Tesla Fined Under $30,000 For Model 3 Tent Safety Issues


Cover holes in the floor or a fine is coming your way.

Safety fines are rather common in the auto industry and these seem quite minor. But, it involves Tesla, so new negative headlines are coming your way soon.

As The Verge reports:

“Tesla has been fined $29,365 for violating California labor laws in the parking lot tent where Model 3s are assembled. California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal-OSHA) recorded six violations between June 2018 (when the tent was erected) and December 2018…”

Various issues were noted, including:

  • Failure to obtain a permit prior to construction
  • Failure to cover a hole in the floor that measured 22 inches wide, 14 inches long, and eight inches deep
  • Tesla failed to properly train staff on evacuation procedures
  • No training to respond to or prevent heat illness
  • Exposed metal rods and rebar within tent

Tesla Responds

Laurie Shelby, Tesla’s vice president of environmental, health, and safety, issued this statement on the matter:

“Nothing is more important to me or to Tesla than the health and well-being of our employees. My EHS team and operational leaders have been intently focused on [the tent assembly line] over the past six months, implementing safety protocols throughout the new line that not only keep Tesla in compliance with existing standards but also reduce risks to associates.”

We should point out that the violations were noted while the tent was reportedly still in the construction phase.

Source: Business InsiderThe Verge

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“Failure to obtain a permit prior to construction”
You must be joking!!! That is shocking.
The rest of them are crap since, as you say, they “were noted while the tent was reportedly still in the construction “

My work place had to erect few “tents” after the fires in N. California. We had to wait 3 days before construction can start because of delay in permits. (offices were flooded with permits for those temporary buildings, aka tents).

Without them, we would be fined as well. So, my company waited before they build those tents so we don’t have to eat lunch in the rain.

In the mean time, they put up a bunch of benches in the parking lot with large overhead shades for employees. It works fine most of the time when it isn’t raining or too cold.

Where did you get this info? “We should point out that the violations were noted while the tent was reportedly still in the construction phase.” Because Cal-OSHA inspected the tent facility between June 21 and December 18 (which clearly has been in operation already). I think you are misinterpreting Business Insider’s paragraph here:

“California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal-OSHA) inspected GA4, an assembly line Tesla constructed in an open-air structure outside its main factory in less than a month, between June 21 and December 18 (the agency did not specify the number of times it visited the facility) and issued penalties for six violations of California’s labor regulations. The citations resulted in fines that total $29,365.”

It means the tent was constructed in less than a month. Cal-OSHA visited between June 21 and December 18. The number of visits were not specified.

“I think you are misinterpreting Business Insider’s paragraph here:”

I would never cite Business Insider as an authoritative source for anything regarding Tesla. That is the virtual fish-wrapping rag which ran all those outright anti-Tesla FÜD pieces from Linette Lopez.

Speaking of which, what has dear Linny been up to lately? Been a while since I last remember seeing one of her stunning displays of journalistic integrity…

BIG NEWS 🙂 NEWS AT 11! BREAKING NEWS! — This is not “fake news”, it’s just…not news…. Remember the slogan: “All the news that’s fit to print”? – This isn’t fit to print.

“Were here from OSHA, and we would like to inspect your tent for safety violations”.

“Buy the way, do you have $29,365.oo on hand, in case we find something that actually makes this particular little visit worthwhile?”


They are pushing it with the regulations, I know from own experience, but in this case there was something to grab on.

Eh, let them do their job. The fact that most inspections don’t find anything serious doesn’t mean inspections are unnecessary…

I was curious about heat in the tent as well as zero drainage, no gutters, downspouts, or drainage considerations especially with all that hi voltage electrical equipment inside.

It’s California — it never rains 😉

Seriously though, if the parking lot didn’t need drainage before the tent was put on it, it probably doesn’t need it with the tent either…

Elon should move the whole thing to China and tell California to go to h*ll.

I didn’t know you needed a building permit to erect a tent.

It follows that you need a ‘Breathing Permit’ for Sucking in California Smog, in the same sense that – Nannies control Stuff.

There isn’t permit for sucking. And California Smog is due to people like you who likes to screw with regulations…

It’s not actually a tent. It’s a semi-permanent “strained fabric” structure.

This is not the tent you erect when you go fishing…

When Tent exceeds certain size and stay up for more than 2 weeks…

“The OSHA inspection did not result from any incident or injury and occurred during the construction phase of the project”

OK, so they fixed problems found during construction and nobody got hurt. And they straightened out their paperwork. Alright.

Wake me up if the Tesla factory blows up and they get an OSHA fine for $102,701,500 dollars like BP:


BP and Tesla play in different leagues.

Safety is about taking measures BEFORE people get endangered not during or after. Safety is not about winning the risk lottery”oh, so nobody got hurt, so where is the problem?”

It is also about making sure you learn the lesson and not to do it again.

I saw “Under $30,000 For Model 3” and got excited 🙂

I wish the person who wrote this article had as good a perspective on things as you! 😉

Sad to see InsideEVs citing Business Insider as a source for news on Tesla. That’s like citing a member of the KKK as an authority on civil rights for minorities.

PP; my thought was that IEVs puts stuff like this up so that the community has the info for when the FUDsters put up garbage like “Have you heard the news about the Tesla Tent of Safety Horror?!”


I disagree, they need to post this stuff since they posted plenty of good articles about the tent in the past….balance it a bit.

“Safety fines are rather common in the auto industry and these seem quite minor”

Typical start of an article by the author about a topic not in favor of Tesla… Why? Just report in the same way about every company and you do not need to use these sentences “we believe this is not really relevant, but we report anyways”.
Safety is always important. In the most cases the small mistakes lead to big accidents in factories with many workers involved. It is never the most obvious.

“Pothole is not secured”

Got to make this joke.

Honestly this is pretty impressive there weren’t any bigger safety hazards. Of course they didn’t wait for a permit, they didn’t have time!