Tesla Semi Smokes Its Tires Under Acceleration – Video

FEB 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 28

Once again, the Tesla Semi was seen in the wild and captured during strong acceleration on the street.

Tesla Semi (source: Richard Fielder)

We know that the Semi will be quick, with 0 to 60 mph in a claimed five seconds (20 seconds with cargo), but it’s almost unbelievable to see how swiftly it moves on public roads.

It literally smokes the tires.

Couple more videos like this and soon enough the Semi will become one of those drag strip warriors.

We wonder, how quick is too quick for a cargo hauler like this?

Key specs:

  • Acceleration 0-60 mph with 80K lbs load – 20 sec
  • Speed up a 5% Grade – 65 mph
  • Mile Range – 300 or 500 miles
  • Powertrain – 4 Independent Motors on Rear Axles
  • Energy Consumption – Less than 2 kWh / mile
  • Fuel Savings – $200,000+
  • Expected Base Price (300 mile range) – $150,000
  • Expected Base Price (500 mile range) – $180,000
  • Base Reservation – $20,000
  • Expected Founders Series Price – $200,000
  • Founders Series Reservation – $200,000
    * Prices displayed in USD. International pricing will vary.

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Conventional diesel trucks often spin their tires without load on the rear axle. Nothing to see here. I mean, something 400HP+ is the norm.

Yeah diesels have lots of torque and they can smoke the tires at a standstill in a low gear.

The difference here though is impossible not to see. The Tesla smokes the tires traveling already at around 30 mph and then is just gone.

Show me a standard diesel truck that can hit 60 in 5 seconds. They are not equivalent. There is something to see here.

Race trucks can for example the MB one with 1400 hp ??

Smoking the tires from a standing start and from a 30 mph rolling start are two separate things entirely. Never mind a standard semi couldn’t accelerate up to 60 like the Tesla, considering it would have to shift through about 6-8 gears during that time.

Nothing to see here? Nice try..

Torque spins tires, not HP.

The Tesla semi has both.

That’s what truckers really care about after all…being able to do burnouts.

How are these even road-legal?

Canada, eh? Sounds like the announcements are in French. Otherwise, I’d blame Scott Pruitt.

Unfortunate how folks don’t understand how cancerous diesel emissions are. They think its fun and games to breath it in, especially the Coal Rollers. Have no clue what they’re doing to themselves and others.

Having that much power and torque all while being twice as energy efficient is exactly what the want.

Hitch a loaded trailer to it and it won’t burn out anymore, however it will pull that cab from a standstill to highway speeds in 20 seconds. That’s the whole point.

Another Euro point of view

So many Tesla videos about accelerations…. Quick acceleration being one of the easiest characteristics to obtain with EVs I hope they will have other qualities to put forward when competition comes (in a matter of some quarters now on a worldwide basis).

Call me crazy, but I can’t wait for some rich eccentric to buy a Tesla Semi and bring it to Nurburgring, just for gits and shiggles. Naturally, it wouldn’t set any overall track records (besides fastest semi cab), but it would be kind of embarrassing for any ICE cars it outpaces.

Does anyone know if a semi cab has ever been on the Nurburgring?

After 3 miles the power will be reduced to avoid battery overheating, that is what happens now with Model S and the reason why we never see any Model S try to make a fast lap on a track, so forget the Nurnburgring attempt

Do they even test these with trailers? Every video I have seen has been just the tractor. These vehicles literally spend their entire lives hitched to a trailer and yet Tesla doesn’t feel the need to test with a trailer, strange.

I’m sure they’d prefer the first trailer test occur at a customer site. /s

Maybe they’re being ultra-cautious right now during testing. It would be much better to crash a tractor-only prototype than one with 80,000 lbs GVWR.

The very first demonstration of Tesla Semi are with trailers, and a new Tesla roadster inside.

Good Looking and Smart

Can’t wait to see the video from one of these running the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

Something to consider.

If you really want to impress a trucker about the positive difference between conventional and EV semis, do a video of the Tesla Semi with a loaded trailer DESCENDING something like the Grapevine or Donner Pass. At the base of the descent, do an infrared brake temperature check and show how cool they are…because of full-regen braking the whole way down.

Acceleration and speed are fun and convenient but stopping runaways saves lives.

Just a patch of sand … not a real tire smoke … LOL

Anyways, hardly why the semi is important, right?

Because TESLA!

Yeah, this definitely seems like a “Hahaha, got you to look!” video.

Trucking fleet buyers are not going to be impressed by a semi tractor smoking its tires. They’re impressed with economic performance of freight trucks — not unloaded acceleration performance.

‘Rolling coal’ is bad enough, now burning rubber on the road?

I’ve watched the video a few times but i wouldn’t call that smoking the tires. Sure its fast as hell but it let out very little smoke. By comparison, here is yours truly smoking the tires on my electric MINI E right before my one year field trial ended in 2010. https://youtu.be/B6XWzCFOwTE

Shouldn’t a truck like this have some sort of control to prevent tire spinnage? I mean those tires aren’t cheap!

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

Isn’t there a speed limit of 25 mph on the right road side????