Tesla Electric Motorhome Comes To Life


With Tesla’s plans for electric semis and hardcore pickup trucks, an electric motorhome could be an awesome idea.

The problem with Tesla is surely not a lack of promising ideas, but instead, so many good ideas that it just can’t keep up. Obviously, the electric automaker needs to focus on Model 3 production and becoming profitable before anything else official comes down the pike. Already, aside from the semi and pickup truck, Tesla has plans for a new Roadster and the Model Y. Not to mention that Musk has recently made references to a compact car coming in about five years.

With all of this being said, there’s never been any official talk of a Tesla motorhome, much like that of a shooting brake (which we’ll likely never see made by the automaker). However, as many of you are aware, a few companies have designed and built one on their own. Now, Spain-based designer Madrid Motors has provided a mockup of what a Tesla motorhome might look like:

While this is probably not something Tesla is considering, it makes perfect sense for the EV segment. With the automaker’s electric semi as a foundation, or even the electric pickup truck, this could surely be doable at some point. If Tesla doesn’t build them, we can only imagine that someone will. Surely there are companies out there that could take the semi or pickup truck and run an amazing conversion project.

Other companies are slowly working toward the electric motorhome/RV concept. We can only hope that eventually, electric motorhomes will be the next big thing!

Source: comparethemarket via Electrek

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Th RV in the picture looks like it would be based on a panel van. That’s exactly what Tesla’s road to an EV-RV should look like: first make inroads in the panel van market, than move on to variants like an RV, though it’s usually specialized firms that buy the platforms for their RV conversions.

Yes, direct compete with Mercedes Sprinter!

I’d consider selling the house and retiring to just drive one around the country.

That would be fantastic! Level 2 charging wherever you go, nothing but time, no hurry. The combination is perfect.

great thing about chargers is that when you’re parked there and paying, you’re legally allowed there.

so many places run off “van life” people

Neat idea!

4X4 Sprinter panel vans MSRP at around $60,000, that’s a ridiculous price wrt the actual product produced.

Just put the Model 3 AWD power train in an offroad package van and Tesla could meet that price point.

The additional sheet metal can’t cost all ~that~ much . . .

For real? In Norway the starting price is about $35k, before taxes and a 25% VAT.


Not Tesla doing the mockup or potential build… your point?

It’s pointless either way. Fake news

Hopefully by the time I retire, something like this will be available.

Great idea. The “charging network” for this sort of vehicle is not just the Supercharger network (though I would expect it to be a bit difficult to use some Superchargers anyway with such a large vehicle) – but also, the existing thousands of RV Parks all over the USA (and the rest of the world I assume). Imagine a map of all RV Parks built into the vehicle’s map screen.


Just the same as Superchargers, that usually incorporate something to do that occupies your time for about an hour, the RV Park charging network is also fully integrated with the lifestyle you expect to practice when you have an RV. There are plenty of things to do that occupy the kind of time required to charge the vehicle up from an NEMA 14-50, which could be quite a few hours.

oh that is exactly what I want…. but for cheap. Right now I want to convert a Vanagan.


With deployable solar panels on the roof + water from air gadget…. very interesting !

This is possibly the worst idea I’ve ever seen suggested for a Tesla vehicle.

RVs are best made by companies specializing in building RVs and campers. That ain’t Tesla, and isn’t likely to ever be.

BEVs using current EV tech are also a very poor fit to RVs. A large heavy vehicle is about the worst case scenario for current battery tech. Furthermore, RVs tend to stay parked much or most of the time, and then sometimes driven long distances. Again, about the worst possible fit for a BEV, which do best if charged and driven more-or-less daily for relatively short distances per day.

The rendering is ugly AF, but an electrical RV has a market. It would save me thousands in fuel on a single summer vacation.
As long as there are easy charging locations, I’ll be fine

Was pretty much going to say the same thing…Barring a battery breakthrough, the best use of a Tesla camper would be to impress people at a Tailgate event…

“A large heavy vehicle is about the worst case scenario for current battery tech.” Apparently, you did not read where the article conjectured that the RV would be based on the Tesla semi. If you have not been following the news, that semi has a 500 mile range. Definitely enough to motor around the country, especially with Tesla’s almost 1,200 U.S. station sites providing close to 9,000 SuperChargers.

Fugly and fubar mix

No Tesla doesn’t need to build campers. Only need a Sprinter competitive shell with basic running gear that can be upgraded or altered for use. Most will go commercial, delivery and service. But at Outside Vans in Oregon we could easily add solar and extra battery storage, and turn it into an awesome RV, preferably AWD, like we do now with Sprinters. Eventually M.B. will ditch the diesel, but sooner if there’s competition.

A hybrid solution is better for an RV…

You want the engine for sustained long distance travel, and the battery for overnight vehicle power (eg air conditioning) when not plugged in.

All Tesla needs to do is sell a rolling chasis. I have a small bus styled motor home that is built on an extended Ford E-350 chasis. It’s 25 feet long total, and is custom built by the manufacturer into a motor home. This is a common practice in the industry.

I would buy an ev motorhome, no doubt. Pls tell tesla or partner with Tesla best idea.

The money is in the freight business, but Tesla would be smart to license their platform to RV makers.