater. And just like speakers at all those abandoned drive in theaters, I can already see these superchargers disconnected and rusting in the sun.

People need those to charge their cars! I’ve yet to hear the complaint of ‘too many superchargers’.

What cars? I see four cars charging at thirty five superchargers. Once Model 3 owners figure out that Tesla is going to charge them to charge their cars, they are going to be charging at home just like all the other EV owners and these superchargers are going to be dust collectors in the middle of nowhere.

That’s exactly what Tesla wants, genius. Teslas should be charged at home.

Superchargers are meant for long trips. Tesla needs enough capacity to handle busy long weekends, and at least keep waiting times low enough not to piss off owners. That means you’ll see them mostly empty.

Even with most Model 3 owners doing the vast majority of their charging at home, every one of them will still be thankful that the superchargers are there when they need it.

Gosh….you are not following this topic, are you?! Superchargers “in the middle of nowhere” are what allows electric vehicles to comfortably go city-to-city. And because we have no national policy here in the US supporting clean transport (well…we do have the tax credit), Tesla was left to build the city-to-city network themselves. This amazing company is making it happen…even though many are not following the logic.

Thank you!

There seems to be some pretty strong denial of reality about Superchargers going on by at least a couple of our Usual Suspects here. The comment thread regular “Spark EV” tried to argue the other day that Superchargers don’t help Tesla sell cars!

I dunno what planet these guys are living on, but it’s not planet Earth!

As a serial anti-Tesla troll, TexasFFUD doesn’t get it and never will.

Agree completely… the Tesla Shorters are out in force these days… trying to drive the stock down before the great quarterly nums come out and rain on their parade of misery. I hope the Shorters lose their bets massively. The world needs more Tesla.

@Texas FFE

Most current superchargers are on highway to facilitate travel. Most EV owners charge their car at home. It doesn’t make sense to drive to some place and spend 1/2 hours waiting for the car to get free supercharger to save $5-6 in electricity.

Well one thing is certain, Texas FFE. . . No one could accuse you of being a visionary! Are you a politician by any chance? ?

That some real cognitive dissidence right there.

cognitive dissonance

Spell check is evil.

or, Cognitive Disobedience?

Ok, I’ll bite, Why do you think all those superchargers will go unused.

I will have to say that Tesla’s free-for-life charging (Models S&X) was too generous and in my opinion should have been restricted to use by people who live more than 70 miles away. Model 3 users have more reasonable limits, but even so I think supercharger use will increase dramatically.

The superchargers are advertising, overhead. The superchargers are not based on a profit making business model. When the shine wears off of Tesla and Tesla has to start making a profit to survive, only the superchargers that are fee for use and busy enough to make a profit will survive.

That’s nonsense.

The completeness and reliability of the supercharger network is what allows Tesla to sell so many EVs in the first place. They’re not going to mothball most of them and ruin their biggest advantage over other EVs.

They’re not even expensive for Tesla. They’ve spent maybe 1% of their market cap on them.

So profit is nonsense. It appears that many Tesla investors believe the way you do. I hope you enjoy the ride while it lasts.

So…Tejas… fake subsidized fossil fool economy seeing the writing on the wall as renewables reach cost effectivity… now want to quickly quash any use of renewables until they milk their dead dinos a few last times. Sheesh what a waste of time that state is! And based on a name… how come the flex fuels never took off… I loved the idea… but it sure wasn’t as successful as Tesla. Watch this space… TESLA FTW!

“So profit is nonsense.”

No, but not all business strategies involve direct profit. Advertising is an expense, not a profit-making enterprise for any manufacturer; yet most manufacturers find the slogan “it pays to advertise” to be true.

If you think of the Supercharger network as a form of advertising, then perhaps you’ll understand why Tesla doesn’t need to make a profit off the network for Superchargers to be of benefit to Tesla.

The “shine” won’t be off Superchargers so long as drivers of Tesla cars have no viable alternative to Supercharging, when driving long distances. I think someday those alternatives will appear in many or most places, but that won’t be for some years.


Profit is made on the cars. Do you really think half a million people would reserve a Model 3 if there was a limited supercharger network? Tesla wouldn’t even get half the orders for it, and even less for the Model S/X.

Just watch what happens with Tesla’s competitors in the coming years. All of them will either price themselves below Tesla or have a fraction of the sales, both leading to lower EV profit.

You admit there’s a Tesla shine, but you don’t think superchargers contribute anything to it? Seriously?

I totally disagree. I believe that the exact same amount of Model 3 reservations would have been made and the exact same number of Model S and Model X sales would have occurred without the Super Charger network because no one else has one either. People buy a Tesla because it’s a Tesla, not because they need it to go road tripping. It’s a perk for sure, but I doubt it really is a make or break decision for anybody.

If Tesla announced they were decommissioning the Super Charger network today, would you cancel your reservation today? Would you sell your Model S, or X?

Your opinions smell soooo fake!

You are an idiot!

“The superchargers are not based on a profit making business model.”

Supermarkets giving “free bags” when you buy groceries is not based on a profit making business model, yet they seem to do it just fine, and no one’s bitching about it other than left-wing-nuts in CA.

Superchargers are exactly like grocery bags in that they are used to support their main line of business. If that means some sites are not “profitable” doesn’t matter, just like no grocery bag is profitable when given for free.

For now, the sales are high-end S and X so no problem. But Tesla’s moving over to the Model 3.

$250 x 500 = $125,000.
Build 1 coverage site per 500 cars sold.
Add $250 per car for capacity and build another 1 per 500 cars.

GM’s US advertising budget is about $1.8B for 3M vehicles sold, or about $600 per vehicle.

So, for less money per vehicle than GM spends just on _advertising_, if Tesla can sell 20,000 cars per month in the USA, they’ll be able to add or expand 960 sites per year. Right now Tesla less than half that number open.

Tesla is adjusting the payment for Supercharger use. Already, we know that:
– Model 3 will be PAYG
– Commercial use of Superchargers on any new sales will only be allowed with Tesla’s agreement.
– Tesla plans to add solar and battery storage to Superchargers; the key aim is to lower electricity costs through demand charges.

@Texas FFE said: “Tesla’s folly. All those superchargers remind me of speakers at a drive in theater. And just like speakers at all those abandoned drive in theaters, I can already see these superchargers disconnected and rusting in the sun.

Lol… Hopefully @Texas FFE is not in a line of business that depends on his market prediction skills.

My market predicting are doing quite well for me, thank you. Hopefully CDAVIS is not in a business that requires eye sight. Most superchargers continue to go unused for long periods, just look at the picture to see what most of them look like most of the time.

@Texas FFE said:

“Most superchargers continue to go unused for long periods, just look at the picture to see what most of them look like most of the time.”

@Texas FFE said:

“This is exactly what I’ve said over and over again, by not allowing non-Tesla EVs to use the Supercharger network Tesla is actually restricting electric vehicle adoption.“
source: https://insideevs.com/tesla-model-3-free-supercharging-musk-its-obvious-owners-need-to-pay/

On one hand @Texas FFE says that a supercharger network is folly because they are mostly unused… on the other hand @Texas FFE says that Tesla not allowing non-Tesla EVs access to Tesla’s Superchargers is stifflng EV adoption.

Perhaps @Texas FEE could enlighten us as to exactly what his point is regarding Tesla’s Supercharing network because his statements on the topic seem to contradict themselves. Is it that Tesla Supercharger is an unused folly or that it’s so critical to EV adoption that Tesla should not keep it to itself? Please do explain…


Haters are claiming that Tesla cars are not suitable for long distance travel because so few charger are available and can be very busy(such as chargers at Barstow, CA) on long weekend.

Then Haters are claiming the opposite, too many chargers and rarely used therefore it is a waste of resource.

I have no idea what do Haters want.

By definition, a “Tesla hater” is incapable of being rational.

“…his statements on the topic seem to contradict themselves… Please do explain…”

He can’t explain because his reaction is purely a self-centered emotional one, with no reasonable or logical foundation, let alone any balanced perspective. This is the same guy who used to post long, irate, indignant rants against Tesla because they have “denied” his ability to use the Supercharger network to charge his Ford Focus EV. Apparently he thinks Tesla owes him that as some sort of “right” just because he bought an EV, and Tesla is denying him that “right”.

> Most superchargers continue to go unused for long periods, just look at the picture to see what most of them look like most of the time.

Many – please cite references for “most” – are connecting nodes on the interstate system. Tesla needs these nodes in order to provide the capability of cross-country travel. Tesla mostly completed the cross-country network a couple of years ago.

The superchargers being built in Tesla’s 2017 surge are mostly to address congestion. These nodes address heavily-used short distance routes.

In late 2016, Tesla was delivering power at the rate of 12 GWh per month; assuming an average session of 40 kWh delivered, that’s 300k charge sessions over 5k stalls at the time, or 60 charge sessions per stall per month. Naturally the distribution of these charge sessions is extremely lopsided; many will see only a few charge sessions per month, where others see several hundreds of sessions per month.

This is the nature of a connective network.


Oh, how terribly unfair of you to use things like actual facts and logic to refute a Tesla hater’s assertions. 😉

Seriously, thank you.

Unused for most of the time is true of a lot of roads. You still need them to go places.

In other words, you need coverage as well as capacity. Even in locations with low current use it tries to get 8 stalls, because in the long run it’s cheaper to build that way now, rather than have to expand frequently.

Also, remember that Superchargers serve a pair of stalls. For fastest charging time, you can halve the number of stalls.

Now when building new sites in busy areas, or when expanding existing sites it does so with larger numbers of stalls than 8.

Tesla’s annual target for Model 3 is greater than the total number of Model S and X they’ve sold so far. If it gets anywhere near targets, those empty sites should see many more visits.

The new sites on busy highways with 20 stalls or more:
San Clemente, CA on I-5 between LA and San Diego has 20 stalls.
Baker, CA on I-15 between LA and Vegas has 40 stalls.
Kettleman, CA on I-5 between LA and Bay Area has 40 stalls.
Fountain Valley, CA on I-405 added 8 stalls to 16 stall total.

Other stations in Los Angeles area added 8-12 stalls.

Except they’re plastic.


After the rats eat away the plastic and the vandals steal the copper all you will have is the metal frames and they will rust.

Just What kind of ‘Metal’ Do you think Tesla is Using in those Supercharger Frames?

You sir… are simply trying way too hard!

I’m not filing this meme in its own folder. I’m just going to file it in the ‘Tesla’s going bankrupt next week’ file.

The Tesla shorters have been on a roughly 375 week losing streak for their endless “bankrupt next week” ranting.

Being wrong 375 weeks in a row certainly doesn’t seem to slow them down.

how funny.
I have seen a load of gas pumps sitting around and I think that we are about to see LOADS more gas pumps sitting in the sun, rusting away, all within 5 years.

It will be a BAD time to live in Texas.

wishful thinking from someone stuck in the past….

When you don’t own the infrastructure, you don’t own the customer experience. Tesla tracks peak and non-peak Super Charger (SC) usage and builds / updates SCs across their GLOBAL NETWORK to meet demand. As more Tesla vehicles are sold, capacity will be increased where needed. Do you have data to support Tesla is misguided in their SC strategy? THOUGHT SO ELSEWHERE….. ‘GM’s Future: 20 All-Electric Vehicles by 2023′ Have you seen GMs strategic plan for how the Bolt and the ’20 All-Electric Vehicles by 2023’ will manage long-distance travel? NEITHER HAVE I Let’s just say I would not wanna be in one of those 200+ AER GM EVs (discounted in order to sell like most GM products) and planning a long-distance trip HOPING a ChargePoint DC Fast Charger is available or EXISTS on my route. WHEN GM starts selling a long-range EV in volume expect perplexed customers as they get a taste of customer experience GM-STYLE (relying on 3rd party infrastructure, waiting in a queue for availability (4 charging stalls if lucky), discover charger coverage is incomplete, AND IT’S NOT FREE. Directly or indirectly Tesla owners pay for the SC network and thus have a better charging experience.

Wow, it’s amazing. I said this exact very thing and as per usual was called a troll, hater, shill,etc. by all the Tesla zealots.

I wonder when the Tesla fanboys will realize that people with a brain can make a claim and it’s actually based on facts and prior experience with Tesla and it’s not because you’re some big oil shill or some other crap. No shortage of tin hats with that group!

On the plus side, they are late with the Model 3 in any sort of real numbers, again as many of us predicted, so not meeting their SC expansion plans isn’t as big of a deal as it would be if they weren’t late/behind (use whatever word you want so as to not get in a stupid and meaningless argument over semantics) with the Model 3.

It’s amazing how often common sense is proven to be right…

Why don’t you point to us what you’ve said?

Have you pointed out that even though SC expansion is slower than projected, it’s still expanding faster than the total Tesla fleet?

Doubtful, but go ahead and prove me wrong.

I believe what he said was something along the lines of the ratio of Tesla’s to SCs would drop from 40:1 to 35:1 at the same time that busier locations would receive more SCs and more locations would be added meaning Tesla owners can go more places and expect less waiting.

Since serial anti-Tesla troll DJ claims to own a Bolt he should read my statement at towards the end of this thread regarding long-distance travel in a Bolt this XMAS as it was a TOTAL FAIL regarding CCS availability in stark contrast to Tesla SC availability.

“Wow, it’s amazing. I said this exact very thing and as per usual was called a troll, hater, shill,etc. by all the Tesla zealots.”

What, do you want a gold star for saying something that actually turned out to be true, even when you didn’t believe it was?

Trolls have such very, very low standards.

Well, Tesla is always late (regarding cars), so late with supercharger isn’t a surprise. If they called you troll, etc. for suggesting that Tesla will be late just like they have always been, they are like the “Tesla will be bankrupt” shorters who have been on losing streak for 375 weeks.

It’s very simple: Tesla is late with almost everything, and to expect otherwise is being foolish.

Why title this story in the negative?

Article Title:

“Tesla Supercharger Expansion Goals Not Met For 2017”

vs. an alternative glass 9/10th full title:

“Tesla Supercharger expansion exponential in 2017”


Currently only Tesla provides access to a robust convenient and reliable supercharging network… hopefully 2018 brings the start of the other EV car makers providing the same… thus far it’s been mostly talk and limited demo installs.

Or how about we change the article title to, “Tesla gouges owners and investors, forcing them to pay for superchargers that will never be profitable”.

You’ve got a dog in the fight. You’re still mad at Tesla, because their walled garden charges are not to your liking.

You’re right. I think Tesla’s arrogant elitism that culminates in the propriety charging infrastructure has done a disservice to Tesla owners, Tesla investors and to the EV community in general. I think Tesla has pursued the advancement of its’ legacy at the expense of EV adoption and sustainability.

@Texas FFE said: “…Tesla’s arrogant elitism that culminates in the propriety charging infrastructure..”

@Texas FEE’s, Perhaps your anger is misplaced?

The traditional EV car makers have elected thus far to mostly only play lip service on the topic of providing access to a convenient and reliable supercharging network… its they that are at fault about that… not Tesla.

Tesla has offered all car makers to join the Tesla Supercharging Network with the stipulation that the car maker contributes a pro-rata share cost towards the charging network… thus far no car maker has accepted Tesla’s offer.

Precisely… we owners and shareholders of Tesla would love to share the minor burden for support of our network… but the amazing poo poo network of Detroit, Stuttgart, and Tokyo would rather distract, irritate, and continue issuing forth incrementally improved pieces of crap called ICE cars. Or a smattering of EVs without a charger net so they can keep fooling the public into believing that no one really wants these… Tesla is a working model of a fully functioning energy and transportation system… No one else can even get close now for another 2 or 3 years.

Would you rather to have built your own EV Conversion? With just a 120V Charging Power Source?

That’s what Ford Provides for you in the car, and they then wait for others to invest money in ‘Public Charging Infrastructure’, so you can charge at 6.6-7.2 kW! Your older FFE could not use CCS, or CHAdeMO, and you bite about Tesla looking after their customers, instead of you?

Tesla needed a very high power charging capability, one that no one else offered. So….they created a very effective charging system and offered both the design and the actual USE of their chargers to all comers. So far, no one has taken advantage of the offer.

Thank you Hart Ed. I’m continually amazed at individuals who misguidedly think Tesla owes them anything! Tesla’s First obligation is to its customers. High speed charging to facilitate go-anywhere travel in an electric vehicle. That is one of the major selling points of the Tesla ecosystem and why people purchase the vehicles.

If you want that for YOUR vehicle, talk to YOUR vehicle manufacturer or government official! Tesla’s had the offer open to use the supercharger infrastructure to other manufacturers for some time now. Tesla CANNOT however, force them to join!

If you find YOUR vehicle manufacturer giving Tesla the middle finger, why not then , give THEM the middle finger and buy a Tesla!

“elitism” – Yep, I’ve been saying for months that this will be the next anti-EV BS of the fossil industry. The “golf carts for hippies” crap failed miserably, so the new one will be “expensive toys for rich hippies”.

@FFE It would be so easy to turn this around and ask, Why didn’t Ford use the open offer from Tesla to use the Supercharger network with their EVs if they would assist in paying for them. Seems the elitist in the room is Ford, Chevy and all the other existing mfgs’ that wanted to limit charging to 50kw. Tesla walked away and started their own. Why aren’t you hammering on Ford to make a reasonable decision to put a large enough battery in their EV to make it a useful investment and allow decent travel for their customers

what proof do you have that they will never be profitable?
Shortly, by end of 2019, there will likely be over 1 million model 3 on the road, and all will pay for part of their electricity if they use it.
And if you had paid attention, you would see that they charge the same price as residents pay, while being a business, will pay less.
So, it should be profitable enough to cover the chargers.

So, what exactly do you base your statements on? Offhand, it looks like you are just another texan with loads of BS.

Texas FFE said:

“Or how about we change the article title to, ‘Tesla gouges owners and investors, forcing them to pay for superchargers that will never be profitable’.”

How about you go start your own website, where you can post all the idiotic, reality-denying Tesla hater posts that you want… and nobody will care because nobody will visit your site.

“forcing them to pay for superchargers that will never be profitable”

Forcing? What, there are roving band of Tesla goons with guns going door to door to collect payment?

No legal company can force anyone to pay for charging (or anything else for that matter). You simply can choose not to use it. The only payment you are forced to make is taxes and “protection money” for neighborhood gangs.

Tesla might not have met their own goal, but what they have done so far is pretty impressive.

They still have adequate recharging capacity for most areas especially since some of the comments here tend to indicate they have too many, not too few.

I’d agree that presently they have too many for the installed user base but that could quickly change once M3s start rolling out in significant numbers.

I am telling You People, there is a serious Model 3 Demand side question mark (there will be No Intl Model 3 Sales next year, so US model 3 Sales will be Fully Checked and Verified by sites like InsideEVs hard work). Tesla is Clearly Unsure Of Model 3 USA Demand So That is Why the wise reduction in build out esp given there huge losses and cash burn I heard ONLY 4 weeks to. wait for Model 3. That is Nowhere Near 400k, that’s only a Waitlist Of 20k. 5% of so-called backlog

Got sources for some of those claims?

Newest hater-username Snap has no sources, just a desperate urge to see Tesla fail as a shorter before he Loses HIS money.

@Snap said: “…I heard ONLY 4 weeks to. wait for Model 3. That is Nowhere Near 400k, that’s only a Waitlist Of 20k. 5% of so-called backlog…”


The 4 weeks wait is for those Model 3 reservation holders (on a FIFO basis with existing Tesla owner priority) as they get moved from the “reserved” que to the “order” que. Which means that from “order” to delivery is currently about 4 weeks… that’s a very good neews for Model 3 reservation because it indicates that production/delivery pipeline is opening up.

typo: “good neews for Model 3 reservation” should read “good news for Model 3 reservation holders”

SNAP – you are not paying attention!

Listen up: They Sent out a limited number of invitations in a batch, to Finalize Their Orders! The Finalizing of orders is not available to all us Reservation Holders, and my Account is still showing – ‘Late 2018’ for Canada, so it won’t be before Summer of next year that I even get the invitation to finalize the Cars Order Details!

Are you an infrequent Reader of this subject, or what?

@Snap, “Tesla is Clearly Unsure Of Model 3 USA Demand So That is Why the wise reduction in build out esp given there huge losses and cash burn I heard ONLY 4 weeks to. wait for Model 3.”

Tesla has all reservation info such as reserver’s location so they know exactly how many of the approximately from US and Canada.

I made a reservation on April 04, 2016 I checked and the standard range will be available April-June 2018. I am in California and Tesla clearly stated that I am on higher priority compares with similar reservers at other states.

Where do you get the “4 weeks waiting” ? Are you drunk ?

Snap said:

“…given there huge losses and cash burn I heard ONLY 4 weeks to.”

Earlier in the discussion, Floydboy said:

“I’m not filing this meme in its own folder. I’m just going to file it in the ‘Tesla’s going bankrupt next week’ file.”

Well, here’s another we can put in that same file. That folder is getting pretty thick! 😀

Tesla’s progress with the Model 3 has Tesla haters very, very worried… which is wonderful!

Go Tesla!

I don’t understand why people think these superchargers won’t be used. Tesla is stopping Lyft and Uber drivers from using the superchargers because they prevent private owners from access.

Tesla rarely ever makes a deadline, the importantly part is are they continuously improving?

Musk uses deadlines to push Tesla to always be at 100%. That’s the reason they are always unachievable.

Well, just for %(*#@ and giggles I’ll tell you about my Christmas travels.

We took our Bolt to Grandmas 150 miles away. Did some level 1 charging while there but still needed a charge to make it home.

Stopped at no less then SEVEN EVGO DCFC stations and sure enough, everyone of them had (mostly) Leafs and (some) Bolts, Spark EVs, I3s lined up waiting 3-7 deep.

And of course, because the state of CCS charging is 1 or 2 units that are dual with Chaedmo, anytime there is a Leaf there (which there was) charging means NO AVAILABILITY OF THE CCS!!!

So basically had to sit at a 3 different level 2 chargers for 1 hour each with nothing open on XMAS and read the paper in order to get home.


Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but notice the 3 different Tesla Supercharger locations we went by had as many as 12 (dual) stations and all of them had some open spots.

Once again despite the several shills, shorters and haters who pollute this site, TESLA FOR THE WIN in long distance EV travel!

Moral of the story, can’t wait to get my Model 3.

Despite your Tesla bias, that is a grey Real Life anecdote of what People will need to Evaluate (whether they can stand Waiting during stressful holidays in a scenario like that, whether Tesla or Not). I would think almost everyone would say “No Way in Hades” is that what I dream of (I mean automation at grocery stores etc). If you like waiting in line at the post office, DMV, airport TSA, then buy a Model 3 and roll the dice, or pure BEV. Toyota must be laughing.

Obviously the troll Snap’s anti-Tesla bias has interfered with his already limited ability to read and understand what I wrote:

ALL of the 7 TESLA SC sites had immediate openings for charging.

NONE of the 7 CCS sites had any openings for charging when I rolled in.

It is so obvious that the troll Snap doesn’t drive an PEV otherwise he would understand that many people who get a PHEV become so enamored with driving electric that they get an all electric BEV next to further enjoy driving electric.

And yes, that includes people who try Coyota’s pathetic Prius PEV.

I personally know 3 PIP owners who skipped the Prius Prime and went with a Model S, Leaf, Bolt. Both the Leaf and Bolt owners put in deposits on a Model 3.

So there goes your wishful shorter wet-dreams you pathetic FUDster trolling InsideEvs.

Correction, 3 Tesla SC sites, not 7.

@Snap, “Despite your Tesla bias”

The poster you’re reply to drove a Chevy Bolt to visit someone. He was talking about the state of non-supercharger that he experienced. This is NOT a bias toward Tesla.

Can you drive a Chevy Bolt from Los Angeles to Vegas or to Phoenix ? Are there fast DC chargers(50 kW type) on I-15 or I-10 ?

How about pay to have grandma install an L2 Charger? Than you wouldn’t have had to deal with charging on the way home.

@John V Van Horn, “How about pay to have grandma install an L2 Charger?”

And limit your travel distance to less than 200 miles in a Chevy Bolt ? Assuming you drive at traffic flow speed of around 75 MPH.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Most Diehard EV’ers like myself have a portable L1/L2 (120V/240V (Dual Voltage) 30A) with adapters in their cars.

Grandma’s house has gas dryer so no 240v outlet. Panel is about 200 feet from where we park so I’m not installing a 240v outlet for the 2-3 times a year I go.

Next time I’ll take the Model 3 I’m getting.

The biggest improvement of the Tesla fast charging network would be adding a CCS port to their cars.

But why?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

So you can charge slower…….lol

To have a lot more options. A supercharger would be the first choice but that is not always available or convenient.

The CCS network is a lot larger and growing a lot faster.

It would be simple to add and it would only be of benefit for Tesla.

At volume it won’t matter any more than pump availability mattered to people when choosing between gasoline and diesel.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

With all the pumps available now, I still see many peeps walking from their car on the roadside with a gas can to get gas.

We are talking a decade or two for that kind of volume. And it’s still only one manufacturer.

So in no scenario would not a CCS charge port benefit my Model 3 purchase greatly.

For me it’s ~25 supercharging stations vs. >300 CCS stations. And with CCS growing a lot faster.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Or at least an adapter like their Chad.

Adapter is a much better solution than extra charge port on the car.

No… an extra charge port is a lot better. Something you never have to bring or buy or whatever.

Especially when it should be easy for Tesla to do it considering it would only be one charge port and half of it is already on the car.

Adapters are idiotic.

They opened over 350 locations in a single year! This is on average one Supercharger every day! And this is done by a “tiny” company, compared to the giants of the automotive industry.

And you are still calling it “Goals Not Met”?

If you don’t meet your goal, you don’t meet your goal. It has nothing to do with the size of your company.

It’s not just the overall # of stations or chargers that matters.
As I’ve commented before, comparing the current Tesla SC map to the one from a year ago (using the Internet Wayback Machine), Tesla’s very much behind in some regions compared to their stated goals… Still no trans-Canada or trans-Northern-US routes (the trans-Canada route is 18 months behind), no Balkans and almost no Eastern Europe, no Portugal.

Tesla is leading… everyone else is following. The recent trip we took to LA from SF demonstrated how far ahead they are. We would never have even tried to take our Nissan LEAF from SF to LA… Our new Tesla made this trivial. One stop at the lovely new 40 SC stop at Kettleman City… Another was used at Tejon while we stopped for dinner anyways and then on to Hawthorne… where we stayed. Turns out the hotel had a destination charger… getting so simple to drive a Tesla.
On the way home we got rerouted by a fire that closed I 5… went to palmdale and used a SuperCharger at Mojave to get back to our previously interrupted journey. Super easy. No lines no fuss no muss. Anyone speaking ill of this system is unclued or unglued. Going from the ladder drug of Nissan LEAFs that hooked us on driving electric, to the Model X that will keep us hooked for the next 5 to 10 years has been awesome. Looking forward to meeting new Model 3 drivers at the Superchargers and welcoming them into the fold. Cheers.

That was good to hear.

The DCFC network is a complete mess, right now. EvGo does not show charge point chargers and charge point does not show the status of EvGo chargers.

You need to open Plug Share, Charge Point, and EvGo app to find the status of chargers ahead. All this while driving!

My wife ask if she could drive because she just couldn’t handle the logistics.

The supercharger network is a thing of beauty. Anyone that takes a road trip in a BEV should appreciate what Elon has done.

I agree. Tesla had the vision to build this system when others just talk. They are so far ahead of the game, that it is ridiculous.
Meanwhile,all I hear is other auto makers is hype.

@JyChevyVolt, “Anyone that takes a road trip in a BEV should appreciate what Elon has done.”

The supercharger network was designed to facilitate road trips, not for local usage likes Plug Share, Charge Point, EvGo … But Tesla recognizes that some Model 3 owners live in larger cities and may not have convenience charging system to use overnight therefore they start to install chargers in cities for those owners.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

So they will miss their own goal.

What are the other car manufacturers goals for their DCFC network?????

Having to deal with local regulations, permitting and inspections plus electric company red tape I’m not at all surprised that they missed a goal. I’d hardly put all the blame on Tesla. How many construction or renovation projects meet their timeline goal on the dot?

Clearly Texas FFE should’ve been a “Plan B” after that drunken night.

Tesla announced that they were not going to push their Supercharger expansion at as fast a rate in Q4 2017 at the same time they announced that the TM3 production wouldn’t hit 5K/week until Q1 2018.

This was only logical. They were pre-building more Superchargers, urban chargers, and destination chargers in advance of TM3 ramp-up. With the delay in ramp-up, there was no reason to push as hard through Q4. Everything is delayed by about 1 quarter.

I’m not sure what the angst is about. We’ve known about the roughly 1 quarter delay for quite a while now. Everything is now where it was planned to be somewhere around Sept/Oct-ish.

So, lets see if this is right.
Tesla Super Changers build out goal wasn’t up to what was “projected” from a goal set last year.
I think if you look at some of the Numbers from the Model 3 Unveil 03-31-2016.
Super Chargers 3,608
Destination Chargers 3689

Goal for the End of 2017
Super Chargers 7,200
Destination Chargers 15,000

And saying they didn’t make it with the Current total?
8,250 Superchargers at 1,120 locations around the world.

Other Goal was to expand Stores and Service Centers. “03-31-2016 215 Stores and Service Centers Goal of End of 2017 441 Locations.”
Guess they missed that one to?