Tesla Registers New Model 3 VINs For Europe

NOV 3 2018 BY MARK KANE 27

No European invasion just yet.

Tesla opens November with the registration of seven Model 3 VINs for Europe (6 AWD & 1 RWD). Together with 7 reported in September 23 (4 AWD & 3 RWD), and 19 in August, in total 33 European Model 3 VINs were noted by the Model 3 VINs.

We assume that these are among the first units that will be assembled for Europe before series production begins.

We expect that Tesla will register mostly dual motor versions, as selling those first in Europe will be the most profitable option, similarly to the process here in North America.

First deliveries in Europe are expected in early 2019.

Source: Model 3 VINs

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We can hardly wait
Com on Elon and Tesla- lets disrupt europe!

Even better would be if he would build a factory there.
Hopefully, one of the EU govs will make an offer that Tesla can not refuse.
I have no doubt that it would pay for itself.

Tesla Rules

Mod 3 go to Europe. Bye bye BMW sales

That’s one of the things that will be interesting to see. I think BMW’s position in Europe is stronger than in the US, and Tesla’s position a bit weaker. But if Tesla delivers in significant volumes it more or less must impact BMW at least a bit. I went and bought a KONA having got seriously tired of Tesla always estimating delivery 6-9 months from whenever I checked the estimate. Now Tesla still says “early 2019”, and Hyundai has been saying Q2-19 since I got an estimate (but they are behind schedule with the earlier deliveries, making me feel less than confident they’ll manage to stick to my rough estimate, and giving me very little hope that I’ll get it early in Q2)… So if Tesla actually makes it possible for me to buy a version of the Model 3 I want and can afford, and they can deliver sooner than Hyundai, I’ll have some thinking to do. It seems likely either car can be sold on for at least as much as I will pay, so I don’t really think I no longer have a choice, even though I have signed the contract to buy KONA… Oh well. It… Read more »

Let’s hear that price already!

Whatever price it is does not matter, people want the future and the future spells T E S L A , all others are just fancy buttons and stinky leather.

People for whom the price doesn’t matter have already bought the S or the X.
The price of the model 3 matters.

Not necessarily – let me take you by the hand and take your Model S/X through the streets of London and I will show you that they are far too wide to fit anywhere here.
Now, the model 3, that is a different matter.

Has Tesla opened European orders yet?

Nope. Around Christmas would be my bet.

About 1000 days ago, people could reserve model 3 in Norway at least.
So it seems to be able to get to market at the same time as Audi e-tron. I see Audi have started to place one car at each dealer.
Large numbers of both are on pre orders. If KIA, Hyundai and others make enough EVs, we could reach 70% EVs in 2019. Renault and Nissan have an OK production and shortish waiting lists.

I love Norway, Great job guys, showing the path for rest of us.

Has there been any sightings of European style tail lights with the amber colored turn signals?

European invasion eminent, VAG& VW,BMW ,and Daimler consider this fair warning.

Customers in Europe will be able to place an order for a Tesla Model 3 in December 2018. Perhaps not yet in all European countries.

Though I expect that people will only have one choice. They will only be able to choose the Long Range version Tesla Model 3.

They’ll have a choice between LR+PUP+AWD or Performance version for the first six months, IMHO.

Elon said, that if a version of a model is available, it is in all markets where this model is currently on sale.
So also Mid Range must be available!

Don’t count on MR in Europe. Ever. I think it goes away in Q1 when they ship SR in the US.

Tesla said overseas will not get lower cost variants until Q3/Q4.

They did? When and where?

The Q2 update letter said ASPs would stay high in Q1/Q2 of next year due to a “richer mix in the initial wave of Model 3 deliveries to Europe and APAC”.

You can interpret those words in different ways, but if you look at the numbers you quickly uncover the real meaning. US ASPs will plummet on 1/1/19, they can’t keep overall ASP up unless overseas is all AWD/P.

You are reading WAY too much into that statement.

They are simply saying that the US has been heavy on LR and Perf. sales because they are the only ones available, so the introduction of the SR in the US market will artificially swing towards SR sales before US sales re-balance to a more normal/steady mix of SR/LR/Perf models over the long run.

But not to worry, because meanwhile, the EU/APAC markets won’t have that artificial swing to SR sales, they will have the a more normal distribution of SR/LR/Perf. sales numbers.

They are addressing the idea that the SR introduction will hurt the bottom line, and they are explaining one structural reason why it won’t. If you look at their other statements, they also explain how a redesign on the SR will also make the SR more profitable to build/sell right from the beginning, so that is a second reason not to do a major freakout over the SR coming to market.

It’s my impression that to get the “assembled in Europe” tax rate they make the car in Fremont, test then partially disassembled like removing frunk & trunk lids, removing seats and wheels and maybe rotors. Ship car and parts to Amsterdam to re-assemble with European purchased tires. Is this true?

From a Dutch source:
“From the Fremont Factory, United States, the bodies of the car (including the wheels) are sent to the Tesla factory in Tilburg. Here the assembly takes place. 36 elements are added to the Model S and Model X, the largest of which are the drive shaft, the battery pack, the fluids, the firmware and the airbags.”

But that citation refers to existing Model S/X, not the upcoming Model 3?

BULLSHIT !!! There is no homologation in Europe for the Model 3 !!! SO IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO REGISTER ANY MODEL 3 IN EUROPE !!!
Once again, tesla and its PR fanboys lie will all the teeth in their mouth!!!
There will no homologation in Europe for the model 3 before august 2019!!!!