Tesla Addresses Paint Shop Bottleneck By Ditching Two Color Options

SEP 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 34

Tesla solves paint shop bottleneck by cutting two colors, which in turn should up production.

Tesla produced more cars than ever of late and intends to increase the production pace even further, but the paint shop turns out to be a bottleneck.

Elon Musk announced that Tesla needs to drop two out of seven possible colors – Obsidian Black and Metallic Silver – from the base offer, to simplify manufacturing.

Both colors still will be available to order, but as a special request and will cost more. We believe that the time of delivery could be then increased a little bit (as in the case of most all special orders) if you choose either of these special colors.

Elon Musk encourages that there will be no problem with spare parts in all colors, even those which were removed from the base pool.

Musk added a few more comments on paint via Twitter:

Source: Bloomberg

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They need to focus on deliveries and quality. Mine was just delayed 2-3 weeks because the car didn’t meet QA specs and needs “minor cosmetic repairs”. Making more doesn’t help if you can’t get them to people.

Also they did not inform me about the delay, so we showed up for the delivery and walked away with no car and no help from Tesla even renting a temporary car. Customer service experience was terrible. They need to improve everything downstream of the factory.

Yea Really…I called Toronto with Questions about “Tow Mode” on the model3 . The Guy Got Frustrated because he could NOT answer my questions and said., ….”Maybe the model3 Isn’t for You” ……. I told him that he should be on “Straight Sales Commission” …….NO SALARY,……. so that he would learn “Product Knowledge” and Get some incentive to work harder and put forth some effort to make a sale !

That could have gone better if you’d kept your temper. Maybe someone else in the store knew the answer. Canadians are usually very nice people, I don’t understand how this got out of hand so quickly.

Canadians are normally very nice people with the exception of quite few French Canadians in Quebec lol

When in Quebec just tell them you want your Tesla “ parfait”

There’s no Tow Mode on the Model 3, because there’s no towing rating, nor approved towing hardware.
The Model 3 is not currently meant to tow. Period.
So yeah, maybe the Model 3 isn’t for you, iamta…

I believe he meant for towing the car (not towing something). You have to have the drive system disengaged for to tow any EV — we forgot to do this once for our golf cart and burned out the motor as a result….

AFAIK someone wanted to see if you could tow an EV and use regen braking to charge the battery, and it did work. They were able to charge the battery and it did not ruin the car.

I call B.S. If this discussion with a Canadian had REALLY happened, he would have said “SORRY, maybe the model3 isn’t for you, SORRY”. 🙂

There is no “Tow Mode” for the Model 3. So if you were asking a question on a feature that doesn’t exist and you got angry and started ranting about how he was paid, I’m not surprised that the call was unproductive.

What you are asking is so vague that I can’t even answer your question here because I can’t tell what you are talking about. If you are talking about a “tow mode” like many pickup trucks have where you set it for towing a trailer, the Tesla Model 3 is not trailer tow rated, and the Model 3 IS NOT FOR YOU.

If your desire is to flat tow a Model 3 behind an RV or something similar, towing the Model 3 with the tires on the ground (even for short distances) can cause significant damage. It cannot be done, and indeed the Model 3 IS NOT FOR YOU.

Maybe you can get your answers from the owner’s manual, right here in the insideev’s archive: https://insideevs.com/tesla-model-3-owners-manual-hits-internet-pdf-form/

Nah, if they did that then they would just start lying to make you happy and sell you want they wanted (not what you want).

It’s interesting that they don’t catch these “cosmetic issues” until the very last moment. That suggests either the shipper they are using transporting all those Model 3s sucks as they are getting damaged during transport, or they are leaving the factory in an undeliverable condition. Seen quite a few of these last minute delivery cancellation posts on various forums.

I know of a local man (Central NY State) who bought a Model S and when it was delivered it had an enormous and metal-deep scratch that ran the length of the car. He refused delivery and Tesla took it back. I’m not sure how this was resolved — did he get a different car or did Tesla repair this one for him — but he now has an S. Yes, I know, no car company has a perfect record of manufacturing flawless vehicles. That’s not my point. As Tesla continues to broaden its reach into more mainstream customers it’s critical they keep the people paying a lot of money for these cars from seeing this kind of flaw, whether it was in the manufacturing or delivery stage. A screw up like the one I described might be acceptable to the person buying the car, even if s/he was initially very upset, as this person was, but if s/he then tells others about it, it becomes a handy excuse for people on the fence to stick with buying a car from a legacy company that they perceive has a much lower chance of subjecting them to such situations. Car buying… Read more »

That sounds like someone took a key to the car and scratch it intentionally…maybe while the truck was stopped somewhere in transit?

Both colors are currently still available on Tesla’s config…Note, both colors are offered at a $1500 premium while white and red are offered at a $2000 premium…

“In order to increase our production, delivery and service efficiency, we will be removing Metallic Silver and Obsidian Black Metallic as paint options from our online vehicle configurators for Model S, Model X and Model 3. This will be effective on Thursday, September 13, 2018, after which Metallic Silver and Obsidian Black Metallic will be offered only as limited edition colors via special request at a cost of $2,000 only until Friday, September 21, 2018.” (source: electrek)

Any color you want s long as it’s black.

I don’t see how increasing the price solves a bottleneck. Unless they farm special colors out to a third party or something.

It will discourage people from ordering them and when they do, they will batch them together to do them all at once.

Yep, that old “supply and demand” thing still works.

We are supposed to buy into your financial analysis of Tesla’s business and SEC filings without you even showing your math, and you can’t even understand a basic concept like supply and demand……..

You won’t be able to select it on the config; special request only therefore the average person wouldn’t even bother to notice…

Love the RED & Dexter!!!!

The 2018 Civic also offers seven colors; now the 3 offers five.

If having more paint color choices is more important to you than buying an EV and taking an ICE engine off the road, then by all means go buy yourself a Honda Civic.

To anybody who has been involved with the EV scene for a number of years, we would have NEVER complained about the number of paint choices when we were waiting for viable highway capable EV’s to come to market. Anyone who complained about something petty like that would have been instantly dismissed as a crank.

Except today is year 2018, if Tesla truly is saying they are going “mainstream” in EV’s it’d be better to quit making excuses and get better making cars or quit making BS projections of production volumes they can’t make.

When is the last time BMW or Mercedes deleted paint colors mid stroke?

I have a strong feeling more colors will become available in the future. To make turnaround quicker through the paint shop in the short term I totally see eliminating a couple colors.

Clearly the Civic is a better car then.

lol….more color choices. I did not see that coming….

? Take out the Black which is free? And a popular color

“Solid Black” is the free color.
“Obsidian Black Metallic” has always been an extra charge paint.

Good pragmatic move. If the paint shop is the bottleneck and reducing choices will speed things up….then do it.

Get your car wrapped or repainted if you don’t like the paint offerings.

For $1500-$2000 that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Just spend the $1500 bucks on ceramic pro.

Yeah otherwise make sure to use an “ approved” Tesla body shop to repaint it LOL

Could only imagine what THAT would cost!

Rumor is the next color to get the “special order” treatment is multi-coat RED as it is desperately needed in Tesla’s finance department. 😉

Actually they are getting ready to introduce neon green.