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Tesla Leads EV Market, With The Model 3 Yet To Be Counted

Wall Street research firms have uncovered more proof of the continuing dominance of Tesla in the fast-growing electric vehicle sector. Statista reports, “Even though Tesla has a policy of not breaking its sales down by market, Moody’s data published by CNBC shows that there is strong demand for its cars in the United…

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Tesla Service Center

Tesla Eyes Site Near Palo Alto For New Sales/Service Center

Tesla has reportedly submitted initial plans to build a 23,000-square-foot sales and service center conveniently located between Palo Alto and San Mateo, California. The service center would occupy a lot at the intersection of Veterans Blvd. and Whipple Avenue in Redwood City, California, with easy access to Highway 101. This would…

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Tesla Model 3

Model S, X Orders Up After Tesla Model 3 Reveal?

It seems Tesla’s entire lineup just gained popularity due to the recent Tesla Model 3 handover event. While Tesla is reporting Model 3 reservations to be averaging over 1,800 per day, the automaker had also shared that interest in the Model S is rising since last week’s event. During Tesla’s Q2…

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Tesla Sold 769 Model S, X In Q1 In Canada

Canadian sales of the Tesla Model S and X pale in comparison to U.S. figures, but X sales seem to be on the rise from 2016 in Canada. The first-quarter results are in and it appears as though sales of the Model S are slipping in Canada, while sales of…

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Sales Surpass 100,000 in U.S.

It’s hard to believe that more than 100,000 Model S electric sedans have been sold in the U.S. thus far. It’s even more remarkable an achievement when you consider how costly the plug-in Tesla is to buy. According to our figures, which include some estimates, Tesla Model S sales have…

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Tesla Sales Still Tracking Ahead Of Ford Model T

This nifty graphic shows that Tesla sales are actually still ahead of the Ford Model T on a years-after-launch basis. Visual Capitalist recently released a graphic showing how Tesla sales track early Ford Model T production. As you can see, Tesla is still slightly outpacing the Model T, though 2017…

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