Tesla Model S Owner Uses His Car To Stop Unconscious Driver, Musk Picks Up Repair Bill


Reports from Munich are commending a Tesla Model S driver for his heroic actions. Not only did he save a man’s life, and potentially others, he carried out the task by forfeiting his prized car.  Later, in appreciation for the good deed, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Tesla would pick up the tab on repairs!

Kick’s quick thinking expedited the unconscious driver’s medical attention.

The driver (Manfred Kick) was driving on the A9 (Autobahn) and noticed a VW Passat drive past him with a slumped over driver. The “ghost” car seemed out of control and the situation could have become dire quickly.

Fortunately, at the time, it was moving slowly in the left lane, so Kick thought quickly and pulled ahead of it with his Model S, in order to create a barrier, and bring it to a stop.

After stopping the vehicle, Kick climbed into it and grabbed the motionless man to begin administering first aid. During this time, a few other onlookers helped Kick by securing the area and calling emergency services. While Kick was in the vehicle trying to help the man, a hands-free phone call came through the car’s system. He told the caller of the situation and asked them to also call emergency services. He explained:

“I felt his pulse and then put him in a lying position so that the foam ran out of his mouth. I felt like I was in a movie. This was an extreme situation in which you just work.” (translated from German)

Later, Kick learned that the driver had likely had a stroke and his quick thinking moved the man to medical treatment sooner. Also, had the situation escalated, the stray car could have easily hit other vehicles in the area.

And although the damage did not appear severe to Kick’s Model S, the repair bill on that aluminum body was going to be fairly significant…that is until the Tesla CEO got wind of the good deed and decided his company should pick up the tab.

Due to the fact that it was considered an accident (even though Kick was doing the right thing) he still has to undergo an investigation. An authority from the local police department has already contacted him. Kick half-joked:

“That’s how it is, our state of law. I guess I will not get into big problems.” (translated from German)

The police officer explained:

“This is a normal procedure. If someone is injured in an accident, the prosecutor’s office has to be submitted for examination. Similarly, if a policeman acts in self-defense. It’s also necessary to check what happened exactly.” (translated from German)

Fortunately, thanks to Kick, the 47-year-old VW Passat driver is awake now and in stable condition.

Source: TZ (Munich) via Electrek – Images via local fire department

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A brave man.

I’m having trouble understanding these 2 things.

1) The driver ..noticed a VW Passat drive past him

2) Fortunately, at the time, it was moving slowly in the left lane

So how slow was Mr. Kick going?

Slowly could be relative to the speeds that a car in the left lane could have been traveling.

“Slow” on the autobahn could still have been like 90 mph. :p

For example: NOT slow is 221 km/h, wich I did 90 Minutes ago.

But even German Autobahns have a LOT of restricted zones with 120, 100, even 80 km/h.
They just don’t brag about that part.

Exactly. A9, the Autobahn in question has lots of speed restrictions, especially closer towards Munich.

I suspect that was a type-o and it should say “I was moving slowly…” (relative to Autobahn speeds).

Great story! Good reaction by the tesla owner

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I bet Kick’s insurance rate went up.

Why should it. I doubt that they have to pay for ANYthing.

Hopefully we can all agree that Herr Kick did the morally and ethically right thing.

But here in the USA, when an accident happens, there is a determination of who was at fault. It seems pretty clear that Herr Kick did intentionally cause the “accident”… even though calling it an “accident” is logically incorrect.

I don’t know how laws or regulations work in Germany, but it seems quite likely that in the USA, the insurance company would call this a “chargeable accident” and very likely would indeed raise Mr. Kick’s insurance rates.

I’m not at all saying that’s right or desirable from the standpoint of benefit to society. I’m just saying that appears to be what would happen.

If no insurance claim is made, or citation issued, his insurance shouldn’t be affected. And since Elon is picking up the tab, why would he make an insurance claim?

In the U.S., if there is a police report of an accident, then the insurance company gets a record of that even if the insured person doesn’t file a claim.

Perhaps it works differently in Germany, I dunno.

Good to know that Germany has a “Good Samaritan” law, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the insurance company won’t treat it as a chargeable accident.

Nope, it shouldn’t. Tesla will foot the bill for the repairs, so he won’t even have to make a claim. If anything, insurances need to reconsider how much they charge for these cars considering the ability they have predicting and preventing accidents when in self driving mode

I live less than 30 miles from where that happened and the German newsportals say the Volkswagen was moving at about 40 km/h – that’s 25 mph. So, apart from sucking up the damage he will most likely not be compensated for, it was not TOO heroic.

3:20pm CST — Twitter — Elon Musk ‏@elonmusk 15 minutes ago : In appreciation, Tesla is providing all repair costs free of charge and expedited.

Great move by Elon, not much cost for Tesla but great PR

In the US, the stroke victim might even sue his rescuer.

Good to know the Germans aren’t as crazy.

We have a Good Samaritan law here in Germany. That means you are required to give aid to your best ability, and can not be held liable as long as you gave aid to your best ability. All drivers have to take a first aid and CPR class as part of the licensing process.

I love a good news story. Well done Elon. ❤❤❤

Maybe the guy passed out from the diesel fumes belching out of the Passat? Not surprised the VW CEO didn’t offer to pay the repairs to the Passat. No reason to fix that piece of junk!

VW can’t afford to pay it.


In a related story: “Model S owner purposely wrecks car in order to get rid of ugly Aero wheels”. ;>

Such a nice PR story for Tesla.

Will Elon also pay to repair the vehicles hit by drag racing Tesla drivers?