Tesla Model 3 Production Hits 500 Units In Single Day

Tesla Model 3


Ahead of what has been reported as an upcoming Tesla Model 3 production shutdown, the automaker is making notable progress.

Everything we’ve learned as of late points to Tesla successfully ramping up Model 3 production considerably this month. It seems the automaker is cranking out as many copies as possible prior to the May 26 to May 31 shutdown, which is set to increase production speed even more.

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A little over a week ago, we reported that Musk had emailed employees about the potential to hit a 500-unit-per-day Model 3 production rate. He had said it was highly likely and that employees should reach out to him personally if they became aware of any barriers to the production goal. It may not have actually happened within the timeframe that the CEO was speaking to, but nonetheless, Tesla has now pulled it off.

According to a new email that Electrek was fortunate to get a copy of, Musk congratulated employees on the latest milestone. The email said (via Electrek):

First time we’ve been able to run at a rate of 500/day or an extrapolated 3500 customer deliverable cars per week. Congratulations on a big milestone!

Similar to our share in the previous story, Musk is working this out to 3,500 Model 3s per week since the automaker builds cars on a 24/7 schedule. Again, he used the word extrapolated, which can appear a bit vague, but Musk didn’t mention anything about this being a burst. It seems that he’s talking about a consistent run rate. Additionally, although his early Model 3 estimates weren’t even close to reality, lately, Musk’s projections have been proven with results.

This is a substantial jump from the 2,000-per-week rate that was reported prior to the last production shutdown. With another shutdown coming, and Tesla seemingly vastly improving its progress during the scheduled stops, the next milestone shouldn’t be as difficult as it may have seemed in the past.

By the end of June, the CEO hopes to surpass the 5,000-per-week mark, with a potential for as many as 6,000 Model 3s coming off the line each week by then.

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As much as I am a proponent of EVs, statements like this with poor grammar, all caps, and statements like “wake up” sound like an uneducated person wearing a tin-foil hat.

What EV are you driving today? I know you had a LEAF and returned it. Then you whined about how expensive and limited range the 30 kwh LEAF. So what do you drive? CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

“Musk didn’t mention anything about this being a burst. It seems that he’s talking about a consistent run rate. ”

Aw c’mon guys. If you believe that then you would expect a minimum of 15K M3 produced in June (500+. * 30) with the rate increasing and no Shutdowns expected wouldn’t that conservatively point to an expected production of 16-20k for June?

I hope they prove me wrong but I expect they’ll be lucky to break 12k units produced.

At 500 per day, the shut down begins tomorrow and lasts until 5/31 to increase production rates into June. They need to get to 715 daily to reach the 5000 weekly rate. So the production updates need to offer at least 215 more daily units.

I think they need the shutdown to make it plausible that they couldn’t quite reach the 200k’th US delivery in June. LOL!
200k will probably be delivered on July 2nd. Coincidentally, that will allow Tesla to keep the full $7500 credit for an additional 3 months as the Model 3 deliveries ramp up to levels never seen in the US BEV market before!
This next 5 weeks is going to be interesting, but the sales in the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year are going to be “get your bowl of pop corn” level fascinating! 😉

Agree, 200,000 on or just after 7/1/18, and then they will start with the “$35,000” cars about 1/1/19 and those mostly US customers can still get $3750 tax credit for the next 6 months and loaded model 3s can start going overseas in significant numbers to keep up the positive cash flow..

I hope the model Y is somewat boxier than the X for the sake of practicality and has more conventional controls/displays. Then I might buy myself a big fat senior citizenship gift (I’ll be 70 in 2020).

Thats a good achievement, and was not a burst from what I heard.

We used to think 5000 units in a quarter was a great accomplishment. Now we seem to be complaining they only can produce 5000 per week. GM only plans on making 30,000 Bolts a year and you hear very little complaint. Thank we all be glad somebody’s out there busting their butt trying to make the planet better.

Yes, 20K/month is the equivalent of Tesla’s total Model S sales for all of 2012 and 2013 combined!! We certainly have come a long way.

Hey Nix, so much for your comment that Tesla was over 4K weekly rate 2 weeks ago… May 23rd was Tesla’s first day over 500 daily units produced.

This is likely the difference between burst rates and consistency.

Dave/AKA former banned poster trying to dredge up old grudges with myself and Pushy, I made no such claim that Tesla built over 4K/week. I posted on a story that reported a rumor from internet poster “bkmxp100d” of that amount being built. I did not make a claim about the number being true or false, I simply compared the number provided by “bkmxp100d” to other car sales numbers:

Here is what I posted:
“4,290 TM3’s in one week? That is around as many as Tesla’s closest 2 pure EV competitors have sold in the US all year so far! that is closing in quickly on BMW 3 Series US sales monthly numbers!”


Why they let banned folks like you nose back in, I have no idea.

I have not been banned from the site, and have not posted BS numbers either. You hear a rumor that makes your narrative, and run with it, when I corrected you , you call me a troll, shorter, etc… The truth sets you free my friend… its nothing to be afraid of.

This is exactly why you got banned before. I show absolute proof that I was not the person making the claim, that it was “bkmxp100d” and I just put his claim into context. I neither confirmed the number nor made any implication that it was accurate.

You could have simply said: “my bad – yes it was “bkmxp100d” that made that claim, not you. I got that wrong.” No problem, we all make mistakes.

Instead you double down and imply I somehow lied and posted BS, when I was simply quoting a number provided by “bkmxp100d” in the story written by “STEVEN LOVEDAY”. Are you also saying that Mr. Loveday is also responsible for “bkmxp100d”‘s numbers? And that he is also full of BS and is a liar, because he also quoted “bkmxp100d”‘s numbers?

“It may not have actually happened within the timeframe that the CEO was speaking to, but nonetheless, Tesla has now pulled it off.”

I’m OK with a quarter or two late but finally hitting HUGE targets, vs. having very low targets (or no targets at all). Can anybody list off the production target numbers for 2018 of any 5 other EV’s?


2018 production targets:

NissanLeaf. 150,000
Chevy Bolt EV 35,000
Hyundai Kona EV (18.600 units)
Hyundai IONIQ Electric (48.000 units)
Kia Niro EV (21.000 units)
Tesla Semi 0
Tesla. roadster. 0

NissanLeaf. 150,000 == 3K/wk
Chevy Bolt EV 35,000 == 0.7K/wk
Hyundai Kona EV (18.600 units) == 0.37K/wk
Hyundai IONIQ Electric (48.000 units) == 0.96K/wk
Kia Niro EV (21.000 units) == 0.4k/wk

That is a goal of roughly 5,500/wk for these 5 cars combined.

At 5K/week in the second half of 2018, Tesla would be building nearly as many pure EV’s as those 5 combined. This very much confirms my belief that hitting a huge target, even 2 quarters late, is 5 times better than hitting lower targets.


Agreed. You could also point out that only GM might be on pace to meet their modest target but GM’s target is so low that in spite of a 9 month lead and Tesla being behind by another 6-9 months Tesla’s cumulative production of M3s will surpass Bolt EVs in the next month or two.

The burst test is planned for next week after the shutdown is complete (if everything goes as planned for the shutdown and reconfiguration of the line). The plan is to Burst Test at a RATE equivalent of 6,000/units a week. They have no intentions of actually doing a full week at 6K/week. The Burst Rate test will be done essentially to determine bottlenecks for worst case scenarios as they jump to 5K/week.

Yep, that’s the story. Lots of people quoting Musk at 6,000, and we had it in our original headline accordingly. But, 5,000 is the real target. Makes much more sense to aim high, burst, then settle for a more reasonable, attainable number.

The burst rate is really a silly measure especially after a factory shutdown. The burst rate test (if you want to find the real bottlenecks) should be done after several weeks of sustained production, so that it is not more or less a preloading of parts and half completed vehicles at the start (if the burst comes immediately following the shutdown its less of a manufacturing test, and more of a staged show for wall street).

Dave, what is silly is when banned people keep coming back with different usernames.

So debate my point Mr Manufacturing expert? Instead of insulting me, lets hear how showing a burst following a shutdown is a good measure of production proficiency.

I already covered your point previously in another story, Mr. Banned. Your old habits of rehashing old issues that have been covered before in previous stories, and dragging up issues from the past will be ignored. If you don’t like how I post, feel free not to click the “Reply” button on my posts. Better yet, honor the ban.

They’re building more in a week than the compliance cars are building in an entire year.


Extrapolation – the most used or implied word in Tesla-speak. Extrapolated production rate. Extrapolated profit. Extrapolated cash flow. Extrapolated business growth. Based on past Musk-extrapolations, I think I can safely extrapolate that this extrapolation will likely turn out to be yet another over-extrapolation of what actually is.

Over-extrapolate me once, shame on you. Over-extrapolate me twice, shame on me.

Give Musk a break he could’ve taken his $180 million and blown it on sex, drugs, and gas guzzlers but instead he decided to put it behind Tesla and space x. GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS AND DIESELS LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

It might be good if they got away from the trap of 1000 cars per week becoming 5000. They stated over ambitious numbers from the beginning, that was a mistake.