This Tesla Owner Has a Real Supercharger In His Garage: Video


He had created an authentic-looking mockup previously

There are Tesla fans, and then there are TESLA FANS. Erik, of DÆrik YouTube channel fame, falls into both of these categories. The auto-slash-energy brand can be seen throughout his house, though it is mostly concentrated in his garage. There, he has a Tesla Model S, a trio of Tesla Powerwalls to back up the Tesla solar panels on his roof. More recently, he shared an unboxing video of his Tesla surfboard. Now, he has an actual Tesla Supercharger to add to his collection.

Apparently, this was an item he had wanted for a long time. As you can imagine, individual Supercharger units aren’t something that Tesla actually sells, so they are pretty hard to come by. Previously, he had actually made the considerable effort to create his own Supercharger shell mockup, which he has hanging on the wall. Though the dimensions are a little off when the authentic and homemade versions are placed side-by-side, it’s a pretty good copy.

Erik found the object of his desire on eBay, snapping it up for an undisclosed amount. In the video above you can see how he manages to get the monstrosity wrangled from the back of his car where, amazingly, it had managed to fit. Released from its wrappings and supplied with a bit of electricity, he discovered that both the light that illuminates the branding of the unit and the one that shines downward from inside the top still function properly.

We expect to see more of this particular Supercharger in the future. Besides serving as a backdrop for his under-construction podcasting studio, he mentions that he may try to open it up to share with the world its inner workings. We have to say we’re kind of curious about what he finds.

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Does he have 400KW service? I would imagine that you would need at least that.

He would need to replicate the inverter stack, which are the big boxes you see at Supercharger sites.

Not to mention the space to put one at without it being a fire hazard and a loooot of expensive cabling running to his garage.

A whole lot of waste.

You mean 400 Amp?

I think 440vac service is meant. That is a standard industrial power, and is commonly used for superchargers. Amperage can actually vary. For example the 220vac chargers Tesla provides for home use can go to 70amps and are quite fast.

480V 3PH feeds super chargers…

Looking at completed listings on Ebay, the asking price was 3,200 and a best offer was accepted.

That’s a steal. The real question is how did it end up on Ebay?

That’s a question for the contractor that replaced it.

It is right in the ebay description:
“This item is not a functional supercharger it is for display purposes only.”

Sadly, it looks like another “real” click bait article.

I get that.

It was a display, that got damaged, was garbage bound, and who ever replaced it listed it and made some coin.

Um, that’s isn’t a Supercharger. It isn’t even a real pedestal. It’s a store mock up. A real Supercharger would have had the much larger external cabinet that houses a 480V to 400V AC to DC converter. And the pedestal would have been real, as opposed to a mock up. Still nice, but it’s just a decoration…

would make a great charge cable hanger though

Right, all it does is look cool with the Tesla light at the top. I think this is too much even for Erik. 🙂 Now if he feeds an HPWC into it…. (But he said it’s going inside to his studio as a sort of artifact.)

BF would say to throw that junk in the garbage

He does mention that it is a store display unit. Still, it must be an interesting story about how it got on eBay.

If he gets it connected and opens it up to the public then that’d be an expensive electricity bill!

For about the tenth time, that’s Erik. Looks you don’t even watch these videos. His partner is David.

The channel name is a combination of their names (I’ve always assumed).

Doh! I should know this because I actually do watch pretty much all their videos. Totally my mistake. Fixing.

Facepalming myself.

Wrong. The title is wrong and false

Another advantage of an open charging standard like CCS. You can just buy a charger on the market and it will actually work.

Well heck, you can just plug your BEV into a standard wall outlet. That will “work” too, in the same way that a shovel “works” as well as a backhoe.

What has that to do with fast charging?

“This Tesla Owner Has a Real Supercharger In His Garage”

Well, even if this was a real unit, and not a mockup as Cosmacelf says in his comment above, it still would only be a part of a “real Supercharger”.

comment image

Now, there are privately owned Superchargers. Not many, but some; see link below. We can be quite sure they cost a lot more than this guy paid for the mockup, though!

I think its pretty cool. He’s probably using whatever they did in the store. But his first ‘look alike’ ‘Supercharger’ had an old 40 ampere Mobile Connector (MC) which he just brought the input and output cords out of the display. But this time he has a real ‘Telsa Store’ display, and I assume it puts out something, although not over the 9600 watts as his original ‘creation’ did. VW used the same principle in their showrooms to demonstrate home charging. They took the ‘occasional use charger cord’ out of the trunk (UK: Boot), and put it in the fanciest shoe box you’ve ever seen. The input went to a conveniently located extension cord and the output was just the real trunk cord – so it was certainly doing a real-to-life demonstration. What makes me smile is those absolutely GARGANTUAN Oval PORSCHE charging stations at Porsche Dealerships. These look like they could easily handle 50,000 watts (think about the volume of 6 GE Wattstations) but they only put out a maximum of 12 amps at around 110 volts (whats left after going through plenty of small (15 ampere) wiring), or 1300 watts. If that is too much , a digital… Read more »

He’s so handsome!!

I will take your word for it.

You must be using a text to speech or braille interface? His picture is right at the top of the article. “but you don’t have to take my word for it!”

This guy really REALLY loves Tesla

Those two are certifiably nuts (in a good way). They also have a Solar City/Tesla solar system. Something like 16-17 kWh (50+ panels) and 3 Power Walls. No wonder Tesla was profitable last quarter.

You should be able to set it up as an actual level 2 charger with some creative wiring.

Dude – At some point, exaggerating or telling half truths means that in the end no one really believes you anymore, or pays any attention to you. You are halfway there! We have a parable about it “the boy who cried ‘wolf'”.
This is not a Real supercharger, it is a demo unit used in stores.

What does it take to have a real Supercharger? Apparently, more money than brains. Should have been content with a replica. Routine supercharging degrades batteries.

When I visited the last time the Austrian webshop of Schrack, they had something like but with IIRC 120kW CCS/Chademo for ca. 67kEUR + VAT. Then you can’t only charge Teslas but much more EVs like Kona/Niro/… with 70kW or upcoming EQC or e-tron with >100kW…

Sadly still nobody can tell me how much CCS power the Model 3 can use. Can’t understand why Tesla seems like to consider that as a secret…


Kman has already showed internal workings in 2013, here you go (sorry for repost, posted wrong link before)