Tesla Releases New Gigafactory 1 Video: Highlights Sheer Size

DEC 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 6

Gigafactory 1 – Made in Nevada

Tesla just released a short video featuring its Gigafactory 1 plant, built on electrifying Electric Ave, Sparks, Nevada.

The factory is only about 30% complete (in terms of size), but according to Tesla, it’s already the highest volume battery plant in the world. It’s expected that battery cell output will reach 35 GWh (using 13 of Panasonic’s production lines) by the end of 2018 – up from 20 GWh in mid-2018.

The Tesla Gigafactory produces:

Other facts:

  • 5.4 million square feet of space on 3,200 acres
  • Over 7,000 Tesla employees and growing quickly
  • More than 17,000 construction jobs created since 2015

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71 foot tall concrete tilt-up. Most folks don’t understand how big that is. 7-story high rise warehouse!! For perspective, the max height a 105′ fire dept. aerial ladder truck can reach fully extended is 7 stories- or barely to the roof of the Gigafactory.

20 GWh per year = 20,000,000,000 Wh per year.
Each 2170 cell ~ 16 Wh. therefore:
20 Billion Wh / ~16 Wh ~ 1.25 Billion cells per year.
There are 31,536,000 sec/yr. therefore:
~1.25 Billion / 31.536 Million ~ 40 cells/sec.
It seems that Elon’s “faster than bullets from a machine gun” quote is true!

That is a lot of hamsters!

And to think we are going to need several dozen factories like this to make the full switch to EVs….scary!

What?? Not true at all. 100 of these factories would produce enough power storage for the ENTIRE WORLD, and not just for cars! Everything!

Well off by 10000. World production is 25000 TWh, 100 of those is “only” 2.5TWh, that said, it is enough to hold 1 hour worth of world total need, which is still quite impressive. So this should be plenty to stabilize the grid forever.