Tesla Model X Spotted On Public Road In Palo Alto – Video


Here’s the first video we’ve come across of the Tesla Model X driving on public roads.

Clearly, this a near-production ready version of the Model X with only some bits covered with what appears to be white vinyl wrapping.

This video was shot in the Palo Alto, California area.

Check out the video and then discuss the looks of the Model X in Comments below.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

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Looks like the Falcon doors don’t fit. Hope they fix it so the gap does not rise during wind flow speed.

I *DO* see a missing bit of window trim between the two doors at the bottom of the window.

See the gap? Not a big deal at this time. The sheet metal underneath, is where it’s supposed to be. Trim probably got shifted around during dev, and these are still beta doors. But the doors themselves, do appear to fit. You can quibble about appearance of large seams (which are uniform and flat, btw), but there is also some rubber sealing around these doors that the show models likely didn’t have.

And this vehicle, does not appear to have the camera / sensor / camera stuck in the upper passenger side window. Again, no gaps in that window location on this vehicle.

Why does it take so long?

Because Elon… 😉

Because Model S brings a lot of money to Tesla, no need to rush, and the anticipation of another hit such as (or better than) Model S is making time pass very slowly…

Seems to me that you want a rushed/half ass car

Wow! 11 Minutes old Tesla Story and no other comments yet – on a Saturday!

OK! so it is now March 21st, we are probably still about 3 months away for full details being released and maybe 4 months for the Order page to get live, to make detailed options on the finalizing of orders! Al reservations will need some way to complete the details without creating a new order, too!

So – looks like headlights and front grill space is wrapped in vinyl, as well as the back window, similar to ‘spy shots’ share here in the past, so it is either one of the same, or the same vehicles.

Nice video clip, too bad traffic did not allow a jump in & tailing for a bit longer!


Ah…a reddit moment that it was actually comment three. I guess people still want EV news, even early on a Saturday morning, (=

It definitely looks better with the nosecone whited out.

Obviously the camera mirrors are not going to make it as this car still has regular mirrors.

the camera mirrors CAN’T make it thanks to regulators

Since Tesla Motors developed the ‘Auto Present’ Door Handles, I wonder if they could create – ‘Auto Present’ Mirrors – that fold out if needed (Traffic, Baking up with a Trailer, etc.), but retract at speed, and the camera function remains active, either way?!

You always need mirrors to be available.

Even at speed, you still need them to check for lane changes and to check traffic behind you.

Mirrors, are simply one tool in the tool box to use; Autopilot Sensors also check for traffic in blind spots, and well placed cameras and display systems can do the same.

Mirrors are the analog tools that depend on the driver and his/her proper use of them, and Sensors and Cameras are digital tools that depend on a microprocessors proper analysis of the data.

Aircraft today can already perform Auto Landings, since at least the Boeing 757, before 1993! Passengers would not be comfortable with the idea, though!

I think it looks good. Really like the lines. Nice work Tesla! Can’t wait to hear about the additional features we didn’t know about.

I can’t wait to hear the sales take off, if the X is truly priced like the S. A hit SUV EV is a much larger leap forward than a hit sedan EV, for three reasons:
1) the MPG difference (and cost savings) is way more dramatic,
2) the vehicle’s utility is far more versatile, and
3) Americans just love their SUVs and trucks.
So the Model X will potentially appeal to a much larger market than the S.

Hope they have a space for front license plate. Required in some states…

Required everywhere in the world, EXCEPT some states.

Not in Québec.

Not required in Puerto Rico. Your “world” reference is vastly incorrect!

Isn’t Puerto Rico a US territory ?

A front license plate is required in europe.

Not in Pennsylvania.

But then a lot of things are strange here.

Not in NC

Not in Florida either–lol

The Model S has perfect proportions, I don’t think it could be any better, but I think this thing looks really awkward. The greenhouse is all off.

looks the same to me. Just taller because it is a cuv.

Yes, same but taller, that’s exactly my problem. You can’t just take a good design and stretch it in one dimension and assume it’ll work out, aesthetically speaking.

Aesthetically speaking, no one can tell because it is disguised, camouflaged expressly not to give away its real look.
So here we go speculating and evaluating when the beauty is different and subjective from every single human.

Yes, it looks like an inflated Model S that is about to burst. Too bad, especially when combined with the weird falcon doors, it starts to sum up against it. Its drivetrain will be astonishing though but, all in all, the Model S is more desirable or one of the VIA trucks if off road is really required.

Why did the Tesla driver brake at the end of the video?

Probably lifted off the throttle enough for regen to kick in and turn on the brake lights.

Maybe a little “Hi!” ?

Because there was another car in front of him.

Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road?? L M A O

But there wasn’t. At least not for a long ways. Just one of my pet peeves, random braking.

It has the new LED or Laser lights that I have a spy shot of, was removed from Tesla forum.

Sadly laser lights aren’t legal on the US.

very clean, i like

I saw what I thought was a Tesla X in Arlington Virginia today, had the window rolled down and was hitting the camera button on my iPhone before I realized it was a BMW X6.
Man, never realized how much the two resemble each other from the back. The front is noticeably different but from the back the X6 really looked like an X.

They still with the nosecone ugly design, what a miss opportunity to improve with the model X.

It’s impossible to tell of course, but there sure doesn’t look to be much more trunk room than the Model S. The benefit (to me) of an SUV would be the extra space, but with the slanted aerodynamic back, that seems limiting. Maybe, it has a deeper “frunk”, but other than a tougher look, I worry that it may not offer much more in the way of utility.