Tesla Files For All Chapters Of Bankruptcy


Including Chapter 14 1/2.

Of course, this news comes to us via Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself, who took to Twitter just a short while ago to explain the situation:

We’ve reached out to Tesla for comment, but with it being Easter Sunday (April 1) we suspect we won’t hear back today.

Perhaps the situation will improve tomorrow.

UPDATE – April 2- We’ve received word from Tesla that, as of today (April 2) all filings have been reversed, even the dreaded chapter 14.5.

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Sell everything! Mortgage the Boring Company holes! Send a Repo Man after the space Roadster! Woe! Doom! Dismay!
It isn’t FUD when you really do have enemies.
What is a Tesla Fanboi to do?
I hope you all had a great Easter!

I know this is an April Fool’s Day joke but it it worth joking when your stock is on a downward trajectory worse than a Chinese space station?

Isn’t that the best time to do it??

A good April Fools prank is one that is plausible enough that it leaves the reader unsettled.

If they are joking about it, the situation isn’t as bad as the FUD’sters would have you believe. Tesla has hit a rough spot this past month, but they will probably be able to power through it and continue their incredible ramp up in worldwide sales.
Or not.
But my money is on Tesla.
And a 12% devaluation is hardly a space station burning up and landing on your house situation. China’s space program has the problem this weekend. Tesla, not so much.

“If they are joking about it, the situation isn’t as bad as the FUD’sters would have you believe.”

I think, thats the message, he tries to convey.

If you analyse the reasons *why* TSLA has hit a 52 week low (principally Moody’s down-rating) you realize its just another corrupt financial ploy to generate more filthy lucre for ‘those in the know’. The same people selling stock to cause this drop will be back buying it again when the time is right to turn a tidy fortune. It makes me sick.

So Tesla “engineered” the AP traffic fatality AND the recall intentionally? Those devilish capitalists!

Wait, another “Steven”?

This is going to get confusing.

Margarita made with Teslaquilla is the best. Unfortunately, there are 500K+ people waiting to buy Teslaquilla and they only make couple of thousand a month.

Those damn worms are taking too long to grow!

yeah, but the amount being made is increasing fast.
And for Americans, it means that when they hit their 200K cars, they will likely be at 5000 / week and you can bet that they will fill a LOT of orders quickly.

St. Elons Production Wormwood

“If only I had gotten to the bottom of that darn Teslaquilla bottle sooner, this financial Teslaravesty, would have easily been avoided.”

Another episode of “As the Wormold Turns”, will air again tomorrow, so be sure to to tune in, same Bat time, same Bat station.

Sign should read “will work for food”.

Or better, “Will work for FUD.”

Don’t worry!

3 days later, Tesla will be resurrected!


Disturbing but amusing.


The box Musk is sleeping under — does that depict a Tesla PowerWall with a kickstand?

Lol a portable PowerWall might be nice, but no that is the Tesla Wall Connector for home/destination charging. The ‘kickstand’ is where the plug rests when not charging.

Australians knew about this yesterday. 😊

All marketing, no manufacturing! Another Delorean in the making?

9,000 deloreans built.

300,000 Tesla’s built and still building like crazy….

Go Tucker yourself.

I got to drive a Delorean once. Super cool car if you are young and flexible. Then I tried to put it in reverse and failed. Tricky transmission. I pushed it into the parking spot with a little help. Pretty light car.

yea, there is a reason you don’t make jokes at funerals.

This joke will be remembered for a very long time.

But Elon tweeted that at 6pm?
I guess the US doesn’t have the stipulation that you must play your jokes before noon, otherwise you’re the April Fool.

I have never heard that convention, Ian. Sounds civilized. Probably why it never caught on on this side of the pond.

Another Euro point of view

It’s a psychological war going on and this April fool’s joke & rumors about Tesla land purchase (Coliseum) is Musk’s counter offensive. What only matters is whether Tesla can make profits with Model 3, not in 2 years from now but like becoming sustainably cash flow positive before year end. It is clear now that, except for die hard fanbois, people (and that includes financial markets) expect Tesla to deliver as far as a credible business plan is concerned. Elon has stretch his credibility a little too far, time for hype etc. is over and that April fool’s joke might not have the effect he is looking for. Specially as someone recently died partly because of his excess of “optimism”, it does not help that it was a Apple engineer. It seems that financial markets are slowly taking aim at Musk, it is a slow process am I am sure that Tsla will somehow rebound in the short term, but mid term I believe this is the beginning of the end of Tesla as we know it.

Poor Tesla hating trolls. They have no sense of humor at all.

That makes it soooooooo easy for Elon to troll the trolls!

Go Elon! Illegitimi non carborundum!

Another Euro point of view
Here a April fool’s joke found in EV site “Moteur Nature” about Elon Musk (translated): “For those who find that the plane is not fast enough, Elon Musk has found a new solution to cross the Atlantic: the hyperloop. Or small shuttles in a long underground tube under vacuum. It takes very little energy to project one of his shuttles to the other end of the tube. For long distance, however, it will be necessary to add a second magnetic levitation propulsion system. Various tests are already under way, but for the boss of Tesla, it is under the Atlantic that would be the best chance of success for his new project. It is enough to convince oneself to see the number of passengers on flights Paris-New York. Engineers already working actively on this project have calculated that a speed of 2500 km / h would be possible, but for safety reasons, in operation, the speed will be limited to 2000 km / h. Tunnel construction is scheduled to begin before the end of the year, with one team beginning digging in the United States, and another in France, both of which will be in the middle of the Atlantic… Read more »

7:41am EST: Tesla stock is down $14.91 per share. I really want a Model 3 in my driveway. I am however, starting to wonder about Mr. Musk. This is not the time to be joking.

Willing to bet he has an ace up his sleeve.

Just watched a YouTube video of a Tennessee man that flew into California to pickup model 3 on Saturday 8pm on Easter weekend and the tesla delivery center was full of people and children waiting for Teslas. My local ford dealer had an egg hunt to lure people on Saturday to their lot LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

With all due respect, Tesla had an “event” at the delivery center on Saturday complete with food trucks in an effort to get vehicles delivered by the end of 1Q18. It would however, be news if this event were to take place every Saturday.

Exactly. There is no other reasonable interpretation for an Easter weekend sales/delivery event on the last day of the quarter. Tesla is feeling the pressure to deliver on its promises. The next conference call with investors will be interesting.

Yelp stocks are tanking

They seem to have hit a temporary floor at 248-250. Here is hoping that they recover a bit this afternoon. I want to see a healthy Tesla deliver 70,000+ M3’s this year. Though I may adjust that number a bit as the year progresses…

No it will sink 240-245 by the end of day. If production number is 1800 a week then moodys is downgrading the company credit again

Trading between 250 and 255 at 3 pm. Here is hoping that Tesla can shrug off the bad news and keep focused on delivering as many high quality BEVs as possible in the months to come. Might be time to buy TSLA if you like to gamble. I am more of an Index Fund type…

Notice how wild he had to make it in order not to risk being believed..?

Looking forward to the quarterly report. Everyone should have the previous year’s Q1 report freshly in mind, so prepare by re-reading this:


Another Euro point of view

100K Model 3 sold in 2017 & 500K Tesla sold in 2018…yes…
why does did he just not ask his engineers what they thought about those targets ? Is it an effective way to motivate your workers to set targets that are about 500% above what is possible to achieve ? I believe not.

Guess what campers all the people that had money down on cars..don’t say I told you so.

Yes good thing it was April fools Tesla is my favourite company. They won’t need to. Elon musk does not put his eggs all in one basket. Lol. Enjoy your April fools Eric.

If Tesla was making positive profits and debt at a level which can be paid with revenues & stock prices solid at ~$350 mark it would have been funny.

However with TSLA at <$250 and the imminent Q2 report with Tesla workers having to work their backsides off to make the targeted 2500 units, this is a joke with pretty bad taste.

Entire stock market down for the day due to China trade war scare, trolls think TSLA is down because of this….

The funny thing is that there actually is a movement to add a Chapter 14 bankruptcy to the current law….