Tesla & Ford Are Most Talked About Brands In U.S.

SEP 23 2018 BY MARK KANE 55

Tesla, Ford… and no other automaker, outside of a mention of Honda from the island state.

We recently received interesting results from new research on the most talked about car brands in the U.S., using geotagged twitter data (well over 500,000 tweets) as source.

As it turns out, Tesla and Ford were the most talked brands in almost all states (in Hawaii, it was Honda). The total number of mentions of Tesla was slightly higher than Ford, but as you can see below, in particular states like California, Tesla won significantly. Ford still is strong in Michigan.

From the e-mail:

Also interesting to look at the cultural significance, as the South and Midwest were won by Ford, and the coasts were won by Tesla. Plus, even more interesting when you consider there are FAR more Ford owners than Tesla owners.

The guys over at auto site partcatalog.com were the ones who put this together, using trends software with direct access to geotagged twitter data (they’ve done several projects like this in the past).”

Hat Tip to Ryan!!!

Here are 10 states with the most mentions and the top six brands (others were not even close):

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If you really want people to talk about them, how about a Ford F-150 body on a Tesla drive train?
Well you know it would never happen, but it would probably be a great truck and advance the ev revolution years ahead of what it will be.

Well the Ford pickup body on the Rivian EV skateboard chassis seems to be working……….. lol

How about a Ford F-350 glider with a P100DL drive train? With that massive body, you might pull 40,000 pounds fast.

Ford F-150 on the Tesla chassis sounds awesome but you would need considerable more range to make it useful

This map looks like republican vs democrats. Lol

Just what I was thinking! Reverse the red and blue colors, compare to a map of which candidate carried which States in the 2012 Presidential election, and I think you’d have a reasonably close match.

We already knew that personal politics influences one’s perception of Tesla, but this map really brings that point home.

God help us. Before a civil war, every aspect of life gets assigned to a faction, another loyalty test. Now, it’s what music you listen to, what tv shows you watch, what sports you prefer – even which level of football is more blindly “patriotic”.

You can’t have a public good if you don’t have a public.

Wait a minute, as a flaming liberal I would never take up arms against a hard core conservative, a civil war would only destroy our infrastructure, government, economy and military. We all need to remain civil even if you disagree on issues.

Unfortunately, there are many who think differently… on both sides πŸ™

Oops, your map has the color in reverse.

Switch blue and red, and you’ve got a pretty accurate map of the 2016 Presidential election πŸ™‚

And most of the few ones which show up in the “wrong” color (i.e., a Ford state won by Hillary or vice versa) were won in 2016 by a very narrow margin.

Clearly, Tesla and Ford should trade their logo colours πŸ˜‰

Why? Ford was using the “Blue Oval” before Elon Musk was born!

I think the 2012 Presidential election would be an even closer match.

But we’re certainly thinking on the same page here. πŸ™‚

Without knowing the context of those tweets, I would guess that most Ford conversations are about its withdrawal from selling cars and its lack of direction in the changing times. The public spat with Donald about Mexico factory may also be a factor. I don’t think a lot of people want to talk about Ford’s vehicles as they do Tesla’s.

I have a Ford Focus EV, and am disappointed that Ford is leaving it for dead.

I think people like their Ford F-150s and Mustangs. I think the line of cargo vans are big with businesses, but I don’t know anyone wants to tweet about them.

Welcome to the New Ford. They are going all in on the non sedan market. Ford EVs are not going to be competing with GM or anybody else, at least in the near term.

In California and Michigan, I guess quite a lot of people are simply talking about their employer…

In addition, people are also talking about all the Tesla drama in addition to the cars themselves. Tesla and Elon Musk is a topic of conversation even for people that don’t even care, or follow cars. Everything Tesla is highly unusual.

At least us owners of Focus Electrics can can take some solace in the fact that they are about as rare a car that Detroit ever built. I think I’ll hold onto mine and sell it to the Petersen Automobile Museum in 15 or 20 years.

Good luck to you holding on to the Focus EV. Mine can barely make a round trip daily commute in the Bay Area. I can’t do an extra errand run without recharging it. I’m trading it in for a Model 3.

I’ve had my MODEL 3 for a month. I love is so much better than my Ford C-MaX. I’ve gotten 314 mile on full charge.

Let’s be real…..you should reverse those red & blue colors and it matches a typical electoral college vote.

Talking About Tesla, I can Understand it.. But Talking about Ford ? There is Less* than Nothing* to talk about when it comes to Ford.. …

I can’t speak to the reasons for most of the US but I was in the UK recently and in some cities you’d think that Ford was the only carmaker on the planet; literally every car that drove past was a Ford.

We Americans prattle mindlessly about our conspicuous consumption online. It’s always been about keeping up with the Joneses, but now you have to announce it to the larger world to validate your spending. They act as though the corporations who made those consumer appliances are their personal friends and protectors. We wear t-shirts with corporate logos, free advertising for our bosses. We define our social groupings around shared product fandom. Our pop culture is all about brands. Our products have become our religion; our religion has even become a product.

The dying Charlie Parker named one of his last recordings after the man who was selling him the heroin that killed him. He loved him so.

Where are BMW, Audi, and Mercedes? Didn’t someone claim they will crush Tesla once they offer EVs, because they have stronger brands?… πŸ™‚

There’s something fishy bout that chart, here’s the Instagramm list

This isn’t based on Instagram. It’s based on Twitter. Tesla and many other automakers don’t have a massive Instagram presence. However, the Twitter presence is enormous.

There is not that many tesla owner to take picture of there car

But just about EVERY Telsa owner has a picture of their car. Do you? I don’t, and I drive a Ford.

It’d be more interesting if they considered sentiment analysis in the mentions. Mentions alone doesn’t say whether positive or negative.


It’s funny because the Fords besides the F150 are getting demolished

It’s not as much as they getting demolished as it’s they demolishing themselves. F has a few phev and ev models and for a while they seem to be on the right track.

They sold 81,000 mustangs in 2017, that’s a solid number vs what they compete against.

And they sold ~200K Fusions in 2017, but they’re still killing them, along with all other sedans.

Ford started as a one-model company. But it feels very different this time.

A challenging part of interpreting this is the average age of a Twitter user, versus the average age of a new car buyer being around 51.

Yeah, a map of the Twitterverse isn’t exactly an unbiased map of the United States of America. I know lots of people who have never posted to Twitter… including me.

F 0 R D . is an acronym for ………F ix.. 0 r …R epair ..D aily ..

A M T . is an acronym for ………. A nother.. M onotonous.. T roll..

It’s a funny acronym. I wonder if it was ever actually true? Ford are mid level and their major competition (Chevy, GMC and Dodge) are way down at the bottom.

Tesla are 5 points below Ford, so…


Andy , I whole Heartedly Agree…But Dav8or ??? …lol..Not so Much ..Loosen Up Mr. D ..It’s Ok! ..I’m Just Kidding around ..

Andy , Here’s another one FIAT =….Fix It Again Tony.. Hey, Just Joking ….I’m of Italian Origin…I Give it , Take it & Laugh…lol…. cheers ..

You Must be a F O R D Fan .Can’t take It !……lmao …Btw…When it comes to Trolls ., Speak for yourself …You Invented Trolling ….lol

But positive or negative posts?

I don’t see any way to track this info back to its source. The link in the article to PartCatalog.com just links to their front page.

I wonder if this is a snapshot of recent Twitter activity, showing a spike in tweets about Ford due to their announcement that they’re going to stop producing “cars” in favor of only light trucks as passenger vehicles.

“Funny Posts” …To break all this intense Seriousness .lol..some get all worked Up ..What For …lol ..Relax & Laugh it’s a good stress release…

It is very marginal in some of the states where Ford is 1st but Tesla is a very close 2nd.

I guess this is a large improvement on the news a year or two ago that most Americans still hadn’t heard of Tesla, or at least they didn’t recall it. Many still didn’t understand that an EV was entirely powered by batteries, or any number of obvious facts about how EVs work.

FORD? last one i had was in the 80s , have driven a few rentals ,I must say i’ll never own or buy one
FORD =FOrever Rusted car Delivered to your Door.

rey, That was the other F O R D acronym in the 1970’s …FORD had a “Huge Rust” problem back then , that is of true .Ford Gave $$, an Extra $1000.00b on all Trade Ins.., to make Up for it…They were Rusted right out of the Factory …It Was Bad..

I can understand the talk about Tesla.

Why would anyone needs to talk about Ford? I mean, beside recalls?

Both stocks are extemely volatile…

Then why is Ford doing so badly. This is just BS. Talk is cheap.