Tesla Drive Unit Puts Out 440hp in Lotus Evora “Blue Lightning” Project – Video

APR 4 2017 BY MARK KANE 13

The “Blue Lightning” Lotus Evora project is progressing.

Tesla Motor in Lotus Evora makes 440whp on Dyno

Sasha Anis from OnPointDyno just sent us the latest update on the project, complete with a video and new gallery of photo (below) giving us a good look at how things are progressing.

After earlier drivetrain tests on the dyno alone, the car is now equipped with both the Tesla powertrain and Chevrolet Volt batteries.

The first launch show great sound, and we are eager to see the performance on the track.

According to video, Blue Lightning put out 440 wheel horsepower, with some potential to improve.

Tesla Motor in Lotus Evora makes 440whp on Dyno

Electric cars are nutty. Here’s our Tesla drive unit in action, in the chassis for the first time ever. We’re going to show you all just how cool electric performance cars can be. Tons of instant, violent power.

Gallery updating the “Blue Lightning” project:

Tesla Motor in Lotus Evora makes 440whp on Dyno

Check out all those Tesla and Chevy components stuff int he back!

…working it

Tesla Motor in Lotus Evora makes 440whp on Dyno

…and now for the most exciting snap shot in the group!

Previous dyno test:

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13 Comments on "Tesla Drive Unit Puts Out 440hp in Lotus Evora “Blue Lightning” Project – Video"

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Holy popcorn, Batman!

Is this going to need wheelie bars?

What a great project!!

So each Volt pack is actually capable of outputting 164 kW/220 hp with no restrictions on the pack? Also I looked it up and they are installing a Chademo charger.

I’m assuming both of these things will drastically shorten the life of the cells.

I would like to have a red toggle switch on my Volt dash that gives me 220 horses for short bursts.

While it does shorten the life, these packs are getting ridiculously cheap. The last 2 that I bought I paid $1200 each.

At that price who cares how tough you are on them.

Also, I do believe that there is more power in that car and they hit the dyno limit.

That is incredible that they maxed out the Dyno. There will be lots of rubber on the road wherever that Lotus Evora floors it! Can’t wait for those vids!

Where, may I ask, have you been finding them at that price??

What makes you think they hit the dyno limit?

Gettin’ jiggy wit it!

How does the cooling happens in the car’s batteries and the motor? Would there be an A/C for them? With batteries on top of or close to the engine the weight will be all in the back. Is this desirable? Not familiar with the intricacies of high performance cars but remember reading equal distribution of the weight between front and back is preferred?

Maybe they are putting batteries in the front as well. If this is a racing car they don’t need any storage space.

Everyone knows EV’s have great power, and Tesla more so. What I liked in this video is the dash display. How is it every man and his dog seems to be able to make a decent conversion, with great dash screens, but the big players can’t seem to get these things right with all their resources?

One of the projects I’ve been watching is http://www.evolutionaustralia.com.au and they tell me they have 18kWh of batteries and should be able to go 80-90mi in an Audi A3 conversion. Looking pretty sweet so far.

Does anybody know if this is a “P” motor? Or just a normal Rear wheel drive Tesla motor?