The Tesla Model 3 Is Truly A Dominant Force, According To J.D. Power

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Now that 2018 is in the record books, it’s clear that Tesla has put the auto industry on notice. And, 2019 could be even bigger. Jack Nerad at Forbes reports, “2019 will be a pivotal year for electric vehicles in general and Tesla Motors in particular, and consumer research giant J.D. Power is bullish on both. Booming electric vehicle sales is one reason for the firm’s optimism about Tesla and the category, but it is only one of the reasons for the positive predictions.”

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Above: Tesla’s Model 3 (Image: InsideEVs)

Nerad notes, “This is not to say that Tesla Motors won’t face some headwinds… [but] 2019 will be a pivotal year for Tesla Motors and the EV market in the United States. It could be the year that EVs genuinely become mainstream.”

To gain more insight, Nerad sat down with J.D. Power’s David Paris, supervisor of the company’s Market Intelligence Group, for an exclusive interview to get his take on Tesla and the EV sector. According to Paris, “There has never been a more exciting time for electric vehicles in the United States.”

Above: In the first 9 months of 2018, Tesla dominated global EV market share and vehicles sold (Source: Bloomberg)

Looking at recent trends in the EV space, Paris notes, “One thing that we saw is that more unique models are going on sale. A lot of the growth can really be attributed to that and the push we saw with Tesla… The Model 3 is really dominating the U.S. EV market.”

And it’s not just the EV market. CNBC reports, “Tesla’s Model 3 sedan became the best-selling luxury vehicle on the US market. Last year, in total, Tesla sold 145,846 Model 3s, the company’s mid-size, four-door sedan that started production in 2017. That easily outpaced the 111,641 units sold by the Model 3′s closest luxury vehicle competitor, the Lexus RX…. followed by more luxury SUVs like the Mercedes-Benz GLC (an estimated 62,435 units sold) and the Audi Q5 (61,835 units), according to Kelley Blue Book.”

Above: Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 is only 30% complete and is already the highest volume battery plant in the world (Youtube: Tesla)

And others in the auto industry are, indeed, taking notice. Most recently, Teslarati reported that BMW Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Manfred Schoch, told Germany’s Manager Magazin that the company could benefit from working with Elon Musk. He says traditional automakers have a tendency to complain, “too much is declared impossible.” Meanwhile, Schoch confesses, “Tesla controls the entire value chain; they understand electromobility.”


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lots of model 3s lining up at pier 80 San Francisco getting loaded on to a ship for overseas deliveries. Might be worth a story 😉

As an individual brand, Tesla dominates.
Now add up all Chinese EV sales, and see the Threat to Tesla and the Threat to the US Car Industry.

Trump better stop backing the Losers and start backing the Winners or he gives the US Auto Industry to China. If China standardizes on one electric engine/battery design across industry they will have the lowest Unit Cost in the World, and will DOMINATE this new industry.

Someone better Bribe Trump STAT!

You can’t bribe a narcissistic troll. Unfortunately, people are feeding the troll over and over every time he goofs up. I fear he’ll be back for even worse.

Trump owns a Tesla. Didn’t chop credits as predicted. He’s also a Musk fan, despite disagreements on climate accords that would have raised taxes (on everyone) no negative motion. Don’t think he stopped wind power subsidies either – they were extended 2 yrs vs the usual 1 yr (early in his tenure)… so what’s the problem?

That he owned a Tesla is a myth. After Musk quit because Trump was such a scumbag idiot, Trump no longer likes him.
Not stopping subsidies is hardly a point as he can’t, it’s up to congress.
Obviously you are just like Trump, lying all the time and making stuff up from nothing.
Tesla will grow 10x it’s production in 6 yrs or so and it is unlikely anyone will catch them besides having great EVs, only Tesla has unlimited battery supply at lower cost.
That big auto is finally accepting Tesla is right, the best and beating their buts in a down market is them just accepting reality.

Yeah, Trump will effectively raise taxes (again) on everyone with his grandiose scheme for import tariffs. (Or maybe you can’t understand that, along with Donny.)

And as to wind subsidies (he hates wind turbines because they “ruined” the view from his Scottish golf course) – You understand that Trump, despite his wishes, isn’t a dictator.

First off, paris accord would not raise taxes. We have already seen that today’s GOP does not care 1 bit about debt/deficit.
Secondly, our leaving Paris was not a bad thing. it is a worthless accord since CHina has not been honoring it, just lying about things.
Third, Trump did not kill the wind subsidy because the bulk of wind comes from red states. So, the GOP said no, and he went along (HORRIBLE MISTAKE; should have killed all wind subsidies EXCEPT for off-shore, as well as wind generators that are in the constant upper stream.

Trump thinks imposing tariffs is the way to hurt China. Those 25% tariffs are paid by American consumers.
Working with EU, TPP, and WTO would have given him leverage. Instead every world leader except dictators think Trump is a fool.

Relaxing emissions standards could actually be the death knell for GM and Ford. Most people can remember what the Japanese auto invasion did to the US market. When the Chinese start showing up with superior autos listed in the graph (BAIC, BYD, Chery), mostly in the form of EVs, only Tesla and Rivian will remain standing.

All kinds of wrong you are MH!
Actually driving or being driven by a communist, human rights abusing, undemocracric Chinese passenger vehicle is quite different than buying their cheap electronics n other disposable crap. Most in this country simply won’t do that no matter the cost. Plus our stiffer safety regs will deter most Chinese bev builders from exporting to our shores.

I wish I could agree that most won’t buy a cheap Chinese car. You give too much credit to the American public. There is a certain segment of the population who will buy whatever is cheapest, no matter who makes it. Look at airline fares. People know they are flying in a cheap, uncomfortable, sardine seat, yet they buy tickets anyhow.

That’s what people said in the 70’s about Japanese cars. Surprise Toyota is the number 1 car seller in the world.

I don’t understand why American companies didn’t manufacturer more goods in Central America and Mexico rather than China. Seems like shipping costs is lower.
Also when China stopped accepting our recycled materials why not build recycling centers that convert recycled plastic, cardboard etc into usable materials in the US or Central America/Mexico. Instead now we send it to Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.

Trump is a lame duck at this point. Nothing but investigations and indictments from now on.

You forgot the /s

Yes, if the Chinese EVs were worth a d*&n, they would be here. OTOH, like most everything in CHina and what is shipped here all too often, the Cars are PURE JUNK, unable to pass western safety standards.

Yeah how many people in the US own Apple products and oh yeah they just hate them, because they think there junk.

Trump is incapable of making a good decision. Tesla is an American success story and Trump would help Putin before Americans. Trump filed bankruptcy 4 times on a Casino and his supporters think he’s a great businessman. Trump makes Nixon look like Mother Theresa.

That is how Russia owns Trump – they bought him by bailing him out of his bankruptcies. “Great businessman”? What a nasty joke. Collusion is quickly turning into treason.

They are still the only REAL Electric car automaker. The others are all COMPLIANCE so far.

I think Nissan made a try….but they’ve really backed away lately. 🙁

GM has also put in a good effort. Results have been mixed but it is certainly much more than merely a compliance effort.

BMW has made a bit of effort too.

I think there are others that have put in more than compliance efforts….but they just plain haven’t been as good as Tesla in design, engineering, execution, etc. FFS, they just need to steal more from Tesla! (Aerodynamics! Support a charging network! liquid cooled battery! >100KW DC fast-charging! Skateboard design!)

Are you blind speclaw?? Nissan and all traditional automakers have only complied with regs for selling evs in the USA including Nissan, BMW n even GM. A few basic facts that most easily prove my point: 1) Nissan has offered ONLY ONE plug in, the leaf, this entire decade and has no immediate plans for any other plug ins let alone bevs here in the next few years. Why didn’t Nissan offer small sedan or cuv bev with their leaf tech a few years ago? Why not an Altima phev with half the battery pack of the leaf? Just ridiculous to not spread the tech to somewhere. All zev credits in one bev basket for Nissan. 2) Nissan did not really redesign leaf last year as there still is no telescope feature n efficacy remains low. 3) BMW i3 is a great little bev but has continually, woefully been behind much lower priced competition in range. Their update this year is still only but bout 150 miles of range. Just awful…and therefore far less demand for the i3 than needed to make the i3 viable in the bev market. 4) GM killed the volt n has given us no plans… Read more »

I am more impressed by the model 3 dominating the BMW 3 series class of vehicle in the US than by it dominating other BEVs. Assuming Tesla doesn’t drop the ball on the model Y I think it could be even more dominant in its class.

How funny.
So other postings here use EVs and Hybrids from BYD to go past Tesla, while JDPowers is using just EVs.
BYD does not even come close to Tesla in terms of EV production.