Watch Toyota Prius Owner Drive Tesla Model 3 For First Time


What happens when you let your Prius-driving friend drive your Tesla Model 3?

*Warning: We wanted to make you aware that there is some cussing in this video.

It might be time to keep your Tesla Model 3 locked up and out of sight. Otherwise, when you least expect it, your colleague may run off with it.

In all seriousness, most people that drive a Tesla (or most EVs) for the first time are beyond impressed. Yes, there are still issues being reported in terms of Tesla’s tech glitches, quality control, service center struggles, etc. However, despite naysayers and doubters, none of these concerns make the Model 3 a “bad” car. Moreover, the reported issues don’t really have any impact on the thrill you’ll get when you first drive the car. In fact, we can’t really remember at time that we’ve stumbled upon or reported on a first-drive review of a Tesla that said the experience was a drag.

YouTuber ThatWhiteTesla owns an all-wheel-drive Tesla Model 3. He recently invited a friend to give the EV a whirl. Needless to say, the Toyota Prius driver was blown away. Would anyone expect anything different? Driving an electric vehicle is one of the number one motivators that leads to adoption.

The moral of the story here is … folks, please encourage your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances to go for a drive in your electric car. Educate them and show them the way.

Have you been successful in converting someone? Please share your stories with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via ThatWhiteTesla on YouTube:

Prius Owner Drives Tesla Model 3 For The First Time

I take my Prius-driving colleague David out for a ride in my Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor. This is his first experience behind the wheel of a Tesla and using the infamous Enhanced Autopilot mode. Well… I’ll let his reaction to the Tesla Model 3 speak for itself! 🤣

1:16 – David floors it for the first time!
2:16 – David floors it…again!
3:05 – Experiencing the Tesla enhanced autopilot for the very first time!
4:00 – The Tesla Model 3 merges automatically in rush hour traffic.


Tesla Model 3 Performance - Dual Motor Badge
20 photos
Tesla Model 3 Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance Tesla Model 3 Performance - Midnight Silver Tarmac Motion (wallpaper 2,560x – click to enlarge) Tesla Model 3 Performance - White Interior - Wide Tesla Model 3 Performance - White Interior - Touchscreen 2. Tesla Model 3 Range: 310 miles; 136/123 mpg-e. Still maintaining a long waiting list as production ramps up slowly, the new compact Tesla Model 3 sedan is a smaller and cheaper, but no less stylish, alternative, to the fledgling automaker’s popular Model S. This estimate is for a Model 3 with the “optional” (at $9,000) long-range battery, which is as of this writing still the only configuration available. The standard battery, which is expected to become available later in 2018, is estimated to run for 220 miles on a charge. Tesla Model 3 charge port (U.S.) Tesla Model 3 front seats

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Baby Steps… Start them out on ‘Chill Mode’ – Then Normal, then the Performance Modes!
‘Warm Them Up’, so to speak, to ‘Tesla Performance’


I’m in a community band and one of our trombone players was asking about my RWD Model 3 before rehearsal. I said, hey, we’ve got some time, let’s go for a spin. Two weeks later he comes to me and says it’s my fault for him spending a lot of money. Four weeks later he took delivery of a white AWD Model 3.

That’s incredible. Way to go. Let’s get more people following suit!

That’s how great products get sold, word of mouth. Tesla will have no problems with demand even after the tax credits run out at the end of the year.

And THAT’S why I keep saying that there’s no “list” of Model 3 buyers to be depleted. Every Model 3 replaces it’s owner in line with another future owner.

Talks like a sailor.

Dude’s authentic.

Totally unnecessary foul language.

Agreed. However, we didn’t produce the video and we still believe it’s a solid share. Sorry if you were offended, we apologize.

Just add a NSFW tag.

This video is gold!

The guy swares like a 19 y/o with something to prove.

My first Prius has 260k miles, $40 oil change every 10k miles, and zero issues. My second one is on the way to that, with even better MPG, handling, acceleration. Not saying Tesla is a bad car, and would love to drive one, but making a *quality* car, in mass, that will last for years with little to no maintenance (my first Toyota is still on the road with over 750k miles on the same transmission), that’s a challenge few can overcome vs. the Japanese manufacturers and particularly Toyota.

Now go and tell them to start making EV’s.

It’s funny, all my life, I was given the impression the Japanese were so smart, but obviously I was wrong. The Americans are smart.


MAGA – Make Assad Great Again.


Engineers all over the world are smart people. They all can design incredible products, as long as their companies and government leaders support and demand the development of these products.

The “Americans are smart, but Japanese not so much” comment really makes you sound ignorant – not a good reflection on our nation.

I did not think I had the power to reflect an entire nation and I’m not even American.

Don’t read too much into it, 3342. Just disappointed, the Japanese are not doing more.

Here you go snowflakes: MAGA!

MAGA: Morons Are Governing America


Mobsters Are Governing America

Sadly, both are true 🙁

Ain’t it so for almost every country? 🙂

Prius does not have acceleration. 10’s was bad in the early 90’s

I own one. 10 seconds is enough to merge in any traffic, and the CVT + electric drive give a smooth constant acceleration at any speed. very comfortable to drive, well balanced car. But of course nothing like a Tesla!

I went from a Prius V to a model S (and sold the Prius to my father in law so he could get rid of his gas guzzling SUV) Huge upgrade, but I got a used one for about the price of a model 3 and it has a 4 year warranty. For normal everyday driving in the Prius, I was getting about 35 mpg, and the car worked fine, however going through mountains or steep hills, the Prius would struggle to maintain speed and I would be down in the teens for MPG, this is most definitely not a problem with the Tesla as far as maintaining speed goes.

Daniel W Colestock PE

A BEV has far fewer parts than any Toyota or other fossil-fuel vehicle. The drive motors are geared down and linked to the wheels directly through an open differential, it couldn’t be any simpler, the picture of elegance. Everything is done with computers, power electronics and the high-performance motors, and there’s zero drivetrain maintenance. Service is tires. TIRES. That’s it. Our Prius is great but it just doesn’t compare with a clean BEV, particularly a Tesla.

Prius Driver than alter ego emerges.
That happens. The luxury of power, quiet and instant torque is intoxicating.

“The Strange Case of Dr. Prius and Mr. Tesla”.

I let my friend drive my AWD Model 3 on a Saturday. He placed his order on Sunday. Tesla called him on Monday to say his AWD Model 3 would be ready on Friday. This was the Saturday after Thanksgiving. They have them stacked up and ready to go in St. Louis, at least the AWD.


Yep. I’ve had a 2010 Prius… love that car. Low maintenance and great mileage. But I always wanted to get to all electric. Drove a Model 3 on Dec 1st at the showroom. Ordered AWD dual motor that day. They had what I wanted in stock, so I was able to get it delivered 6 days later – Dec 7th. Love it.

Four people have come over to drive my Model 3, and 3 have bought one! Too bad the referral started late, or I’d be getting some goodies. Yes, we EV first adopters have to give people private test-drives and show them how charging works, put them at ease so they can take the leap!

I got 6 peeps to buy teslas. 3 referrals to my name then. And I didn’t even own one then lol.

Yea, get the word out- $65,000 cars are just *better* than $25,000 cars. People need to recognize! It’s like when Honda Civic EX drivers get behind the wheel of an Audi RS 3, they can’t believe how much better it is. And I’m just like, “Yo, that’s what I been telling ya, brah! Fo’ realz!”

Know your audience.

We witnessed the “it’s worth it” argument fail for 8 years with Volt. That premium justification was never enough to draw mainstream buyer interest, who have very different priorities than enthusiasts. That’s why there are different categories of vehicles. It’s something early-adopters either don’t recognize or don’t want to.

Try selling the acceleration benefit to my mom. That’s a futile endeavor. She’s happy to purchase a new vehicle, but going fast simply isn’t of any interest. A good balance for a good price is the goal.

A common affordable choice is fine. This is why a $28,000 RAV4 hybrid delivering 39 MPG will be a popular choice. We’d all really want to see the plug option added soon, but that just isn’t on the “profit for dealer” radar yet. So, don’t expect it to be something ordinary shoppers will be drawn to in the near future.

And yet, ex-Prius drivers make up a large portion of Model 3 sales. These are people who bought a Prius because it was the “in” eco vehicle, irrelevant of cost. Many could afford much more expensive cars. But, Toyota rested on it’s laurels and failed to innovate, so now Teslas are the “in” eco vehicles.

Early-Adopters always start somewhere. Whether it not the technology is able to reach mainstream consumers is the issue.

The M3 is, or will be shortly, the most successful BEV ever. It will also take the title of most successful electrified vehicle of any type (HEV, PHEV, BEV). Prius probably has the crown for the moment, but Toyota has no chance to retain it as they continue to waste resources on Fool Cells.

8 million is the title to beat.

I’d guess Tesla will get there in half the time it took Toyota. And the whole time Toyota execs will be saying BEVs aren’t viable.

Prius sold 4.3 million globally in the first 20 years.

Here’s hoping the Model 3 can do the same!

The Prius driver didn’t buy it because it was “in”.
It was the most effective Anti-Pollution, Anti-Carbon, Pro-Green vehicle available.
Also, going Prius meant you did your finances good too.
Even the BMW i3, 6 lease payments will be made from no-fuel expense.
And you get power and clean air.
Now, EV’s are.

Some people bought it because it made financial sense. A lot bought because it was trendy. Watch the old Smug episode of South Park, lol!

The Prius and Prime are both slow and boring to drive, so no one bought it because it was a fun car. There are much better options now, that are also trendy and fun to drive, so Prius sales are crashing.

How is this different from a Kia Rio owner driving a Corvette for the first time?
Sure, they are a lot more fun to drive. But can they afford it?

Another Euro point of view

Exactly my thought. I thought I would not have to almost reach the bottom of the comments section to read something as obvious but then…er….how to say….

Lot of Prius owner can afford expensive cars but choose Prius because its green. Now they can move on to tesla which is green as well just as fun as gasoline cars.

Prius Drivers know nothing about cars frankly! You can NOT be a car enthusiast and drive a Prius. It’s impossible. If you think otherwise, then you’re not a car enthusiast, or you are a Prius driver. I’m not surprised one bit.

17 Prius drivers were offended by the truth of the above statement… LOL

He got one from me too and i’m not a Prius driver. There is more to cars than acceleration and engine noise. Some come to appreciate cars for their energy efficiency for example.

Ah, the classic “they disagree with my opinion so they’re automatically wrong” argument coming from Jason.

It’s perfectly reasonable for someone in his late teens to enjoy a nice sporty car, and then grow up to see them as a problem in their evolving worldview, deciding to opt out of that hobby unless something comes along that addresses the negatives.

Not everyone lives and dies by one hobby, they can grow to find others that suit their sensibilities better. But then comes the Model 3 and those people can relive their teen years again, fun without the guilt, hooray!

I’ve been a car nut since the 1960s. My dad and both of my brothers worked for Chrysler at the now closed St. Louis assembly plant. I began wrenching on cars before I was old enough to drive. I took a two year vocational auto mechanics class in high school. I’m a retired electrcal engineer with experience in the automotive industry. I’ve owned so many cars in my lifetime, I’ve lost count. One of those cars was a Honda Insight hybrid.

This Tesla owner has caused his Prius owner friend to acquire a serious case of Tesla envy… the Prius owner will now likely despise his Prius each time he hammer-downs the pedal in his Prius to overtake another car… ( Do Prius owners ever attempt to overtake cars?).

Perhaps out of compassion Tesla owners need to be more sensitive to their Prius owning friends and refrain from offering them a Tesla test drive… ignorance is bliss.

I don’t think that’s possible.

I used to overtake cars all the time in my Prius V… Now I do it with my Tesla Model S much faster

Makes someone a little cocky on the take-off don’t ya think like marking the Tesla for someone to sideswipe

I own a Model 3 and was hoping the Prius owner to be more surprised/impressed. He said that he gave Tesla a “slight edge” which I think is an understatement to how vastly superior the 3 is, to the Prius

He said slight edge in a race, sarcastically.

I was not terribly impressed. The 60,000 dollar M3 lacked some of the features of my Prime. It’s ridiculously uncomfortable to enter and exit and not terribly attractive. Prius Prime wins again.

The Prius HEV is a great car. If I lived in a place where electricity was primarily coal-generated, I might choose a Prius over a full EV. Luckily, I live in Southern California, served by Southern California Edison utility, and 0% of our electricity comes from coal.

It doesn’t really matter where your electricity comes from now, it’s where it will come from in 3 or 5 years. One of the benefits of a PHEV (there are many) is the ability to use multiple sources of fuel, any time.

Absolutely hysterical. Am a Tesla owner, would never go back to any other car. (Though do still keep a petrol fueled car), hasn’t been driven since. Much like keeping a landline for us non millennials:)

Good except the swearing.

Great review, thank you you could have shown us the car itself, as we’re still not familiar with model’s looks. Cheers

Wow is that all it takes to make a Prius driver smile? Get out of that Prius!! And you won’t be a “Prius Driver” and that should make anyone smile!

Awesome video! I’ve given rides to my friends and they’ve ordered their Tesla Model 3, too. It really is something Tesla owners should focus on doing. We can help be a part of increasing BEV adoption. Once you drive– you see the Elon Musk light and never look back… like the guy in this video! Ha!

Watched this with my 5 year old, then came all the swear words. Don’t post the stuff with adult content without Warning….

Sorry. We usually add a disclaimer. I forgot. I will add and be more aware in the future.

What’s up with all the road noise. It the window open

Seems Toyota is clueless about Prius. What will happen with Corolla hybrid launches. What will the price of Prius be, will it last or its sales will go down.

Will there be a complete redesign in 2021 at least.
If VW “ever” launches ID in 2020, Prius is finished.

David sounds like a former Air Force fighter pilot. What was he doing driving a Prius???

I don’t like that he slammed the doors.

I drive a Prius (just under 2 months in) and live in metro Atlanta. My average speed is just under 20 miles per hour. That’s the same speed as I averaged in my 300 HP, AWD Infiniti Q50 before. I came to realize that the excitement of racing up to the next redlight and/or traffic jam didn’t give me that car enthusiasts thrill. So I still average 20 mph, but I get triple the gas mileage on regular vs premium. I think the Tesla is a marvel and fantastic, I previously had a Nissan Leaf and liked it (minus the range). Honestpy, the only thing that really excites me about the Tesla’s is auto pilot. My used 2012 Prius 4 has “leather”, heated seats, Bluetooth, a good stereo, etc. For now, I’ll stick with it (and keep $45 grand in my bank account) while I admire the Teslas averaging 20 mph right along beside me. I’d probably have the same reaction if I was in this guy’s place. As others have mentioned, it’s not as if a Prius driver can just decide to switch theirs out for a model 3. Even if they have an extra $40-50k plus sitting around,… Read more »

What was up with the guy on top of the steering wheel? Was he a NASCAR race driver in a past life?

a toyota driver should smile in any other car s/he’s been let to drive lol.

Hey I am sold – now I just need to buy a Model 3 for the price of a Prius and we are all set…oh wait that won’t work…

More tesla tease

Honestly both cars are meant to do good for Environment.
I drive Prius and and my friends drive Tesla, 0-60 in 5sec is impressive. Lets be honest I live in crowded suburbs around Beltway DC. I mean the traffic is crazy even on Saturdays and Sundays, People are restless around here. What I am getting at is even if you have Ferrari there is no room for you to show the muscle power.
Ok, getting to the point of one drawback on Tesla is Long distance drive, i am talking like driving like 500 miles. That is where it falls short of Prius or any other combination, fuel / electric car. There were times I drove to Chicago from DC on Prius never have to worry about charging as I am aware that there are plenty of gas stations around. Yes there are charging stations that comes with long breaks not 10 minute in and out of gas station.

Humans are extremely adaptable creatures. You learned how to operate a car, right. Learning to operate a Tesla presents far fewer challenges.

The reality of most miles driven, the chore turns in to a bore. Once boredom sets in the mind wonders and distractions become far more problematic. We now live in a mobil society where we bring work, home, and our social life with us. The drivers assist features will saves lives and reduce even the inevitable fender bender.

I placed an order for Porsche Taycan!!!!!!

Daniel W Colestock PE
Yup. We had a 2005 Prius, replaced it with our 2010 Prius III, my wife calls it “the gift that keeps on giving” (she’s a CPA). Our Tesla Model 3 AWD arrived last October after a long 661-day wait. Amazing. absolutely no comparison, words fail me. A Tesla has to be experienced in person. It feels like punishment now if I have to move the Prius over in the driveway. For my money, Toyota ushered in the modern era of electric vehicles in 1997 with the Prius, and it remained the hybrid benchmark for 20 years. They helped develop and refine all the components of the modern EV. Then they sat on their lead for years along with the rest of the Japanese automakers (save Nissan), betting on hydrogen and losing big, Sad and hard to watch. The Chinese and Koreans aren’t waiting around for Japan to wake from their collective BEV stupor. It took Tesla in 2008 and again in 2012 to show the world how to do it, and they remain the battery-electric vehicle benchmark by which all others are measured. Every automaker on the planet is now scrambling to figure out how to stay in business over… Read more »