Tesla Registers Nearly 8,000 More Model 3 VINs

OCT 26 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

Within just two days, Tesla registered VINs for 3 weeks of Model 3 production.

Tesla recently found a way to significantly increase the production pace or, more likely, just is registering a lot of Model 3 VIN numbers in advance. In two days, some 21,392 new VINs were registered, while production is just above 5,000 a week during the best of times.

The latest batch was for 7,763 (following almost 14,000 a day earlier) and only 19% of those were AWD. The total number of registrations now stands at 177,554 (nearly 110,000 RWD and nearly 70,000 AWD).

The new VIN registrations in Q4 (basically in the first 26 days of October) stands at 59,646, including only 21,830 for all-wheel drive (less than 37%).

Tesla Model 3 VIN Registrations (cumulative) – October 26, 2018

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Will Tesla begin to sell higher end TM3 to Europe in January

They said they will take orders for Euro3s in late 2018, build them in early January and deliver in late Feb/March.

They’ll also take Asia-Pacific orders later this year, but probably won’t deliver those until Q2.

I have a feeling practically all of these will have free charging since the free charging offer is retroactive to Sep. 19.

Now that production of TM3s has stabilised, is there really much value in publicising every time Tesla register new VINs?

If it generates clicks it has value!

But have they registered more than the 450,000 “Reservations” yet?

I suppose, once they register over 1 Million, people will figure out the Model 3 is not just a “Flash In The Pan”, or “One Time Lucky”, or just “Pent Up Demand!”

So yeah, keep following these numbers! They are like a weather forecast for EV’s!

Yup. Registration is climbing the way it should be.

My question is when is there going to be a enough of these getting on to the roads to gas prices to shift around?

All boats rise with the tide, Other Old Auto co. have to offer BEVs or leave Tesla to take market share,isn’t competition great?

Here in Europe, gas prices shift around all the time (usually upwards). Big oil has figured out how to do that even without the Model 3. In order to make a remarkable dent in gas prices, at least 10% of the fleet have to be replaced (world wide), reducing the consumption. First, gas wil get cheaper due to lack of demand, then the refineries will loose business and mybe one or two close, and gas gets more expensive again. At 20% EV share of the fleet in any given country, gas stations will start to close and demand will concentrate at the remaining ones. I estimate that more than 60% of the fleet has to be replaced before lack of gas stations will become any form of hassle to the remaining ICE cars. Afterwards, with further rising EV shares, gas will become expensive, as the remaining gas stations can now charge higher prices as the competition from nearby gas stations dwindles. It will only result in a quicker death of ICE. A few gas stations will remain in the end catering to classic cars with low annual milage for premium prices. If we are lucky, the fleet might be converted… Read more »

10% of the world fleet = more than 100 million EVs.
Current sales are about 2 million a year, although growing quite fast.

I estimate it will take 7-8 years to reach 100 million EVs on the roads.

But by 2025 the share of EVs of new cars may be 30-50% in most major markets (China, US, Europe).

Well I suspect the Tesla shot sellers have major skid marks in there short shorts after this week. hahaha

Big run on the mid-range M3 to hopefully take advantage of the tax credit…..Most of the $35k hold-outs are realizing they will likely get no to little tax credit if they do not pull the trigger soon! Then 1Q of 2019 will be a heavy push into delivering the higher end models to the ROW….(Left hand drive). Sorry UK.